Puma Punku is a set of ruins in Bolivia, not well known outside of archaeologist and UFOlogist circles. Why have these stones attracted two seemingly opposite groups?

The ruins are what is left of the Pumapunku pyramid, a temple that stood at least 56 feet tall. It is located in Tiahuanaco, near Lake Titicaca, a region associated with pre-Incan culture. Archaeologists believe the temple may have been built for worshipping the creation god Viracocha, but have no definitive evidence either way.


But the real mystery lies in how Puma Punku was built. Many of the blocks weighed 200 tons, with one even weighing in at 450 tons! How were these blocks brought to a plateau 13,000 feet high? While Stonehenge’s method is often explained as stones being rolled on tree trunks, the tribe would have had no access to trees on the barren plateau. The wheel had supposedly not been invented by that point, leaving archaeologists without an explanation.

Once the stones were brought to the site, they were cut so precisely that they could be fit together like puzzle pieces.


Some of these stones have perfectly straight grooves in them that are only 1 cm deep. Note the sets of equi-distant holes that were drilled in the picture below. If the stones are made of the hardest granite there is, how could the tribe have possible put these markings into the stones? What tools did they have available to them, and where did they come from?


UFO and alien experts believe the people who built these stones had contact with extraterrestrial beings. This is often referred to as the “ancient astronaut theory”. These beings would have either completely built the temple themselves, or assisted the humans in building it by providing instruction and advanced tools.

Scientists call these theories bunk, but cannot provide any better explanation for how primitive humans fit 200-ton stones together or planned the intricate process without the ability to read or write.

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  1. Pumapunku facts: The area was once at sea level. Signs of silt and salt deposits show it was a port city at one time. When it was found it was buried in silt, and had to be excavated.
    The whole area has undergone uplift over the course of the last 17000 years isolating lake titicaca to it's present location. Lake titicaca was probably conected to the ocean at that time.
    The uplift event is what has scattered the stones and isolated the area at 3800 ft above sea level. The had access to trees and wood when the construction project began. This site is probably the oldest single construction site on the planet. We don't really know if it was the local indians or Atlantean's or whomever was living in the area at the time.

  2. Part 2 of previous post is:
    We only know who lives there now. We know we need machine tools to do what was done then. The stones had joints carved in them for the structural attachment of iron banding to keep them together. The stones are so old the iron banding has completely eroded. Some edges of the stones are so precise and sharp that they can cut flesh if you run a finger across them, 17000 years after they were cut, showing that the hardness of the stone has eluded erosion for this whole length of time.
    Modern stone masons shudder at the thought of trying to make almost any of the stone cuts with modern tools, let alone with any of the ancient tools we think the peoples of that time had.
    There is more, but that is enough to further the thoughts.

  3. I try to think of it this way..
    The earth has been around for about 3.5 billion years. Modern man has been around for aprox 20,000 years. We started the industrial revolution around on hundred fifty years ago. Air travel 100 years ago. Computer science 50 years ago but did not come to fruition until the early nineties. now we are making strides of doubling comuter tch every 2 or so years. (Mores law). Imagine where we will be in one hundred years. (Makes you think) The universe is about fifteen billion years old. Now imagine a civilization that started earlier in the history of the universe, say even as recently as one million years ago. Just think how advanced they would be. Even if they were only 1000 years ahead of us. Imagine where we will be in 1000 years at the rate of technoligical evoluton we are heading. Interstellar travel will most likely be commonplace. Just a thought…

    • Is that the logic to explain the human race always will, and always has, exponentially advanced? If humans always made forward advancements in technology at an always increasing pace, then how do you explain the major advancements in Egypt, Greece, and Rome only to stall for many centuries that followed?
      What held our civilizations back hundreds/thousands of years ago was the inability to effectively communicate our advancements to future generations. Many techniques and inventions became lost in time, and the next generations had to start from scratch. What we have seen over the last few hundred years is an improvement in communicating our ideas and advancements with the future generations, as well as other cultures, and instead of reinventing the wheel, the new inventors continued improving on the previous technologies. As our society becomes equipped with more advanced ways to communicate with the future generations, and everyone around the globe, we'll be that much more able to invent and advance into the future. The ancient man didn't have the luxury to forward his knowledge to his offspring as we do.

  4. Diamond is not the only mineral harder than diorite on the Mohs scale. Diorite is between 5-7 on the Mohs scale, making it quite possible to carve with quartz, or diorite itself. Even copper, though it is softer, can be used to carve diorite.

  5. Nope. Quartz or diorite itself would work nicely. And those lines might not have been "cut" so to speak. Abrasion or sawing methods were commonly employed by ancient stone workers.

