NEW YORK, NY – Filippa Hamilton was fired by Ralph Lauren for being too fat.  In response she has done a fashion shoot with Tonya, the World’s Fattest Cat.
Hamilton is a 120 lb. model that Ralph Lauren fired for being “overweight” and “unable to fit into their clothes.”  Tonya is a 320 lb. housecat that deep fries her catnip and owns her own plus-sized fashion line.
The two posed together for BBW magazine.  In a series of photos the two pose in swimsuits, evening, and casual wear.  “It was a blast to work with Tonya,” Filippa Hamilton said.  “She was so comfortable and giving for the camera.  And the food at the shoot!  There was always so much food!  Not just dry celery sticks like usual.  Blegh!”  Most popular among the film shoots was the day when Hamilton and Tonya wore bikinis while throwing pudding at each other.
After the final day of shooting Tonya took Hamilton to an all-you-can-eat barbeque restaurant to celebrate.  Hamilton is said to have cried at the joy of being full for the first time in years.  The complimentary buttered rolls were the first time she’s eaten carbs since 2002.
Representatives for Tonya said, “She would like to express her outrage at the continuing unrealistic standards placed on women by the fashion world.  Tonya will continue to work towards and support expressions of positive body image for plus sized women.”
Hamilton and Tonya will be setting up a fried chicken buffett outside of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Parsons School of Design in New York this week to taunt the starving models.

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6 thoughts on “FILIPPA HAMILTON”

  1. She has the perfect body, too bad designers are all gay and like skinny women because they want them to look like guys, sorry in the real world a woman that weights so little and has curves is a gem and will always be, some things never change…. Goof for her to make it public!!!

  2. Current interviews with this model show a 5'-10" woman who appears to weigh about 130. The 10 lb shave off the top is disingenuous considering the PR she's pitching. If this broad shouldered lanky woman with a medium frame really weighed 120, she would look very,very different. Cindy Crawford, at 5'-9" was about 130 lbs at her peak, and she looked slim and amazing…..and honest.

  3. Yeah Filippa is HOT, but what about that Cat? Tonya is so cool. I love fat Cats!! And hey TBD – just because Ralph is married doesn't mean he don't like little skinny boys.


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