CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – “Man vs. Wild” star Bear Grylls was airlifted out of Antarctica over the weekend after sustaining a shoulder injury.

The Discovery Channel issued a press release saying only that Grylls was not filming for the popular TV show, and that he is on his way home to the UK for treatment. There was no explanation for why he was in Antarctica or how he was injured.
However, Weekly World News has obtained an exclusive interview with one of Grylls’ travel companions, as well as a photo revealing the star’s adversary: a yeti!
According to Mr. Steven Vacchs, wildlife photographer, a small group had traveled into the Antarctic wasteland with Grylls to promote the use of alternative energy, such as solar-powered base camps and bioethanol powered jet skis.
While on a break, Grylls decided to entertain the crew by digging up a seal corpse to point out the different parts they could eat. Due to it being frozen solid, Grylls reverted to beating it on a nearby rock to try and get at the blubber inside.
Unbeknownst to Grylls, a nearby yeti became infuriated by his waste of the precious cryptid’s main food source and charged at the survivalist. The two tussled for the better part of ten minutes. Grylls commanded the crew film the fight, during which he gave helpful tips on yeti behavior while dodging its vicious claws. He also managed  to remove his shirt at some point and repeatedly aimed his six-pack at the camera.
The yeti finally tired and loped off, clearly unimpressed with the British adventurer’s skills and physique. Only then did Grylls allow the crew to carry him back to the base camp to be airlifted away.
Vacchs provided notes in Grylls’ handwriting of his plans to release the video as a Discovery Channel special, with possible titles:
Man vs. Yeti
Ultimate Cryptid Championship (UCC)


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