  6. Why do people insist on creating ridiculous theories for things they cannot explain. Ascribing Puma Punku or other stone structures to Aliens or Atlanteans is quite narrow minded. Our ancestors were every bit as clever and intelligent as we are. Creating alien theories or Atlantean theories to explain Puma Punku is as useless scientifically as saying god, or flying purple mud monsters put the stones there.

    • You do the scientific community a disservice when you take this arrogant tone and attempt to shame or belittle outlier ideas. Scientists were originally the ones with the “ridiculous” ideas, such as the Sun being the center of the solar system (Copernicus). To many who have taken a look at pictures of Puma Punku, scientists still seem to be the ones with the “ridiculous” ideas. We as scientists should embrace that position in the evolution of society and thought, not take up the weapons of those who have opposed the scientific method throughout history. When we belittle ideas of any kind, whether we think they are ridiculous or not, it makes scientists (especially those in the “soft” sciences such as archeology) look and sound like monolithic establishment figures who fear change. We look like the church of the dark ages when we speak with arrogant disdain for new and revolutionary ideas. Do we think the average person without sufficient scientific pedigree is incapable of forming correct and transformational ideas? We’re fools if we do. Grab a history book. Relax. Read.

    • However, there are many many many other ancient sites that have writings and descriptions of ancient "Gods" or beings coming to earth and helping the indigenous with techonoly such as batteries and lightbulbs and anti gravitational devices. Is it not safe to assume, that if you believe those stories that they may have also built this one? Just because you are a skeptic by means of ignorance does not mean its not a possibility. 🙂

    • So you dont believe in God, mmmmm I wonder how your dumb xxx came about on this plant Earth!

  7. well… man I hate it when I go against orders.

    Ever use a mag. lense to burn ants on a hill? holes in the curbs? It could of been used to shape this.
    Carbon dating shows the stone was exposed before the last Solar shift (which is why its impossible to carbon date)
    a 'solar shift' starts with the sun 'dimming' which would of frozen the planet.
    question is how did they survive.
    maybe its the remains of a city from another planet-
    OR the mold from one launched.

  8. our ancestors were every bit as dimwited and shortsighted as we are. they built lavish monuments on the backs of agoney and tourment whilst awaiting the swift and total colapse of there make-beleive economy. as always the poor didnt mind. but honestly, i hate time travel theorys slightly more then anthropologists praising colapsed dictatorships. "national socialist germany gave us the sky, the moon and in a thousand years thats all they will be remembered for…"

  9. Assuredly, most homo sapiens use far less than 10% of their brains, and with what's left, it is usually located in a more southern place of their anatomy. After all, Barry got elected now, and we have to explain that mindless phenomenon.

  10. You can speculate until you're blue in the face. The indisputable FACT remains: Puma Punku is the work of a HIGHLY sophisticated technology. One which we DO NOT POSSESS today – evidencing one of two possibilities; 1. Extraterrestrial influence or construction, or 2. civilization is not linear but cyclical and this was the work of an advanced human civilization just before an enormous downfall.

    There simply are no other LOGICAL explanations.

    • I have to agree. There are far too many things that one cannot begin to explain here. I am a civil engineer and the physical achievements here are not explainable with modern technology. Part of my work involves moving heavy objects and the equipment that goes into moving something that is 150 to 200 tons is huge. The thought of people moving these stones that weighed 200 tons and more,10 km with trees and ropes???? I cannot say how or who did it, but I can confidently say it was not done like this.

  11. once and for all.when i read about people saying we have no proof for intelligent life.we are the proof itself.life is not a product of random like scientists believe.alone the theorie of entropie is nonsense itself.it says that everything in the universe wants to be in the lowest level of energy.means everything is lazy.every particle,atom,neutron or whatever wants to be cold and still and alone.we are the proof that that is not the case.no so called theorie of physics can explain why we exist.why do we form out of one cell into what we are if there is no reason and will to do so.life is everywhere it can exist.whenever and whereever life can exist it does in endless forms.
    life is a dimension itself.pure energy becomes physical and goes back to energy at death.its a rule in the universe itself.im probably called selfish if i say life is the reason the universe exists and not the other way around.

  12. to finish up my previous comment i wanted to say that life itself was created with the universe.it can not be evolved in a different stage.it has to come with it.the information that is neccessary to create me is as neccesarry as the information to create a element like hydrogen.therefore life is everywhere it has a chance and the right conditions to take a form.as far as we can see in the universe and i mean not only visibly,more mentally, we are most definitely not the only ones around.
    that would be like hundreds of years ago to say the earth is the centre of the universe.visiting each other is a different thing but i dont need proof for others to believe in sane thinking.even when i was a little child and looked in the stars i did know that in a at least for our dimensions endless universe are also endless forms of life.so every wannabe sane so called scientist with their proof theorie can go home and look in the mirror for a second and then we talk again.

