Puma Punku is a set of ruins in Bolivia, not well known outside of archaeologist and UFOlogist circles. Why have these stones attracted two seemingly opposite groups?

The ruins are what is left of the Pumapunku pyramid, a temple that stood at least 56 feet tall. It is located in Tiahuanaco, near Lake Titicaca, a region associated with pre-Incan culture. Archaeologists believe the temple may have been built for worshipping the creation god Viracocha, but have no definitive evidence either way.


But the real mystery lies in how Puma Punku was built. Many of the blocks weighed 200 tons, with one even weighing in at 450 tons! How were these blocks brought to a plateau 13,000 feet high? While Stonehenge’s method is often explained as stones being rolled on tree trunks, the tribe would have had no access to trees on the barren plateau. The wheel had supposedly not been invented by that point, leaving archaeologists without an explanation.

Once the stones were brought to the site, they were cut so precisely that they could be fit together like puzzle pieces.


Some of these stones have perfectly straight grooves in them that are only 1 cm deep. Note the sets of equi-distant holes that were drilled in the picture below. If the stones are made of the hardest granite there is, how could the tribe have possible put these markings into the stones? What tools did they have available to them, and where did they come from?


UFO and alien experts believe the people who built these stones had contact with extraterrestrial beings. This is often referred to as the “ancient astronaut theory”. These beings would have either completely built the temple themselves, or assisted the humans in building it by providing instruction and advanced tools.

Scientists call these theories bunk, but cannot provide any better explanation for how primitive humans fit 200-ton stones together or planned the intricate process without the ability to read or write.

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  1. To my knowledge, the only material that would have been strong enough to make those grooves, would b diamonds, or tools with a diamond edge.something to think about…

    • yes you are absolutly right the only material hard enough to cut such fine cenimeter thin lines in that type of granet is diamond

  2. We humans ARE actually aliens. Well, we are decendants of strange visitors from outer space with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal man.

    • We are earthlings . We are trapped on earth never to live anywhere else. Our chemical make-up is OF this earth . We have no other- worldly elements in our bodies. Only if another planet had our exact chem. & oxygen could we have come here to live . What of the odds of aliens producing viable offspring ?

    • Man may be apes and we are the gods, you have said something that my 9th grade teacher said back in the year 1984 or ancient man might have been phased out.

  3. Defidently diamond tipped or better tools.We didnt have that yet..Also from airial views of all the structures from pumapunku to the pyramids, myan temples ,easter island, stonehenge, are all a map of our solar system… We didnt have the power to go into space yet or map it on a structure with tools we didnt have..

    Maybe we assisted in building,it would take an army or more and many years to build these structures, but other beings, possibly GODS were here back then and are probably are still here today.I'm guessing that they are us, and are here keeping a close eye on their wild children,, Humans nature is wild and crazy, After all we are animals and in nature its survival of the fittest.. Being intelligent and knowing this information we can change as humans… i wish we would all just get along as a whole planet.. We are giving the worst example of human nature..MD1 .n.y.c.

    • We, husband and I …Totally both agree…. you can chisel a stone or score a rock but we have never seen such precision as this.
      Take in the fact what era you are dealing with and what tools were available…think about how little of knowledge was there, and capabilities. Then think how vast the Universes is and the knowledge it could hold. We will now leave it up to all of you.

    • I read your comment on Puma Punku, do you believe in the 2012 disaster scenario? I believe it will be aliens who bring this event to being. If you want to talk about it I would love to speak with someone with like beliefs. If not, sorry to bother you.

  4. History Is A Repetition Of Golden Ages Followed By The Ends Of Empires. In the dawn of time, a civilization would begin and advance to greatness, only to be destroyed. Humanity would then regress back to primitive conditions and have to begin all over again. Little trace of the former empire would remain. Ancient historians stated that civilization has been completely destroyed at least 5 times, either by water or fire. The devastation came either in the form of volcanic earthquakes or a comet (fire) and earthquakes and tidal waves (water). The last END OF AN AGE came with a combination of fire and water combined with man's inhumanity to man. Waters that are NOW oblivion had become tombs of ice; glaciers buried whole cities. The Reason For Writing The Earth History Is To Re-State: It Can Happen Again!

  5. These structures are all built of a lost form of concrete. The reason that the grooves are so perfect is that they are cast. The ancients were much smarter then we give them credit for.

    • Crow,
      You make so much sense by saying this. It would have been almost impossible to copy create those stones like that. Tehy were cast. At least the only theory that would make sense. But machined characteristics on the blocks.. But what if they tomorrow we figure out how they did it, wouldnt that be awesome? lol… I hope to see those answers in my life time.

    • well, a for of concrete that hardens into granite or diorite? that is the issue here, these stones were 'cut' from granite or diorite…you can't create that with 'concrete'…it is also a major part of these creations that they 'did not' use mortar or concrete to connect the pieces together, part of their ability to last at all throughout the ages is that they are simply incredibly well shaped stones placed one upon another

  6. As I understand, the casting theory is strongly contested by the fact that the straight edge surfaces have machined characteristics.
    It is heartbreaking yet predictable to encounter over and over, the (laughable) limitations casually placed on the implications of the Puma Punku ruins by unimaginitive academics who claim to represent "good science". They seem determined to endorse ideas based solely on preconceptions informed by an incomplete education, not a basic observation and theory process that leads an open mind to where the chips fall-ie; the pathetic Idea that a culture
    of natives who had no evidence of language could have been the source of these constructs simply because there is some evidence of their merely being there.
    Simply put, thay can't explain it, so they undermine it's potential impact and sell us all short
    with unusable theories.

  7. Geologists around the world agree that the ice in Alaska and most other polar lands in the north were tropical thousands of years ago. Many plants, fish and animals native to subtropical climates have been found frown beneath the Arctic glaciers. Coral and palm trees are frozen in Alaska. Frozen animals were found devouring tropical vegetation, found crushed in herds in the positions of running from some cataclysmic disaster that occurred INSTANTLY. Scientists now have proof that the North Pole has shifted its position several times by many thousands of miles! What was once tropical is now ice cap! What was once glaciers is now the tropics! Here in 1990, EXPERTS AGREE that this reversal will occur WITHIN THE NEXT Fifty (50) YEARS OR LESS!

  8. The rock is diorite. Unless they poured 450 tons of molten lava into a perfectly smooth mold that didn't explode, that would be quite difficult. To do this work, you would need master stonemasons with diamond tipped tools and water blasting jets.

    Diorite is extremely hard to work with. You only use it when you want to preserve something small and manageable for all time., like Hammurabi's code. Making 250 ton legoland blocks isn't in the realm of possibility today. Why do you think indians from 17000 years ago could figure it out on their own.

  9. The rock is diorite. Unless they poured 450 tons of molten lava into a perfectly smooth mold that didn't explode, that would be quite difficult. To do this work, you would need master stonemasons with diamond tipped tools and water blasting jets. Diorite is extremely hard to work. You only use it when you want to preserve something small and manageable for all time., like Hammurabi's code.

  10. i believe that extraterrestrials showed human beings how to use tools that harnessed the power of the hutchinson effect and other natural (but unrealized by 'modern' technology) phenomena. look it up, very interesting.

