CHICAGO, IL – Chris Brown and Oprah are in the midst of a heated feud.  Oprah most recently shot back by dedicating a show to teaching women to defend themselves, specifically against Chris Brown.
When News broke of Chris Brown’s attack of singer Rihanna, Oprah was inspired to do a show about domestic violence.  Brown, seeing this as a personal insult, shot back at Oprah asking her to see “both sides of the story.”  This week Oprah did a show teaching women how to defend themselves against Chris Brown.
Oprah’s set was lined with Chris Brown attack dummies.  Women were taught proper form for kicks and punches while screaming “Take THAT Chris Brown!”  Instructors went down the list of attacks Chris Brown would be most likely to use, and how to defend against them.  During an aerobic section Oprah and her guests warmed up by doing rapid fire crotch punches to the dummies, while Brown’s single “Run It” played.
In the second half of the show one of the instructors put on protective gear, including a realistic mask of Chris Brown.  The women were quized on sensitive points to attack brown, including the crotch, kneecaps, his appendicitis scar, and his middle name “Maurice” which he hates.  Women were also taught to defend themselves with peanut butter since he is allergic to nuts.  Then each of the women took turns attacking the man in the Brown mask.
Oprah ended her show by thanking her guests and saying “Chris Brown, I’ll be watching you.”  Brown has not been seen in public since the episode aired.

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5 thoughts on “CHRIS BROWN VS OPRAH”

  1. In my opinion Oprah took things way to far, all Chris Brown did was ask her to see bith sides of the story, she did not have to take it to the extreme like she did, that was immature on her behalf. It's no secret that he beat up Rihanna but at least he's being a man about the whole situation. I've seen men that are proud of beating women and he's admitting his mistake so I have respect for the way Chris Brown wiling to admit that he was wrong and accept the punishment. The fact that he ever put his hands on Rihanna made me lose respect for him but I would really like to hear both sides of the story before I pass judgement.

    • He's being a 'man' about it because he knows how much money he stands to lose. This isn't the first domestic dispute they've had and probably wouldn't have been the last if he had gotten away with it. His people are telling him what to say in every calculated interview. That is what he is paying them to do. They have kept him out of jail so in return he deserves everything he gets in the public eye.

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