  13. the moment we split from the monkeys is when we discovered tools and teaching.monkeys can not teach learned things from one generation to another.you can learn a monkey to use a screwdriver but it wont teach it to its child.intelligence is not neccessary for a life form.we just survived so far at least because we discovered an advantage in throwing stones at a tiger or even using a wood stick to smash its head instead of getting eaten by it.intelligence is also a burden that we bear.we suffer from it.thats why so many people watch sports and stupid tv shows.so they dont need to use their intelligence for a moment.my wife always tells me she does not want to care about whats going on in the world.its to sad she says.so to create these stone buildings it needs some hefty effort i would say.these civilizations could not have a lot of gladiator fights going on i think.if you get what i mean.on the other hand if i hear about the grusome maya rituals at the pyramids it makes me wonder what fuc..ed up brains they had at the same time.somehow humans are intelligent but at the same time always were and always will be pretty stu..id.

    • "you can learn a monkey to use a screwdriver but it wont teach it to its child"

      Wrong. There are plenty of cases of monkeys and apes passing on learned behaviours to their children. (I presume you mean you can *teach* a monkey to use a screwdriver?)

  14. I tell you, that Rodentman and Stevenlamont are right. The Earth has been through many ages…many civilizations that made it to our present technology or beyond….all was destroyed except for unexplainable things like that. We are descendants of aliens, too.

  15. this is the only comment that is an intelligent response to the above-ranting idiots.

    most of the people on this thread can barely spell or write in correct english – no wonder we're completely stumped as to how capable people did this thousands of years ago.

    watch Ancient Aliens on the History channel – it's amazing!

  16. that percentage refers to the use of actual mass used at any normal time, not to our thought capability. only about 10% of our brain mass is active at any given time, but we have no idea how we get from a ball of meat to sophisticated conscious thought.
    even if we activated more of our brain meat it doesnt necessarily mean we would become telepathic, or maybe it does, either way, puma punku is astounding.
    i also completely agree that a lot is possible if you have a lot of people working very hard and deliberately for many years, not decades but generations…. and the tools and machines and blueprints dont have to be found and put in a museum for us to agree it exists. i think all that stuff was destroyed or hidden or PURPOSEFULLY made mysterious so that thousands of years from then WE WOULD ALL STILL BE TALKING ABOUT IT.
    nothing on the internet is really permanent, nothing that exists in our modern technological world is nuclear- or fire/flood/meteorite-proof, but a giant enigmatic structure made out of near-bulletproof stuff will stand to impress everyone who sees it FOREVER. or for as long as that diorite lasts. and im SURE if they used diamonds that every single remnant of those diamonds would be stolen, buried, transferred into jewelry or other tools, and completely missing.
    we cant figure out how to stop an oil spill, cure a common cold, make a car that really lasts, or even to know if we should carry an umbrella or not. we dont really know anything. im a student of psychology and neuroscience and a lover of all things supernatural, but most of all im trying to be openminded to the possibility of anything – not argue that aliens exist or that it cant possibly be cast granite – we dont know, and thats ok. its what makes life interesting.

  17. Are you totally braindead. It would be next to impossible to cast diorite TODAY much less when these were made. That theory doesn't even make sense. The fact you try to say these block were cast shows you have NO CLUE what they are made of and NO CLUE about minerology what so ever. Casting blocks of diorite like this would be a more impossible and amazing feat than machining them would have been. Read a book and learn some facts for gods sake

  18. Actually the way I see it, ancient astronaut theory is a lot more simple than assuming what you're saying. You're assuming that a small group of people cut off from the rest of the world (small think pool) were able to figure out how to do all of these incredibly advanced procedures (advanced even in today's standards), and somehow all surrounding areas lack this same knowledge. Your assumptions require a lot more hocus pocus than aliens, which are a very simple, and realistic theory. In fact the only reason any logical mind would put aliens at the end of the possibility list, would be a predisposition due to something like religious belief.

    Now I'm not saying your theories are invalid, but they're FAR less likely than the alien theory.

  19. now why do we all think we know the answers, when clearly none of us do………..at the end of the day nobody knows and the fact is that we will probably never know who made this relic/monument……..diamond tipped cutting equipment, plasma cutters, who knows, not me thats for sure and neither does anyone else………a lot of strange things happen from time to time that cannot be explained, science this an science that, well science has no way of working this one out and for me it never will…….maybe just maybe there was once strange powers at work that our time has not seen, some kind of magic/witchcraft or whatever who knows………and why is this not one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world????………VERY STRANGE INDEED!