  11. The equi-distant drill holes in a straight cut shows how the stone is cut . Ever see any modern road-side cut into rocks ? This looks like a mistake in measurement . A program I watched recently showed more pics one with a similar cut ,only it looked like it ended in the center of the stone much like a router cut . Now that would be hard to explain !

  12. I believe that if we stopped watching so much TV, started turning off our lights at home and started staring at the stars, we could figure it out. As a human race, we only use 10% of the power of our brains, there is so much untapped potential there. Imagine how much more we could accomplish is we just stopped being distracted by the internet, television or TMZ! LOL! Ok, maybe not the internet, but just imagine, these people couldn't even read or write, yet they looked into the sky and figured things out. It's not so amazing, if we (Humans) are capable of harnessing the energy of the sun……just imagine……

  13. in order to cast Diorite, it would need to be at a manageable temperature; before the stone becomes to crested and hard. This would have to happen when the stone is above 1200 degress F, so it is doubtful that these stones were cast. If that theory were true, the mason that cast these would have been scalded and burned to death. Unless they had some sort of protection which is doubtful.

    The construction of this would have to have been done with a diamond tipped drill or laser (something to heat the stone to a temperature in which to manipulate it). I'm not saying UFO's or Alien Intelligence designed this or constructed it, but this is a technology and feat unknown to the time.

  14. Who's to say that we won't evolve through saturating ourselves with entertainment and technology? Internet alone is allowing us all to access information at incredible degrees. It's all up to time now.

  15. Just because we (modern people) can not comprehend how past civilizations built these structures, doesn't mean aliens built them. Mankind should not sell themselves short.
    It is not my intention to bruise anyone's ego, but maybe modern man is not so smart afterall.

    • You are absolutely correct in stating "modern man" is not so smart after all. Despite our many accomplishments we've failed to understand where and how we fit in to our planet's scenario. We see ourselves as seperate and unique with no connection to anything, thus the continual degradation of our planet's balanced system; educated people still cannot agree on global warming for example. I could go on and on with other examples like the Pacific Dump site of floating plastic twice the size of Texas, or the loss of the ozone layer, etc., etc.

      I'm convinced of UFO's, just not sure where they are from.One fanciful thought, one of many, is that perhaps a civilization left Mars before it that planet died and settled here. The stone cutting of Puma-Punka was not done by hand with ancient tools. If so, they would have used the only metal technology possibly available besides gold, etc. and that would be copper – not likely.

      Rather than keeping an open mind and investigating like a true scientists, mainstream authorities – the "smart men" have always laughed at visionaries. Columbus was laughed at, Darwin heckled; need I gone on?

  16. One extreme or another, but not the simplest explanation. Aliens would be a great answer, just as us pretending that humans followed a linear path to us today. Most logical is Puma Punku is a perfect example that we are not the ultimate example of our ancestors. The Neandertals 100,000 years ago had larger brains than us, so very likely in the many cycles of resetting the planet we have reset the clock and we are now the "homo-blogitals" species. 🙂

    • So what race build the pyrimids of China. Have you ever heard or seen a place called Nanmidal. It is a Island in Micronisia in the pacific. I think that it has 92 man made Islands in the middle of the ocean.

  17. Why can't we Earthlings sense that we are not the most intelligent life forms in our known universe?The evidence is overwhelming if we look at it scientifically.The idea that Pumapunku could have been erected using Llama skins and ropes is silly. Perhaps Sitchen is correct ,it was a mining operation.

    • Why can`t "aliens" present an evidence of more sophisticated technology or materials, beside pure stone construction? An in bedded in to the stone short metal rode,
      made from stainless steel allow would make our debate much shorter.

  18. These lines that were carved out of the diorite are PERFECTLY straight. They are EXACTLY 1cm deep, and are precise in every instance. The 1cm in depth is perfect, not even varying in a single millimeter. How is that even detectable with the naked eye? The consistency is phenomenal, I dare say perfect. Now I can understand having a lot of man-power and rope, but how do you explain lifting hundreds of tons that high, to stack that perfectly? Also, this particular area sits aprox. 14,000 feet above sea level. There are no trees for miles and miles, so transportation of these massive stones using log-rolling isn't considered likely or even possible. Beyond that, we must remember that this structure was erected before the wheel was even invented! Being diorite, its only possible that these lines were cut using diamond, being as flawless as they are. Where and how would you get an abundance of diamond to create this on such a massive scale? Casting the diorite is out of the question as well, because it simply makes no sense that they had the ability to cast this kind of stone, but they only used such knowledge in the construction of this structure. Had they had the ability to cast diorite, that would mean they would also be able to cast every other stone/mineral on the planet save for diamond, though this technique is only displayed here and here alone? Unlikely.

    So we have ourselves an enormous anomaly. Here was have humans, literally one step out of the stone age not even having invented the wheel. Yet they are accomplishing feats that aren't even possible to replicate today with all our technological might.

    And RSJr., I believe your slightly mistaken in your comment about us using 10% of our brian. Now I admit I am not certain, but I believe that we only simultaneously use 10% of our brain at any given time, not that we only use 10% of our actual brain capacity.

  19. I would like to re literate what drew posted:

    Being a skeptic as I am, I have to look at all these possibilities to come up with a "reasonable" way these blocks were done. There are several factors to consider:

    1. Where & how did these 3+ton blocks get moved from considering the location?
    2. Diorite is EXTREMELY difficult to either cut OR cast
    3. You need something HARDER than itself to perform cutting, not the same material
    4. This was an ancient civilization
    5. The cuts & drill holes examined, by professional stone masons, were determined to be done with extreme precision. Hand tools are out of the question.
    6. The interlocking block system was extremely advanced, more so than the pyramids.

    These are the facts.

    Now the puzzling question remain, just how was all this done?

    I am not stating that aliens did this nor am I stating that humans could not have achieved this. But you do have to look at the facts.

    I would not appose to the thought that they were assisted by "some" kind of superior assistance.

  20. Can we go back to the theory of Atlantis? Could they have cut the stone with some kind of laser? Our best methods of cutting anything accurately are laser guided tools, or software driven (cnc). If we had an earlier advanced civilization that was destroyed or destroyed itself, it could be another answer. We need more people like Clive Cussler searching for wrecks to actually find Atlantis and that may solve a lot of "earthly" mysteries.

  21. So either the ancients or the aliens used a unit for length we only agreed upon in the 18th century?

    And seriously, if these people were so advanced why haven't they heard of weight distrubution?
    This building is what you get when thousands of people work for decades.

  22. What about use of a different cutting "technology": chemical (plant, animals or natural acid juce, like.) stone material treatment, prier of the material removal? something we not know in our time. something we evolutionary "jump over" and never invented with out need in the presents of available for us solutions and tools.

