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GOAT YOGA: not the greatest of all time

Goat Yoga is the hottest trend in fitness and wellness. But recently it was deemed as not “the greatest of all time” by a recent study. The study, conducted by the Institute of Silly Studies, found that goats are actually quite uncoordinated. They often get in the way of practitioners trying to perfect their poses.

“We were shocked by the results,” said lead researcher Dr. Baa Baa. “Goats just don’t have the grace and poise necessary for a truly great yoga experience.” This shocked researchers.

Participants in the study also reported that the goats would often chew on their yoga mats or clothes. This leads to distractions and discomfort during the practice.

Despite the findings, goat yoga enthusiasts remain unfazed. “I don’t care what the study says. Goat yoga is still the greatest thing ever,” said avid goat yogi, Mrs. Ewe Ewe. “The goats bring joy and playfulness to the practice that can’t be beaten.”

The study has sparked a heated debate in the yoga community. Some argue that the presence of goats adds to the fun and lightheartedness of the practice. Others believe that a more traditional approach to yoga is the way to go.

In the end, it seems that the verdict is still out. Nobody can agree on whether goat yoga is truly the greatest of all time. Regardless, one thing is for sure – goats will continue to be a staple in the world of wellness and fitness.

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  1. So much we can learn from our GOAT cousins. They aren’t afraid to nibble at the lotus of wisdom, to confirm that indeed we are all made of the same star dust. Look at that horn-fusion, next level nirvana achieved!


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