  20. To modern man, time is money. We invent tools to speed construction, production, process in order to save time, ie make more money. Ancient man had no (or slight) concept of money and his time had no meaning outside of basic human needs. So, when I hear the so-called modern "experts" say that such and such is impossible….what I hear is, "this cannot be done based on a monetary outlay paradigm." That may be true. Who said it was built with that paradigm? 3 convicts escaped Alcatraz by digging through concrete with spoons! Time and determination can do ANYTHING.

    It is POSSIBLE to carve the Empire State Bldg with a pocket knife and a lot of trees. You won't be able to find a carpenter from your local union to take the job, but it IS absolutely possible.

    Precision is misunderstood here, I believe. I am not a stone mason, I am a master carpenter. But I don't always have the exact tool I need to be fast and perfect. So I have to use a less technical tool and work slower.

    Time and determination.

  21. the blocks are granite and dyerite not concrete, it can not be formed there are tool marks and other evidence of machined cut's. this culture didn't even have a form of alphabet or writing.
    Hard to believe they invented a diamond tip machine to build a interlocking structure.

  22. who says the wheel was not invented….they obviously fashioned a circular saw blade from a harder stone, used a rope and then used man power to spin the saw blade…the same for the drilled holes..they must of used plenty of water to lessen friction..the stones were transported by thousands of men and ropes..alien mumbo jumbo…we humans are capable of incredible endeavors.the reason why we forgot how to build this way is because this ancient technology was obscured to us by leaders that wanted us to think that there were boundaries to human ingenuity.the invention of cement by the romans also didnt help..i would beleive in bigfoot before aliens…not saying that there isnt life on some distant planet;there probably is but for them to traverse the universe or even cross a galaxy to me is far fetched….i am a stone mason.

    • A question I would ask a stone mason would be how they made the interior cuts. No relief, no overcuts, and edges so straight and sharp that they will cut your finger if you run against them.

    • there are no trees and no water near the site, let alone the quarry. also, the only non-synthetic resource strong enough to cut these stones is diamonds. also not in the vicinity of the site. i would love to see someone cut this type of granite with manpowered friction hand tools.

    • this is true yes but all of this would leave traces of human error….not pure perfection…and especially at this time? pre dating recorded history? comon man lets be real

  23. Are not anthropology and archeology disciplines of interpretation rather than sciences? Of course any strong hypothesis in either field, as well as on the nature of Puma Punka, should hold-up under the rigors of the scientific method: the gathering/observing of data and experiments to test the hypothesis to fit that data. However you are at least as unscientific as Von Daniken yourself because you also fail to present any microscopic evidence in the stone bore holes or "soil tests" from the area. Claiming "hard-work," "elbow grease" and "copper bar with sand grain" Egyptian saws is neither data collection nor experimentation.

    Of the "numerous other explanations" you claim, you give one: that the creation of Puma Punka was done without extraterrestrial involvement. But what scientificly supports that hypothesis? What is your data? The development of most technologies and industries can be traced through archeology or elucidated through scientific experiments: tool making; pottery; agriculture; animal husbandry; writing; seafaring; metallurgy; AND masonry/ building construction; etc. etc. I may be going out on the limb of my armchair here but I'm not aware of any cultural/technological precedents or antecedents of the structures around Puma Punka. As an archeo-anthropolgist that's where you'll need to fill us in.

    You have to admit Zirconium, the Puma Punka site and Tiawanaku are amazing and unexplained enough that they kinda stick out like a sore thumb from the textbooks. That's why most people pursuing degrees in those fields stay away from them after undergraduate school. Hopefully you'll be one who doesn't.

  24. Wonderful view on PUMA Punku, I agree on the C. Church seems to me that is where satan hides out, what better place, hidden in plain sight, Thanks for the insight.

  25. Why the hell are we talking about the 'wheel' not even being invented?? Or even how diorite varying in hardness? Clearly, these stones were cut with at LEAST the precision that we can produce today and with similar technology that we have today—even though most engineers and architects would say that to produce the same structures today would be a hurculean task. And who's to say that humankind hasn't been here on earth (or Mars–or any other planet in our solar systym) for many, many millions of years? Why would any advanced civilization build anything of importance (military bases, launch sites. etc.) of any other material but the hardest rocks on earth? IF our advanced civilization of the future were faced with our planet being in some kind of destruction period….wouldn't we LEAVE? And then come back and REBUILD?? We are certainly not at the height of our existence. Far from it. We will destroy ourselves—then our ancestors may decide to inhabit this planet again–or start another experiment with our genome. Mainstream scientists turn a blind eye to Puma punka and Baalbek and other such structures strewn across the earth simpy because the DON'T HAVE ANY PLAUSABLE ANSWERS.

    • Excellent Jamie. No answers we can concieve of in our small animal brains means a dead end. If we cant prove it, toss it out…., and Im a big logic fan too….Jamie, does it take only the most intelligent to see this is way, way more than a smoking gun that we are way more stupid and light years more ignorant than anyone of us ever have ever thought? If we allowed this truth to be told and believed, couldnt' it undermine the social control we are under ?