  23. If this civilization was at the peak of it's age, then wouldn't it have advanced past the use of stone, and craft steel? And perhaps this civilization was destroyed by a disaster, such as a comet or tidal waves, wouldn't there be an impact crater or a wider dispersion of the pyramid? I'm extremely curious about how this structure was built and destroyed. Now there are many theories floating about and two definite sides (Ancient alien allies and skeptical structural scientists). There are those who say we aren't giving any credit to the ancients, but what about the aliens? Is it such an outlandish theory? Are we cynical yet narcissistic enough to think we are the only complex organisms in the entire universe, which is infinite (as far as we know)? Not all planets formed at the same time, which means life out there can be far more technologically advanced than ourselves. Meaning they could have been here, this could be a sign, and this could have more meaning than simply being an architectural marvel.

  24. Metals like steel erode and rust. Diorite is something you construct with when you truly want longevity in your architecture. A diamond might be forever, but Diorite is sahweeet. Lol. Just wonder what the age of men was when speaking a unified language, being split into multi-lingual societies after having constructed the Tower of Babel.

  25. We don't only use 10% of our brains. That's a rumour, and totally unfounded. Have you never seen a CAT scan? Maybe only YOU use 10% of your brain, but a lot of other people use 100%.

    • well, 'alright'..but one human brain cell holds more 'information/ data' than our toughest multi exabyte and petabyte computer measured chips and what not, brain cells have to retain memory, emotion, feeling, image, sound, plus umpteenth undefined perceptions and learning 'type things'….no way are we tapping into the full potential of our minds….i mean, maybe those cat scan patients were totally tweeking or something idunno? but without enhancement, this gray matter can barely even be considered to be something fully utilized.

  26. FYI, Diorite is only about 5.5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale, so there are ample amounts of materials that exceed its strength and resiliency.

  27. Quarts ranks a 7 on Mohs scale and we know how common that is. Please post a link that shows that diorite is 5.5-6. Are the stones cut from a particularly hard diorite crystal form? Why is it so strongly believed that only diamond tipped tools could have cut these blocks, when according to John K, that quarts would be sufficient?


  28. My theory on many of these advanced construction without explanation projects would be a visit from earth origin time travelers. Just think what of the available technology in 1000 years from now will be ; I am taking a leap and saying that a time travel prodical has been invented and a certain number of individuals have visited and maybe influenced primitive cultures through their advanced technology….the ramifications of such and event ( or events) throughout history would be staggering ….and would explain a lot of mysterys….Steve

    • So you think that time travelers from the future would have only traveled back to these "ancient" times and not to our current time ever or any other time in recorded history where there would be record of their visit?

  29. I was talking with a friend about Puma Punku and he brought up the idea of human time travelers as an explanation. In my opinion, it is a possibility although alien visitors seems to be more plausible.

    On a side note, it feels really funny to say that aliens are a more plausible explanation than any other option.

  30. I also theorize that the earth origin time travelers used time travel as an escape from their world of the future and chose to live in the past as Gods…. the Greys that are often mistaken for "aliens" are actually Bio-engineered servants/helpers that do the dirty work of the time travelers( who themselves are often seen as nothing more than tall human like beings)… Steve

  31. Here's some food-for-thought and an interesting read for the open-minded "Phylos – A dweller on two planets". http://www.scribd.com/doc/415935/Phylos-A-Dweller

    In the book the author discusses daily life in Atlantis and the technologies in use at the time. He asserts the Atlanteans's technology was far more advanced than our own.

    Some of the theories mentioned seem quite interesting. He describes how the science of the time understood how energies such as heat, sound, light, electricity and matter stem from different rates of vibration of an underlying energy/matter, and these could be controlled by "resisting" changing one energy type to another, in a similar to way how we produce heat by resisting electricity.

    From Chapter V: "In this year A. D., 1886, chemists count the process costly which produces the metal, aluminum. In that day, forces arising from the Night−Side rendered inexpensive the production of any metal which might be found in nature, either native, or as an ore. As it might be done to−day didst thou but know how, and that day is not far off when thou wilt again uncover the knowledge, so, in that time, we transmuted clay, first raising its atomic speed so that it became white light of a pale illuminating power and then reducing it to the, so to speak, chemical “mile−post” of aluminum, and this at a cost not nearly so great as in this modern day it takes to get iron from its ores …. A metal which might be obtained from any ledge of slate rock, or a bed of clay, was so inexpensive as to be the chief base metal in use."

    My long-winded point is that, as it seems impossible for "indians" to have constructed such precise objects from diorite, then they probably didn't. If a previous advanced civilisation existed but was wiped out, they may have had technology more advanced than our own. Building one of those precisely-shaped blocks from clay, then transmuting it to diorite – if possible – might be considerably easier than other methods, if we knew how.

  32. Ever heard of Pier L Ighina? Apparently he invented a way to change the vibrational rate of a substance, transmuting it from one kind of matter to another… see http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/4905… and http://www.svpvril.com/ighina/magatom.html.

    "From his experimentations he developed an apparatus that enabled him to regulate the magnetic atomic vibrations. He was thus able to control the energy of the matter. He tried to tune in into the different matter to see if he could know their exact vibration. He was successful in that and so, leaving the apparatus for a whole day tuned in into the vibration of a certain matter, the next day the apparatus had slightly changed its vibratory rate, and so had done the matter itself. This matter seemed now to have a different structure, more similar to that corresponding to the new vibration. Through various experiments he realized that this way he could change a matter into another."

    It might be possible that the diorite was once not diorite, if the ancients held this kind of technology.

  33. These are obviously left here by the Fallen Angels, or as some call them, Enoch's Angels – Or as others call them – Ancient UFOS – God was here then as now. A lot of our present and history has been hidden by the Catholic Church and a lot of evil has been done by leaders and Popes of this so called Church. Christ himself knew of these ancient mysteries as did all of the true prophets. There is and always has been magic on this Earth – We have just simply become too arrogant to believe it or even see it anymore when it is right in front of our faces. UFOS and magic do exist – they are just simply part of God's great Heavens and His plan for our existence – If we could just talk to Ezekial or Enoch today they could explain a lot of things to us. They did leave us writings but the Catholic Church has over the centuries decided that we did not need to read them because we are just ignorant peasants and they, who have roasted people alive, are far better than us. But now, as we near the end of days as we know them, more of this ancient knowledge is coming to us by God,s will and we are beginning to learn His full truth.

  34. Sorry about my Church comments, but I really do believe these ruins are part of an ancient magic that explains our UFOS then as well as now. There are mysteries on this planet that only God and Faith can explain.

  35. After reading all of your comments, I really can understand why Americans are referred to as the "great uneducated". They stay at home and gorge themselves, all they want to do is be entertained, and when they do make a comment, they simply show how foolish and ignorant they really are. Such a sad country that has wasted so many resources, including their own intelligence.

  36. Many good points here. The facts dictate a higher intelligence at Puma Punku. Natives in loin cloths with chisels could not have done this work. The design itself of the stones is nowhere else to be found on earth. The cuts are machined..advanced tools were used obviously so any discussion otherwise is a waste of thought. We have been pumped so full of dogma that we are not allowed to believe the obvious anymore. Any fool can see this was done by advanced beings. Stones all over the world display strange charaistics time and time again and archeologists preverving there tenure tell us Natives did it with primitive tools, a silly littel explanation that defies belief.

  37. If the dumb little modern humans we are could get out of the way of our thoughts we might actually be able to realize what we already know but cannot recognize it for the simplicity it is.

