NEW YORK, NY – Aviation hero Chelsey Sullenberger is getting the network talk show treatment.  In recognition of successfully landing US Air flight 1549 in the Hudson River last January, Sullenberger is being given his own morning talk show on Fox.

Executives wish to honor the Air Force veteran’s status as a genuine American hero, so they’ll be putting him in the coveted 10am slot opposite Regis and Kelly.

After losing both engines over New York City and successfully landing his plane in the Hudson River with zero casualties, a feat aviation specialists have called miraculous, Fox executives stated, “Hosting a morning show should be no problem!”

Following in the footsteps of Wayne Brady and Tony Danza, Sullenberger will host the show called “Morning Take Off with Cpt. Sully.”  It will have a strong variety element as well, featuring special guests, talent segments, song and dance numbers, emergency survival tips, and personal stories of heroism told by Sullenberger in the set’s breakfast nook.

Every Friday the show will unveil a new house that Sullenberger built with his bare hands in his free time, and present it to an underprivileged family.

As part of the series’ kick-off, the first week will feature segments where Captain Sullenberger air drops humanitarian aid under enemy fire into places like North Korea, Burma, and Sierra Leone.

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