    • Social control? Consider the lost cities, Many had human sacrifice as a staple yet some do not. Freedom is only good with social control as total freedom is anarchy.

  26. you all need to get some facts. Diorite is a naturally forming igneous rock. It is the hardest form of granite known to man. The only harder rock is the diamond. The nearest diorite quarry to the ruins of puma punku is over 10 miles away.

  27. i read somewhere about browns gas being able to produce a chemical reaction that could melt titanium maybe something similar was used in making ancient concrete out of diorite.

  28. Andesite, diorite, granite———–castings? Ancient and lost form of concrete casting? I read about the aliens—–hmmmm, and then I read about how modern "constructionists" have a handle on how this all came about——hmmmmm. I don't know how this phenomenon came to be and apparently, no one else does either. I have never read any account—-credible, that is—-from any archaeological or engineering source that has a plausible, let alone—believable explanation for the very interesting site of Pumapunku. I wonder why that is.

    • Stone masons of today could not recreate the intricate cuts on stone like this. No society on the planet today could recreate Puma Punku. The machines required to move stoned of this kind would be larger than any machines on earth and the machines themselves would weigh to much to transport up 13000 feet. The ancient societies of the world had far superior technology than we do today.

    • the answer Mark is right before your/our eyes…..look at this god damn place! The mind of man cannot comprehend the uncomprehendable….it needs answers…..drill holes in perfect cut grooves over 18k years ago, in multi ton stones that had no business being there? No history of a before or after rise in learning of such construction ability…..heres a good possiblity to me…lets stop the alien name first….. ok, space travelers obverse people building a crude monument….overnight they step in and just go to town levetating rocks/cutting rocks/ drilling holes, putting together, etc… and the people are ecstatic the next day/week etc..x hundreds of years later, the civilization falls apart, and the people go back to being the ignorant farmers they once were, and they abandon the sight, along with the secret of who made it in the first place..

  29. My thoughts exactly,just try to keep the work force alone in drinking water.one-thousand people mulitplied by one gallon of water per day multiplied by seven lbs. per gallon equals seven thousand pounds of just water per day.How many people would that require?

  30. Look, there's at least this fact.. It was built, someone built it. One person didn't do it, a whole lot of people did, collectively..

    People can come up with ideas better when there are more of them. But, if the fact is that there is no way this could've been built by humans,then, what else is there? Would this granite crack if it was heated and then rapidly cooled with water? Maybe the holes that are drilled are a big clue..

    I do have another idea about the alien theory though. How do we know that our universe wasn't so compact all them thousands of years ago that it was easier for Aliens to travel amongst the stars and a huge event expanded our universe and galaxy to where we are as of a few hundred thousand years? Maybe something other than a meteor killed off life and maybe that's how the Ice covered the poles so quick due to movement of the whole universe, not just the planet? In the end, we are just not intelligent enough to know, and that's a fact..

  31. Alright lets just lay down a few facts
    Stones are made of diorite
    On the mohs scale diorite has hardness of 7 or greater
    Carbon steel has a mohs scale hardness of 6
    At the time most advanced human tools were either bronze or iron. Both are far lower than steel
    Use of a diorite fashioned tool would leave chips from human error as seen in several Greco-Roman structures.
    Use of acids would cause an uneven burn and a non linear grove due to the delusion of PH with the stone.
    Just facts no theories with all this data one cannot say that humans of the time created these structures with the tools available.

    • How about the interior cuts. Absolutely amazing. There is no relief to get the stone out. One thing to cut off an edge but to go inside and cut a perfect square with no over cut and have edges that are sharp enough to cut your finger if you run it along the edge….. Makes you wonder for sure.

    • Thank you for the post…part of the problem with the alien theory, the biggest problem, is our inability to truly concieve in reality aliens existing. Our small minds must denounce all concepts once they get a certain distance from the small world we know. Now to go on to your factual post, this place is the most obvious example of a higher intelligence helping out in some fashion what we know, and you have proven, could not be done. THE VERY FACT Michael that people as a whole are not freaking out daily at this obvious impossibility by man to have done this 18k years ago, and to ask harder questions about what we don't know, PROVES TO ME what I mentioned above about the small mind of man. If someone has the answer to a question that the masses cannot comprehend , the masses will still win, and the someone will be labeled a freak.

  32. Is it possible that they flooded the quarry(from lake Titicaca) to 'ferry' the stones? made some sort of flotation device for the stones? less gravity in water innit? I'm just a girl with a curious brain and this subject fascinates me. I think the person that said said when you dont have a monetary system in place the "impossible" is more probable.