    Do the math, 4 billion year old planet and we think we have it going on after only a few thousand years? (according to modern historical archaeology)

    Everything is alien if it does not exist in the present

    Open your mind, open your heart and get out of your head

    Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Silicate = ingredients for everything in the known universe including all the narcissistic disconnected biological blubber bags that we are, get over yourselves.

    I sure hope the reset is coming soon, this place is just flat out ridiculous. Go Mayan!

  38. i 100% agree with u.why people can t understand we are still primitive humans manipulate of the guvermant and catolick ideas all the time.all what u see and what u got is manipulate by tv and newspapers and who owns them.i believe is high inteligent aliens out there and they watching us how we get on.if we stop fighting and more listening then they will contact us and show what inteligence really mean.

  39. Here's a thought, a new theory on how the planets formed to help you understand why we are NOT alone in the universe. Every couple billion years, the sun will have a HUGE solar flare burst out from its surface. This HUGE solar flare will carry with it a big glob of molten matter which will start orbiting the sun as a new planet. They proved that the planets are slowly moving away from the sun. So obviously billions of years ago Mars was the same distance from the sun as the Earth which is explains why there are traces of ancient oceans on Mars. Venus will become the new Earth and this Earth will become the next Mars. DUH! So obviously there must have been previous civilizations on both Mars and Earth, and the newest ones will for once Venus has moved further away from the sun giving it liquid water sufficient enough to support intelligent life. PLUS our sun is only one of the BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of other stars within this galaxy alone, which I'm sure also have planets that flourish with itelligent life that could have evolved BILLIONS of years ago. There are more intelligent beings out there so get it through your F***ing heads!

  40. Yes many Americans are lazy and uneducated… We're not at the forefront of nearly every single major scientific advancement in (at least) the last 100 years or anything… thats not true at all, no way.

    Anyway… All of this is just speculation and there is no evidence to even hint at how they were built. In my opinion, there's just not enough to go on in order to come to any conclusions and thus no conclusions should be made by anyone. There are just ideas. Lets keep that in mind please. We are all just coming up with possible scenarios but until we can be allowed to dig the site, nothing can be proven at this time.

    I suggest you all have an open mind though, and not jump to any conclusions. Its all extremely interesting but requires more evidence.

  41. I'm sure that there's evidence. Unfortunately we are kept in the dark about it, due to the fact that are nature is to be better then everyone else. So if there really was extraterestrial evidence, it's probably being held by the government and kept out of the public's eye. However I believe that this is wrong and is only making our own evolution take longer then is necessary. I believe that we have been "visited" but the event(s) have been kept secret and the government has done none other then reap the benefits of the knowledge gained in order to be at the "top of the hill" wich they don't want anyone else reaching. We should flat out INVADE Area-51, I mean what are they going to do? Kill all of us? on live TV?

  42. Has anyone heard of Nan Midal. It is made up of 92 man made islands in the middle of the pacific ocean. It is located in Micronisia in the island chain called Ponpei.

  43. brett favre is going to play for the vikings wether you guys like it or not, is the bomb diggity and he is still young, oh, and aliens built the dang structures! LoL!!!

  44. To dismiss the feats of the ancient South American people because us modern humans have not found evidence of a written language, is ludicrous and totally absurd. Should we question what medium we would expect to find this written language to be contained within? Perhaps it could be found in something a little more permanent than just paper and ink. Admittedly I am not an archeologist, but I know a digital matrix when I see one. Those tiny precisely drilled holes in the Diorite stones found at Puma Punku form such a matrix. Could the digital source code be laid out in the orientation of the stones themselves? What if it is right in front of us, waiting to be uncovered for all humanity to see. Who knows? I for sure don't. As always, "things are not always as they appear"… rather the perceived appearance is the result from its harmonic oscillations. So look again in a new light.


  46. north american indians were capable of drilling precision holes in stone beads, stone axes, and atlatl weights with a piece of hollow river cane filled with sand and water. they twirled it in their hands or used a bow drill. very easy technology. we use water jets today for cutting many hard materials. this isn't a theory. it can be replicated today. just because modern man can't figure it out doesn't mean they couldn't have. i believe our brains haven't evolved in at least 10,000 years except toward less intelligience.

  47. Human beings are not the original lifeforms of this planet. It was dinosaurs.
    Dinosaurus are the natural lifeforms that Earth was inhabitated by for hundreds of millions of years. Humans only showed up a few thousand years ago. Could it be possible that space travelers from another planet came to Earth and planted their seed here, who happen to be modern day human beings as we know it? Yes, we are direct descendants of aliens from another planet.

  48. This ancient culture is a perfect example of what a group of people can accomplish when they FOCUS and WORK HARD – this is really some incredible work. Just because some of us think we couldn't have accomplished such a feat, doesn't mean another group didn't – the "lazy" answer is some superior intellegence from outer space must have done it – that's just wrong and ignorant. Just because someone doesn't tell you how they did something, doesn't mean they didn't do it!

    The Earth is such a little spec when looking at the Universe as a whole, so I want some "alien" believers to explain how Earth was found by "beings crusing through space" and why they would have shown a culture how to "cut stone" and how to "farm the land". Why do so many people think humans can't do incredible things? We do incredible things all the time without the help of "outer space intelligence" and also do equally stupid things.

    • We can't even accomplish this now with all of our modern technology. Now I don't believe that aliens put us here, but I do believe that aliens have something to do with these ruins and the Nazca Lines. Also, I do agree that more people need to realize that humans are capable of do extraordinary things like constructing the pyramids and creating airplains; plus, Leonardo de Vinci created the first self-propeled "car", now how’s that for incredible!

    • Oh really? Scientists agree that the site of Puma Punku is about 17,000 years old, so unless you agree with the ancient astronaut theory you're most definitely incorrect. A bit of research would have led you to the conclusion that intact "human beings" were found frozen in the polar regions, which are at least 100,000 years old. Some scientists also beleive that humans have been around for several million years, but I guess it depends on your definition of human.

      But back to the thread… definitely an interesting point, and the molding theory is very plausible, infact, moreso convincing than many of the other theories floating around today. Just because our current technology doesn't allow us to rebuild such large, intricate stone blocks, does not mean that a civilization living 17,000 or more years ago couldn't have been capable of achieving this great feat, however unlikely it may seem to someone in our position.

  49. We can cut metal with lazers now, so I don't see why the Atlantians wouldn't be able to cut stone with lazers, if they even existed

  50. How long have we been living here on earth and still haven't found every single living species on it. We are still making awesome discoveries aren't we? What makes us think we have space covered?

  51. These stones are very curious and interesting – whoever built them clearly had advanced technology for the time period.

    Who's to say that these ancient peoples did not have the ingenuity to discover techniques and ways to build that we don't know because all remnants of that technology withered away with time? Or they devised complex systems of measurement?

    Belief in Alien beings is just as plausible as saying God spat them out – because we have NO PROOF of Intelligent life. You can believe whatever you wish, but we have no proof of intelligent life.

