LOS ANGELES, CA – PhD Ape was called in by VH1 to host a new celebrity rehab show.
PhD Ape, the world’s smartest primate, was asked to help the overwhelmed Dr. Drew Leary give psychological treatment to addicted celebrities.
Dr. Drew, who has his own celebrity rehabilitation show, was attacked by Gary Busey during a standard therapy session last week.  Busey was on the verge of a breakthrough when he suddenly pounced on Dr. Drew pinning him to the floor.  Cameras continued to roll as Gary Busey held down the doctor for 20 minutes, slapping him in the face while providing motivational “Busey-isms.”   
Producers saw the need for a world class psychotherapist who also weighs 350 lbs and could rip a phonebook in half.  PhD Ape was very hesitant at first but agreed to come in and film the pilot episode. 
A pilot was taped in Los Angeles earlier this week.  Filming included several hours of intense therapy, requiring several boxes of tissues, three tranquilizer darts and two ice cream sundaes.  Eventually cameras caught the tear-filled breakthrough they were waiting for wherein Busey apologized to Dr. Drew and poured out his remaining bottles of alcohol.     
When asked if his show had been picked up, PhD Ape responded, “Yes, the executives were interested but I turned down their offer.  Right now I would rather focus my energies on a more traditional practice.”
Gary Busey was last seen towing a cannon towards the Mexican border.

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