  33. Just a speculation, maby there was an earlier human culture that evolved on this planet through the natural processes. And maby for one reason or another they were destroyed, " by there own hands". or possably by nature and this along with other world sites is the remnants of there previous society. No aliens just former humans. Than again do the Mayans and Dec;12,2012 take on any more credence for anyone?

    • I would tend to agree. I find it more likely that an ancient human civilization could actually have had a very advanced maching processes. I would not credit to aliens what could easily be acredited to human ingenuity.

  34. Where are the tools? If mankind had the tools they too would have been discovered one would think. We have found the tools used for the pyramids we have arrow heads we have bronze swords exc. exc.. Where are the tools that were used here?

    • A good craftsman NEVER leaves his tolls un-attended. He packs them away and leaves the job WITH them

  35. Wake up guys…The plains of Nazca were originally carved by variable strength lasers, such that we don't have an inkling of their power. From a stationary craft above the plains the original lines were drawn. Thereafter, the locals walked the lines as a sort of religous ceremony celebrating the unknown.. When the Gods wished to, they intensified their laser beams to vaporize the earth and create what looks like runways. That's why their is no debris.. That is also why the artwork is a constant single line which never comes off the surface; kind of like drawing with a finger in the sand.

  36. Wake up guys…The aforementioned comment about the plains of Nazca is only to give you some type of reference to the power available to the Gods. Picture yourself sitting in an aircraft at a drafting (gunning) table hovering above the ground at serious height. You're bored and decide to do some weapons calibration (that's what it's called by the military today) tests. So you draw some pictures of earthly animals and whatnot then instruct your weapon to follow the lines. Unknowingly or carelessly you've just created the great plains of Nazca mystery…

  37. Wake up guys…Get a ladder and stand up as high as you can on it. Then crumple some paper on the floor around the room. Now shine yoour flashlight on the paper and direct the beam across the floor. The first thing you'll notice is that light from the beam changes shape from a circle direcdtly beneath you to an oblong as it moves in different directions. The actual shape will illuminate different parts of the uneven surfaces as the beam moves. Now look at the so-called Nazca runways. Notice any similarities? Once you can wrap your mind around that kind of power, places all over the earth like Puma Punka, become conceivable. The idea of some mysterious religous diety becomes less of a mystery also…..

  38. What's funny or sad is your closed mindedness. You make it sound like others thinking differently than you are goofy. It appears that the Antikythera Mechanism can calculate sophisticated Math…but doubtful that the Roman crane can lift 200-450 ton stones or transport them 13000ft. up a mountain.

  39. Hi to all,

    I think about all theories that can be pass to this location, community tribe, and versatility of tools.
    I have most possible maybe the close to the truth:

    1. with some mechanical or ultrasound tools, we making lines and borring the holes, for the next operation – broken blocks. Ultrasound technology, provide of course, every little flying animal – bat(chiropterous). One think, that we dont well know, is to amplifying the wave ultrasound, for cutting stone, from the little flying bat.

    2. if these stones are harder to cut with diamonds, then must be easily be broken, like a piece of glass. Cutting glass its easy. We make 1% of glass thickness pre-broken line. After that, we broke table or block of glass or other stone material, into parts.

    All is truth about it. No fiction.

    • …and our next contestant is Bing O'Hall who will be answering questions on the mating habits of the six-legged Patagonian lesser-spotted humpback roller-blading giraffes…

  40. I think, that, if wind cannot we see, why is not bunk ?
    Aliens maybe is close to our planet, then we think about this. Maybe in human skin.
    We dont know, but we must accept it, like a wind.


  42. In a thousand years all the metal buildings and monuments we have made in our time will be long gone without a hint that it was ever there. But the pyramids and all these other Stone structures will be waiting to be found again.

  43. This place is amazing enough without the hyperbole of the Alienists. 131 metric tons is a serious slab of stone. Why lie and say 450? The site has been carbondated to about 700 AD. Some have said it's17.000 years old which is insane. It's been said that the metal brackets are of an alloy requiring 4000 centigrade when this hard bronze is formed at 1050 degrees which is less then the required curing temperature for waterproof pottery. The remarkably cut stones are sandstone. A bronze chisel will suffice. If the choice is between "They used the wheel" or "ALIENS!" i know where my money is….

    • Get it straight.. These stones are Diorite not "Sandstone" and one would need atleast Carborundum atleast, if not Diamond to cut through it . 450 tons is conservative on the sites part – 800 tons some of these stones weigh in at! "The site has been carbondated to about 700 AD" lol where the hell did you read that? If the choice is between the facts and your imagination – I know exactly where my money is lol!