    Since we're dealing with the origins, we should start and ask ourselves if there is any way possible that all of the designing, moving, cutting, and erecting could have been done by natural means with a long enough time scale? The construction of this could've went through generations and generations of stonemasons who knew far more than other peoples of the time. Maybe they lived in relative peace, and their whole society could've been focused on engineering and craftsmanship. For all we know, all they did all day was make precision-cut rocks and if they couldn't do that, they farmed the land for the people that did.

    Even if it could be proven we could do this through natural means, the Alien astronaut enthusiasts would still stress disbelief that these ancient peoples were clever enough to do it themselves, and there could still be a debate from some that Aliens or Dinosaurs did it with their laser eyes. Until the Aliens themselves land and say "we had nothing to do with it", there is no possible way to ever disprove this idea.

    When Intelligent Life is discovered in our universe, this theory has more possibility for truth. But for now it's as myth as any other theory that undermines the possibilities of human innovation and all the time you have when all you do is hunt, gather, and build giant stones and I think that instead we should be doing full on investigations to see how exactly these could've been constructed.

  52. Yes, All theory for now. My thoughts drift to the “why of it”.Why would ancient people spend so much time and effort working primitive stone techniques, possibly for generations to simply at the end, posses a stone structure. Was it simply a religious site? And if so, built for the worship of whom? 400 Ton stones dragged across miles of wasteland at great physical cost to serve no other purpose than worship?

    It won’t wash. This site was built by individuals using advanced techniques in stone cutting, possibly the same secret techniques that were already being used across the ancient world. These remarkable structures were built in this way because it WAS EASY for them. Generations of natives did not spend their entire existence just cutting and arranging a few pieces of stone. The secret techniques were just that, secret. Only a few had the knowledge and it was guarded and never given openly to all. Why weren’t these designs replicated in other sites later..because the “average” man could not do it. That’s’ the proof of a lost science. Otherwise we would see ever evolving designs from later cultures.

  53. An armchair physicist I know feels time travel is actually more probable than intersellar travel. I bow to his judgement. The raw intelligence of the human being diminishes with technology, as demonstrated by anthropologists. "Stone Age" peoples have scored higher on raw intelligence testing than their "modern" counterparts, as related in the book "Guns, Germs & Steel".
    And as for drilling and cutting with sand…I think I'm the only person on this page who has actually cut and drilled and shaped glass and stone with sand and a variety of wooden & power implements. Using diorite sand or diamond sand or anyother kind of sand, you may actually get a perfectly straight line a few milimeters wide, but it will not be of absolutely uniform depth, and it most certainly will not have sharp coners.
    I welcome anyone to try it and replicate those results with primitive tools.
    If it was possible to replicate this feat, someone would have done so.
    In the whole world, one successful attempt would debunk the entire matter.

  54. This is all based on modern day dating techniques of stones? What about this site makes anybody believe it is indeed ancient? Indeed today we dont give our ancestors enough credit for anything, but we shouldn't be believing the media and their cover-story archaeologists. In other words, we cant just assume an archaeologists dating of a site like this is accurate or credible.

    To me it is more likely that the government of Bolivia brought in a contractor (a company) to carve pumapunka using state of the art modern tools. They could've done that to secretly encourage tourism to the extreme/harsh country that is Bolivia. From the looks of things pumapunka is relatively small and about 10-20% complete (judging by conceptualized diagrams of what it should look like).

  55. cont… One guy made the statement that because the blocks were made of diorite, it would be impossible to cut them without the use of diamond. To start with, diorite is a rock, not a mineral. The hardness of diorite can vary depending upon the minerals it is cheifly composed of. I have heard anything from 3 – 7 on a mohs scale, but , mohs is for minerals, not rocks, so this could be misleading. Anyways, diamond is a 10 on the mohs scale and to say that diamond is the only substance harder than diorite is simply pure BS. cont…

    • I agree that diorite can be "cut or scratched" with other materials besides diamonds, and can be chipped or struck with much less hard materials like iron chisels to shape the stones, lets get real here if you take a hammer to a diamond you will end up with diamond dust. Indians throughout time made arowheads(very hard) from deer antlers (soft in comparison). there is evidence at these sites of metals that were supposedly cold forged. but how did they cold forge metals without hardened metal tools.

  56. No one should be making such a statement without doing a little research first. It is a good way to totally discredit yourself. Also, diorite can be cut and shaped without modern tools, it was done in very early times in Egypt and other civilizations, google it and see some good examples. VI do truly find this site fascinating, I would love to go there and get a look myself, just to get a true feel of the place. I think the best way to get to a real conclusion(or as close to accurate as possible) is to first start discrediting the obvious myths. Let's start with the FACT that diorite IS NOT the hardest substance on earth besides diamond, and it can definitely be cut and shaped without modern diamond tipped tools, at least to some degree and scale.

  57. I guess that forgery is out of the question……. it does happen in a lot in archeological finds and is easily overlooked…..many archeologist sometimes will do anything to pickup a bigger pay check or fund an agenda. Here the only thing that we all seem to be going for is Alien assistance. Many people really don't understand how hard it is to travel through outer space. It's been researched that even Type II Kardashev civilization aliens would have a very hard time traveling through space just to get to a planet that just happened to be pin pointed as they traveled here. You would need some sort of wormhole technology to get here unscathed and that takes power the size of the planet Jupiter to create. And why when they got here their intuition was to help humans build stuff ? I don't think so. Why would these aliens build things out of these super heavy rock formations instead of some highly advanced and Lighter composition……(and these compositions don't have to be stones or any metals created out of earths natural occurrences, as an advanced species would clearly understand the correct ingredients and chemicals to make something even stronger than diorite or diamond; especially if they are successful in traveling through space at such great distances). If aliens did ever come here I don't think that they would be quick to setup shop here on earth any more than we humans would be to setup shop on a primitive planet teaming with life in our distant future. And I don't believe they would assist us in building stuff, especially primitive super huge rock-like formations. For what; to report back to their civilization that they assisted us humans in building something; what would they get out of helping us build something and why would they waist their time doing that. If Aliens ever come here in the future or came here in the past I believe they would have come to Earth searching for new or extra resources to continue expanding their civilization. Now I'm not saying that forgery is the case, I'm just saying that we really should weigh and scientifically test everything before accepting any assumptions that Aliens assisted us in building things.

  58. I think to assume the only reason a alien civilization's reason to venture out into space is to find more resources for themselves is pretty silly. Have you ever thought maybe WE were actually created by them? Who is to say we aren't genetic modifications of the species we "evolved" from? Ready for the real conspiracy theory…they killed off the dinosaurs, not just to protect smaller intelligent life, but also to create fuels for us to use.

    If you look at it from a "parents" perspective it actually makes the most sense. Perhaps these giant structures are just lessons from one highly advanced civilization to one in it's infancy. After pushing us into the right direction they left, to let us flourish and grow however we see fit. Just like you wouldn't give six year old a super computer to program, an advanced civilization would not likely give us there technology. Especially if we were a genetically modified species THEY created.

    Keep in mind this is just a theory. I have no proof that this is the case. However think about the last 100 years of human civilization. We have gone from walking on the ground to planning trips to mars. Imagine the next 10,000 years (if we last that long!). We can already clone animals. Who is to say we cannot genetically modify an alien species 1,000 years from now?

