LOS ANGELES, CA – LeAnn Rimes has been accused of being a stalker by her ex-lover’s wife.  This is only the latest in a long list of crimes for the country music starlet.

LeAnn Rimes recently ended a steamy and well documented affair with Eddie Cibrian.  The two met while starring in the Lifetime Television movie Northern Lights, based on the Nora Roberts novel.   When Cibrian realized that neither the Lifetime movie nor having an affair with Rimes was helping his career, he ended the relationship with the young singer.

According to Cibrian’s wife, model Brandi Glanville, LeAnn refused to take the hint and has since begun stalking her husband.  Glanville claims that her husband has had to change his cell phone number, their house number, and car license plates to avoid her constant messages.  Despite this, she claims that LeAnn Rimes still followed her husband to a basketball game recently, and wrote the lyrics of her hit song “How Do I Live Without You” onto his car with her keys.

This is only the most recent in a long line of run-ins with the law for the popular country singer.  In May of 2001, LeAnn Rimes was arrested at a Wal-Mart in Tennessee for shoplifting several eggs of pantyhose and a gallon of milk.  Earlier that year she was arrested in her hometown of Garland Texas for starting a fistfight in church.

This is not even the first time Rimes has been accused of being a home wrecker.  In August of 2003 LeAnn Rimes tried to seduce another woman’s husband by making him chicken tetrazzini.  The botched affair ended in shambles, but served as the inspiration for her album “Life Goes On.”

In 2005 LeAnn Rimes was banned from ever returning to the state of Utah.  After performing as a guest singer at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake, she crashed a BYU frat party and started a wet t-shirt contest.  Campus police had to chase the half-naked Rimes across most of the campus before slide-tackling and apprehending her on the quad.

Eddie Cibriani and his wife Brandi Glanville have yet to file any criminal charges against Rimes, who is currently recording her second Christmas album.


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