    • First off, carbon dating is useless for measuring the age of rock. Second, these rocks were not sandstone, so good luck cutting those with bronze chisles…

    • You are an actual idiot not an actual thinker. There are so many ancient structrues around the world that can not have been built by man at that time period. This is clearly one. They are not made of sandstone if you can be an actual reader too. Yeah sure this was just easy to build. Get your head aout of your butt and come to realize we aren't alone on this earth. Sceptics always piss me off cuz there's always a logical explaniation with them at least in their minds. Why dont you try to expand your mind. This is clear cut proof that mankind could not have done this in that time period. Go drink your chocolate milk and masterbate you dumb ass

  44. I'm sorry, but there's been excavations there. Yes, the precision is very high, but not perfect. Yes, the place is interesting. It is however not impossible to reproduce. It is not miraculous. There are no questionmarks. Plausible answers? To what questions? "Can you cut sandstone with bronze tools?" "Is it possible to move really heavy stones with nothing but a boatload of people and llamas?" This site is an outstanding monument to 1500 year old ingenuity. There are no major mysteries there.
    Unless, of course, you choose to ignore actual knowledge to mindless faith in imaginary facts. Just keep in mind that there are answers. You just choose not to see them.

    • Acutally in truth many Architects, archeologists and general scientists all agree it would be an impossible act to re-create Puma Punku.

    • The Puma Punku one reads about is indeed impossible to recreate. Hell, it's impossible to create! The Puma Punku that is actually there, the one you can visit is remarkable, but very much built by man. A Man that is no dumber than us, with great ingenuity and great command of the resources available. I've also read about scientists saying those things. However, the labs that guy said he worked at actually tests cosmetics. Another one was not, as stated, and architect but a sci-fi author with a pseudonym. Old Occam wins this one. I question all sources.
      I was convinced that Puma Punku was a strange and mysterious place, a possible proof of the alien intervention i so desperately want to believe in. I actually spent the money to go there and check the place out myself. An advanced tool called the tape measure told me all about the "miraculous precision" i needed to know. It's just not there.

  45. I am a sculptor. I have spent a couple hundred dollars cutting a football size piece of Red Jasper, which is about the hardness of the stones at Puma-Punka. I use diamond impregnated cutting tools and the best power tools I can find. The diamond will barely cut the stone. They wear out after a few hours and must be replaced. Steel power chisels will just bounce off the stone. It is not possible to even chip the stone with a hand tool and a heavy steel hammer. I have no idea how the Puma-Punka stone could have been mined or taken from the ground, The stone I have cannot be chipped or flaked off. It can only be ground off, similar to sanding wood, but you must use something harder than the stone that will be abrasive enough to make any progress. For a humbling experience get your self a piece of Granite and hit it with a hammer and chisel.

    • I think you can cut granite with rope and wet sand, and last but not in the least a whole lot of time. Rope they had, sand they had and a whole lotta time. It can be done. I have seen a demonstration of the technique.

    • I dont know if aliens did or did not have anything to do with Puma Punku ,but I do beleive we are very far off on the history of places like this and need to open our eyes and minds and realize primative man did not build structures like this with stone chissels and hammers ! Aliens , maybe? Or maybe another advanced civilization before us! But I for one have ruled out primitive man building these without any help . Historians please quit teaching this Crap! Wally pgogel@gmail.com

  46. Why everybody say that PUMA PUNKU has been made with alien help??
    I am not able to undestand it…Why don't we believe that people , human cyvilisation had adanced technologies? The homo sapiens was more stupid then now is??? It's made by people who lost their civilisation – maybe cause of big cataclism. That's all. We shouldn't to mix the achivements of people with aliens technology.I do not believe that aliens made puma punku.

  47. I beleive these ruins are alot older than 2000 years. From a geological standpoint, the uplifting of this area to two miles above sea level (There are fossilzed sea flora all over the place) could have only occured between 100,000 to 20,000 years ago. I am an anthropology student and tool making is one of the main ways to identify or classify evolutionary changes in our species. Has anyone found any human or otherwise remains in this area?

  48. Put the hash pipe down and get on with your lives a.ssholes… no wait, read my brilliant theory.
    Aliens did it, people. Fuc.king aliens did it and they're out there and they're gonna get you and they're gonna fuc.king eat you and then maybe snack on your pets and reprogram your daughter to be a dirty wh.ore for big black coc.ks. That's right, stoners, and they weren't illegal aliens like the ones that took your job and your girlfriend, they're fuc.king space aliens with motherships and lasers that'll melt your fuc.king brains!!! Run stoners, ruuuunnnnnnn!!!

    • You need to get your care home's physician to either up the strength of the medication you are on or try a long walk across the Atlantic…

    • u r a simple fool who has know idea how hard this would be to do .So instead of coming up a explaintion you call thinking people names. You are the def of a fool.MABY JESUS DID IT HA HA fool

  49. O.K., so let us presume the tools used to cut these stones were made from diorite, a meterial harder than the stones, sounds plausable. Now explain what tools were used to make the diorite tools, which would have had to been harder than the diorite itself?!