    Open your minds to the possibilities. If we have learned anything as a species over the last 1,000 years, it's that we are not always right.

  59. We can't even agree on who "invented" electricity, the lightbulb, discovered America, etc. This is all "within the last couple hundred years" with WRITTEN records. What makes anyone believe that ancient people "didn't have the technology" to create such buildings.

    It's funny to think that people believe 'modern humans' only came to be within the last couple thousand years. If we've been around the planet for only that long, and the planet is an estimated couple billion years old, what came before our "written history"? Seriously. We can't even truly understand Egyptian culture. Yes they may "have it figured", but I guarantee you visit their city back then and we've only "figured out" a small fraction of it.

  60. Just like others have stated before, any kind of technology that is held with the highest regards is not going to be shared or given to any outside the culture. Look at it today: top secret things going on inside every government on the planet. What government would disclose technologies that gives them advantage over others? NONE. The only way governments today continue developing technologies is by building upon the ideas and creations of others. Most of which is by recovering them after wars or by spending an absurd amount of money to try and steal it/recreate it/an idea.

    All I'm trying to say is that it seems very pathetic to believe that our past couple thousand years of technological evolution is the only time in our planets history of a couple billion years. Global disasters occur. Even today if a large global disaster took place and the world civilizations were forced into the dark ages for a few hundred years, only a select few would live anything like we do today, while the rest of us would disappear into a very different era.

  61. puma punku may have been built by the pre flood biblical giants. they had the technology and strength to accomplish these feats. another poster said there is nowhere else on earth with such massive stones. that is incorrect, the stones at baalbek in lebanon are the largest in the world. there are only remains of some of the biggest blocks and some that were cut and left where they fell. the biggest stone is estimated to weigh almost 1000 tons. the romans built temples on top of the stones but even the romans didnt know who built them. the lebanese claim that the preflood race of giants built them. people on this board may ridicule but thats because they dont want to believe rather than for a lack of evidence.

  62. I cannot believe the kind of comments I am reading. I have almost completed my undergrad in archaeology and anthropology and nearly minored in geology, and I will warn any future commentators on this thread that the ancient astronaut theory, time travelers, giants, etc. are all completely mad and illegitimate theories. Here's how science works, folks: you don't just offer up an explanation for certain phenomena and then wait for someone to disprove it. No, you have to DISPROVE ALL OTHER HYPOTHESES, of which there are many good ones. It's sad that Erik Von Daniken (sp?) and the other so-called "authorities" on ancient astronauts don't understand the most basic tenet of science, which goes to show how credible they are.

    There are numerous other explanations for this sort of thing. For example, these civilizations actually were advanced enough to work stone with the proficiency of some of our modern day machines. Just because none of us are willing to put in the hours and elbow grease to polish a big boulder flat, doesn't mean that people of the past weren't. Why is it harder to believe that our ancestors were actually intelligent, hard working people than that aliens appeared and for some reason decided to build large monuments? Assuming they did come and found it important to construct these things, why would they choose to use such mundane material as granite and diorite when they probably possess materials thousands of times as strong (after all, they did build spaceships)?

    A few specific comments: Does anyone here actually know what diorite is and how hard it is, or did anyone at least bother to look these things up? Probably not. And since most of you believe everything you hear, anyway, I will at least set you on the right track. Diorite 1) varies in hardness, 2) can be cut with materials far less hard than a diamond, and 3) was indeed cut with a copper bar with sand grain teeth by the ancient Egyptians. As for the machine-like qualities of straightness of the blocks and roundness of the holes, was any study ever done to examine these things under the microscope? Because if indeed the blocks were machined, there would be certain identifiable groves and repetitious marks that are not found on hand-made objects, and I guarantee you that they are not there. These features can be replicated with patience and scrupulousness, and while a machine might speed up the process, it is not the only explanation. Finally, as for the transportation issue, who is to say that there were not once trees on the plateau that could have been used to move the stones? We exited the last ice age 10,000 years ago, and only just got out of a mini-ice age within the last few hundred years, and these events have radically affected vegetation. Furthermore, what if the people who built the town cut down all the trees, much like what happened on Easter Island (another favorite of AAT)? Soil tests were done there that confirmed there were once trees, and the same tests could be applied to the plateau.

    If indeed these "scientists" (more like pseudo-science hobbyists) who advocate ancient astronaut theory are serious, why don't they conduct the aforementioned tests on the ruins? No, they simply guess and write books about guesses, and pass guesses off as legitimate theories. The simple fact is our ancestors could have done this, and it's easier to explain things away with magic or aliens or some other conspiracy-esque theory than to apply intellectual rigor and formulate a plausible explanation rooted in observation. I'm not saying aliens don't exist or that they never came to earth. What I am saying is that science is about the simplest explanation, which, in this case, is not ancient astronauts.

    • i find it curious that this is the only website that i can find that suggests that puma punku is the site of a former pyramid. i would love to know how they got that conclusion. I do agree with you though. I do think its a possibility that "aliens did it"…but I do believe that it's also perfectly reasonable to think that humans could have done it…i'm just not sure how, considering the mechanics necessary to manufacture shapes and cuts like the ones there as well as being able to repeat those cuts accurately from one stone to the next. i work in manufacturing even with modern technology, getting cuts like these in sheet metal and stone requires some pretty advanced math….especially as compared to what is presumed was available at the time of these ruins. For me, i think its just fascinating because of the mechanics. Most of the ancient structures on the planet are simple cut stones combined to make a structure…easily something man can do. But something like puma punku is completely different because of the mechanics that would have been involved.

    • Being schooled in Archaeology and Anthropology as a classroom student, you make some profound comments. How many years have you spent in the field? How much experience do you have in masonry and architecture? I think your opinions have been formed by the textbooks you have read, offering your limited academic experience further dilutes your point paper. One cannot use an imperical scientific method and pidgeon-hole the numerous theories behind the construction of puma punku. Carbon dating has been proven to have flaws in dating methods, and you are dating a rock; you cannot date the technology behind the rock formations. Now that you mention you have experience in Anthropology, can you please provide a population index for the peoples that inhabited the area during the period of 10,000 yrs ago. And also can you also provide technology examples (tools) used by hunter gatherers during the Mesolithic period? To add to your comment about exiting the last ice-age 10,000 yrs ago. May I also offer the point that people in this time frame were in the early stages of agriculture and farming. Small stone and bone tipped tools have only been discovered by science and this preceeds the bronze age. Next please discuss the indigenous trees that were known to be growing in and around the area and then explain the technology used to cut down these trees. The issue of movement is one discussion. Now lets discuss the technological theory behind shaping and cutting stones from a rock quarry. Hunter-gatherers is what we have in the Mesolithic period. Smelting of metals to make copper? Where is the evidence of this technology in the region? Do not confuse theory with hypothesis. Science cannot provide all of the answers to puma-punku. I do not know who creaed these monolithic structures but I do not believe that the technology was available to the people who lived in the area during the construction period. You cannot prove or disprove anything you mentioned above. I consider this academic fluff. Something is definitely wrong at Puma-Punku.

