LOS ANGELES, CA – After 35 years as a member of America’s most influential cult, Crash director Paul Haggis is leaving Scientology over their support of Prop 8 in California.
“Silence is consent,” wrote Haggis in a letter to the public.  “I refuse to be a member of an organization where gay-bashing was tolerated.”
In response the Church has asked for several items back that they gave to Haggis, including his Academy Award.  “We made that award happen!” said Scientology representative Johnny Davies.  “From pre-production, to getting Haggis attached, to swaying the vote we were instrumental in every stage of making that award happen.  We only ask that Paul give back what we gave to him.”
If Haggis gave the award back it will be placed in a shrine in the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, next to John Travolta’s jacket from Grease and Tom Cruise’s white underpants from Risky Business.
The Church of Scientology has asked for other items back that they gave to Paul Haggis.  In particular the church has requested Haggis give back one of their Psi-Beds.  The Psi-Bed is a full sized bed with bronze bars attached to the frame which come together above the mattress to form a pyramid.  Crystals are hung on a string from the apex of the pyramid, directly over the sleeping person.  The pyramidial shape is said to help celebrity members focus their creative energies, and draw from the power of the universe.
Also the Church has requested back a signed cardboard cutout of John Travolta from Battlefield Earth.  “These are religious relics to our faith and he has no right to keep them!” Davies said.
Paul Haggis refuses to give back any of the items insisting he paid for each of them in cash, and by doing guided tours of the Celebrity Centre.

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