    • Has anyone ever thought that man made these structures. From what i understand there has been a highly advanced civilization on this planet before us. This place was more then likely nuked. We are just now getting back to that technology. Our govenments hide alot of things from us. Eventually the truth will be known. Now i am not saying there hasnt been alien entervention in the past or the present . I myself have seen certain things that i can only explain as 1 of 2 things either we are more technologicaly advanced than our governments admit or what i saw was not from this world.

  50. i get the feeling that that was not the place of important but more of storage, im not familiar with the island or the land layout but look for a natural resource like a spring or waterfall or volcano vent something where they would have gotten their power and we will find the real construction site.

  51. Why is it that whenever the origons of a structure are regarded as unknown ( i.e. These structures)or out of the ordinary or unexplainable, do kooks, ideologues , and nitwits, immediately assume the least likely cause or reason?There are a million more likely possibilities to consider before attributing the unexplained with things we don t even know exist.
    Just because something is perfectly crafted doesn t mean little green men did it.
    Just because it can t be explained , doesn t mean ET did it.
    How can you have an expert (UFO) in a field that has zero scientific validity or living proof that we can refer to in order to actually identify what an alien is or looks like or would do or……?
    Think people . Don t be stupid!! I'm not saying aliens don t exist . I'm saying evidence linking aliens to structures like these doesn t exist. Its just filling blanks in with fantasies of alien visitation.

  52. That is a very reasonable theory however, where are the tools? Why were the tools destroyed in the "cataclism" and not the stones? Why are there not even remnants of the supposedly "advanced" tools that were used? If they were so advanced where is their written language?

  53. Cannot believe your small mindedness. If you were around 300 years ago you would have said that the world was most definitely FLAT! PS Its impossible to carbon date rock, all scientists do is find either plant and/or animal remains near the item/site and use these to try and place a timeline on it. No one knows how this was done and I believe that even more mysteries await discovery below our oceans. I hypothesize that we are not the first advanced civilization to walk this planet and we probably will not be the last.

  54. Pseudo Archaeology only remains "Pseudo" until/or if it becomes fact. Without speculation, scientific advances do not happen. Who knows how this was built? I am skeptical that ancient man with copper chisels and rolling logs could have produced this. It could have been alien in origin or perhaps a long dead advanced race of man created it. To anyone who does not believe in the possible existence of alien life, go count the number of grains of sand on every beach on the planet and even then you are not near the amount of galaxies that may harbor intelligent life. Do not merely treat others inquisitiveness or curiosity with your innate superior condescending attitude. Do not forget that as a student of history, a lot of what you believe as fact was only hypothesized in the last 200 years or so. A number of years in college do not make you the better of others my friend! What discoveries will we, as a race make in the future?

  55. Can some one explain me where did they get the design plans for the interlocking of stones? Where is the pen and paper, and the ruler, and the maths to plan the precision holes, shaped that way? How or where did they get the idea? It took 20 years or plus for designers to create standard computer cases with intelligent hardware interlocking. Some are still living in the age of screws.

  56. It depends on what you consider "aliens". In the book of Genesis it details how the "sons of god" came from the heavens and would mate with human females creating a hybrid race reffered to as the nephilim. What many consider to be neanderthal remains are in my opinion actually remains of this human/alien or human/angelic cross breeding. It was this mixed society of humans, nephilim, and angels/aliens that created most if not all of the megalithic structures around the world. The book of genesis also describes the flood that wiped out this society leaving only Noahs family of humans surviving to the post flood world.

  57. I fully believe that humans in earlier societies were capable of doing miraculous things; simply because they weren't told they couldn't. I too believe puma punku was destroyed by mother nature. I have watched the show and read about the area. I just am not convinced it is here because of aliens. I do believe the aliens were actually the angels from Heaven that helped us in earlier societies. We as humans abused it, didn't appreciate it, or became arrogant. The people and their knowledge were destroyed by mother nature from the direction of God; sort of like the tower of babble. I feel this way regarding any geological find that has been labeled "due to" or "for" alien purposes. The things that we as humans build always have a purpose that we understand at the time. We weren't there at the time so much guessing and debate goes into solving these mysteries. When the most simple answer is, God's creation, allows help to us, we abuse it or don't appreciate it, God removes the help and the technology and we have to start all over again.

  58. Amen! The people who do not want to entertain the fact that ET's may be out there, and that they may have visited our planet before, will find any argument they can, and twist it any way they have to to try and support their position. The FACT of the matter is that WE DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE WHEN the site was built or HOW the site was built.


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