    • As an Ex-Mason and currently a Science teacher. I would like to go on the record as saying your writing suggests that you are arrogant with the belief you know way more than you actually do. First; have you ever been their? The cuts they are talking about would be extremely difficult if not impossible to do today without a laser. It is possible that we had more advanced technology than we do today but if that were true what happened to it? I love the fact that you actually payed a little attention in your geology class about ice ages nearly every 10,000 years but then please look at the locations that were affected I.e. the moraines left behind and you will see that Ice never reached this area. Now you do what most students do and act like your teachers know all and could never be wrong but as a future archeologist or what ever it would be prudent to have an open mind. Oh and the simplest explanation in this case would be that it was created by something far more technologically advanced than we are. Why is it so crazy to believe that "the world is not flat"…. And we may not be alone.

  63. Fact is ,we exist in a universe that is infinite.Therfore the possibility of how,why,and by whom any unexplained ancient structures on this minute spec we dwell on were constructed is also infinite.To conclude or speculate that any method used to do so would necessarily conform to any preconcieved method or reason that fits neatly into our present day expectations is inexcusably egocentric.God,aliens,early man,etc., are all feasible and potential sources for such megalithic structures.Why?? See first sentence.

  64. It's just not the method of building itself but to believe that ancient people poured their whole economy into these structures or cities. Who was growing the crops? Who was distributing the food? Who was organizing the manpower? Who was quelling rebelion, fighting wars or settleing disputes? If it took decades to build there were no floods, famine, drought, war or plauge to halt or stall production in that time period? Talk about great timing.

  65. Have you ever tried to drill a hole in oak? with a steel drill by hand or even in a drill press? I doubt you could make it straight? Go to a hardware store and get some things and try. Then reply to us and tell us they drilled a hole in a materal as hard as diamond with a stick with rock glued to it… lmao, idiots

  66. Are there books or better sites on this Puma Punku? Please post is anyone sees this.

    As far as a comment, may I say its a gift? When a single plant or animal cell is a master of engineering, a miracle to the universe with billions of galaxy's, trillions of stars each, I call this site a gift, clue and a calling to? If the ones that made this remarkable building are gone and left no record of how, why and who, then how do we think we can survive in a wood house covered in asphault? Short term is how, and only short term.

    My other observation so far on this site is that it seems remarkable to have been built, but it also looks like it was dismantled in an orderly fashion? Clue.

  67. Wrong. The hardest mineral in granite is quartz. Zircon, topaz , corundum, and others are hard enough to cut granite. However, the pre-Columbian cultures who were there when the Spanish arrived did not possess the technology necessary to produce these ruins. I also do not believe the ancient alien theory.
    Having said that, these ruins did not appear out of nowhere. i believe they were built by the highly advanced human civilization (call it Atlantis if you want) that self destructed during the same time period as the mega-fauna extinction in North America near the end of the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago.

    • Wow, you are closed minded enough to not believe in Ancient Aliens but in the same post you mention people from "Atlantis"? LOL Neither A.A. or Atlantians have been proven to exists, only speculations, so IMO, to not believe in one theory and believe in another is ridiculous.

  68. It is my belief that it ws built by aliens. I do not believe that humans would have anything to do with it because of lack of knowledge of what was actually being produced. Humans would have only been in the way of the construction project. If you were an alien , trying to accomplish something, would you spend the time trying to explain it to humans . I'm sure that humans just watched to whole thing come together.

  69. Maybe the diorite came from the exact spot it was found. I know diamonds are found from kimperlite pipes that come from deep in the earth and spontaneously erupt near the surface. Since this rock is of similar material, maybe there was some sort of gigantic eruption and all of this rock was already there, three stories high. Or they dug down three stories. This "pipe" would plausibly have some diamonds laying around they could "cut" with. I just don'w know how they got the lines so straight!

  70. Stop… "It is much more logical to assume that the cuts were made by tools made with diorite." Did we just find diorite tools already fashioned lying around or were we forced to fashion the tools from, perhaps you could demonstrate making the tools starting with 2 hunks of diorite…

    • Try making a blueprint of that place to inform others how to build it without geography, let alone a writing system. These people had NO writing system!

  71. One thing that is fascinating is how immensely old those cut stones could be. Perhaps 100,000 years old or more? Our recorded history is only about 5000 years. There has been plenty of time for earlier advanced civilizations to rise and mature but not be able to avoid some mysterious cataclysm, perhaps self inflicted. Those stones could have been left by one of the earlier advanced civilizations that had the machine tools needed to cut and move that material. Machine tools could have long ago turned to rust and vanished. Perhaps they knew about a coming cataclysm and wanted to leave something behind that would survive into a long distant future. If we knew a comet was coming that might destroy all life as we know it, we might want to leave something behind that says – we were here. Using cut diorite stones would be one of the only ways to leave something that might last 50,000-100,000 years or more. The primitive culture that we know lived there more recently may have simply found the stones and decided to call them home, but had nothing to do with their construction.

  72. That doesn't explain how they were moving 200-450 ton blocks up a plateu. We know where the glaciers were in the ice ages. I'm not sure if it hit this area but I'll check it out. Also, the Egyptians performed "miracles" as well. There is a popular theory that they built pyramids with slave labor and ramps, but if so, those ramps would have to be around 2 miles long and for wood to support all of those people and the blocks? Seems out of place.

  73. where did the stone come from? how far was it moved? wasn't the lake 12 miles closer? moving the stone was easy compared to moving the lake! stone can be floated.hasn't evaporation been eliminated as why the lake moved? time frame? can the lakes move be linked to the time found for the Sahara desert being green? TIME SCALE? where can I find one? Is time heavy ? can we weigh it ? should we try ? If we have convinced our selves it can't be done we have failed already!

  74. Indians made flint arrowheads using deer antler to strike and "cut" them. there are numerous ways to shape any rock or mineral.

  75. one curious point if the depth of the groove is exactly one centimetre deep. the centimetre is a metric measuement from france not from ancient times nor from outer space…
    So how come? coincidence i think not.

  76. i like playing with ROCKS…… i exult in the after glow of exertion. when i find a huge rock that is to large for me to move i get BEER and some freinds …..and we move the rock 🙂 then we exult in our synergistic accomplishment. Life is eternal. On a most grandious scale. Our narrow thoughts of exclusivity have hindered galactic acheivement.s Maybe they were ……..ALIENS ….. how can we grow from it ? what can we learn ? shouldn't that be the question ? are there any real definitive answers ? or is it just a never ending search ……………… be the stone……….

  77. Hi Steve,
    Why would they screw with the past if they already possessed the techology to travel in time? I think that's really out of the question!

  78. and if we had enough time how long do you think it would take for the tec to reach this level and what if our technology was more advanced and we lost it likely a world wide disaster would make us start over

  79. I think many of the stone structures were built by differnt alien civilizations at different times. To claim areas of the earth ,much like our early explorers claimed parts of the new world .Many of the structures point to the stars were these aliens came from.The different styles of architecture probably reflect the different alien cultures that created them. Puma Punku was probably destroyed buy rival aliens.Theres no way those large granite blocks could have been destroyed by anything else.

  80. Actually, We use 100% of our brains. It was probably Television that told you that we only use 10%, that's ridiculous.

  81. The ancients of puma punka were aliens. They lived here and decided to go exploring. They are hundreds of thousands years a head of humans. If they wanted to rebuild New York city they're way! I'm sure it would be finished in record breaking time. No problem.

  82. To move the 130 ton blocks up the mountain from the quarry 12 km away with only wooden shovels and stone axes (and a hell of a lot of time):

    1) Dig a 12km tunnel into the mountain straight from the quarry, on a slight decline

    2) Dig under the block, insert tree trunks, roll block all the way down into the tunnel.

    3) Dig a hole straight down from the building site

    4) Fill in original tunnel

    5) Fill vertical shaft with water from nearby lake (small trench to site), block will float to top on wood. (add as much wood as needed under block in step 3)

    6) Go knock on door of flying saucer and ask if you can come in and chill after all your hard work.

  83. Pumapunku facts: The area was once at sea level. Signs of silt and salt deposits show it was a port city at one time. When it was found it was buried in silt, and had to be excavated.
    The whole area has undergone uplift over the course of the last 17000 years isolating lake titicaca to it's present location. Lake titicaca was probably conected to the ocean at that time.
    The uplift event is what has scattered the stones and isolated the area at 3800 ft above sea level. The had access to trees and wood when the construction project began. This site is probably the oldest single construction site on the planet. We don't really know if it was the local indians or Atlantean's or whomever was living in the area at the time.

  84. Part 2 of previous post is:
    We only know who lives there now. We know we need machine tools to do what was done then. The stones had joints carved in them for the structural attachment of iron banding to keep them together. The stones are so old the iron banding has completely eroded. Some edges of the stones are so precise and sharp that they can cut flesh if you run a finger across them, 17000 years after they were cut, showing that the hardness of the stone has eluded erosion for this whole length of time.
    Modern stone masons shudder at the thought of trying to make almost any of the stone cuts with modern tools, let alone with any of the ancient tools we think the peoples of that time had.
    There is more, but that is enough to further the thoughts.

  85. I try to think of it this way..
    The earth has been around for about 3.5 billion years. Modern man has been around for aprox 20,000 years. We started the industrial revolution around on hundred fifty years ago. Air travel 100 years ago. Computer science 50 years ago but did not come to fruition until the early nineties. now we are making strides of doubling comuter tch every 2 or so years. (Mores law). Imagine where we will be in one hundred years. (Makes you think) The universe is about fifteen billion years old. Now imagine a civilization that started earlier in the history of the universe, say even as recently as one million years ago. Just think how advanced they would be. Even if they were only 1000 years ahead of us. Imagine where we will be in 1000 years at the rate of technoligical evoluton we are heading. Interstellar travel will most likely be commonplace. Just a thought…

    • Is that the logic to explain the human race always will, and always has, exponentially advanced? If humans always made forward advancements in technology at an always increasing pace, then how do you explain the major advancements in Egypt, Greece, and Rome only to stall for many centuries that followed?
      What held our civilizations back hundreds/thousands of years ago was the inability to effectively communicate our advancements to future generations. Many techniques and inventions became lost in time, and the next generations had to start from scratch. What we have seen over the last few hundred years is an improvement in communicating our ideas and advancements with the future generations, as well as other cultures, and instead of reinventing the wheel, the new inventors continued improving on the previous technologies. As our society becomes equipped with more advanced ways to communicate with the future generations, and everyone around the globe, we'll be that much more able to invent and advance into the future. The ancient man didn't have the luxury to forward his knowledge to his offspring as we do.

  86. Diamond is not the only mineral harder than diorite on the Mohs scale. Diorite is between 5-7 on the Mohs scale, making it quite possible to carve with quartz, or diorite itself. Even copper, though it is softer, can be used to carve diorite.

  87. Nope. Quartz or diorite itself would work nicely. And those lines might not have been "cut" so to speak. Abrasion or sawing methods were commonly employed by ancient stone workers.

  88. Why do people insist on creating ridiculous theories for things they cannot explain. Ascribing Puma Punku or other stone structures to Aliens or Atlanteans is quite narrow minded. Our ancestors were every bit as clever and intelligent as we are. Creating alien theories or Atlantean theories to explain Puma Punku is as useless scientifically as saying god, or flying purple mud monsters put the stones there.

    • You do the scientific community a disservice when you take this arrogant tone and attempt to shame or belittle outlier ideas. Scientists were originally the ones with the “ridiculous” ideas, such as the Sun being the center of the solar system (Copernicus). To many who have taken a look at pictures of Puma Punku, scientists still seem to be the ones with the “ridiculous” ideas. We as scientists should embrace that position in the evolution of society and thought, not take up the weapons of those who have opposed the scientific method throughout history. When we belittle ideas of any kind, whether we think they are ridiculous or not, it makes scientists (especially those in the “soft” sciences such as archeology) look and sound like monolithic establishment figures who fear change. We look like the church of the dark ages when we speak with arrogant disdain for new and revolutionary ideas. Do we think the average person without sufficient scientific pedigree is incapable of forming correct and transformational ideas? We’re fools if we do. Grab a history book. Relax. Read.

    • However, there are many many many other ancient sites that have writings and descriptions of ancient "Gods" or beings coming to earth and helping the indigenous with techonoly such as batteries and lightbulbs and anti gravitational devices. Is it not safe to assume, that if you believe those stories that they may have also built this one? Just because you are a skeptic by means of ignorance does not mean its not a possibility. 🙂

    • So you dont believe in God, mmmmm I wonder how your dumb xxx came about on this plant Earth!

  89. well… man I hate it when I go against orders.

    Ever use a mag. lense to burn ants on a hill? holes in the curbs? It could of been used to shape this.
    Carbon dating shows the stone was exposed before the last Solar shift (which is why its impossible to carbon date)
    a 'solar shift' starts with the sun 'dimming' which would of frozen the planet.
    question is how did they survive.
    maybe its the remains of a city from another planet-
    OR the mold from one launched.

  90. our ancestors were every bit as dimwited and shortsighted as we are. they built lavish monuments on the backs of agoney and tourment whilst awaiting the swift and total colapse of there make-beleive economy. as always the poor didnt mind. but honestly, i hate time travel theorys slightly more then anthropologists praising colapsed dictatorships. "national socialist germany gave us the sky, the moon and in a thousand years thats all they will be remembered for…"

  91. Assuredly, most homo sapiens use far less than 10% of their brains, and with what's left, it is usually located in a more southern place of their anatomy. After all, Barry got elected now, and we have to explain that mindless phenomenon.

  92. You can speculate until you're blue in the face. The indisputable FACT remains: Puma Punku is the work of a HIGHLY sophisticated technology. One which we DO NOT POSSESS today – evidencing one of two possibilities; 1. Extraterrestrial influence or construction, or 2. civilization is not linear but cyclical and this was the work of an advanced human civilization just before an enormous downfall.

    There simply are no other LOGICAL explanations.

    • I have to agree. There are far too many things that one cannot begin to explain here. I am a civil engineer and the physical achievements here are not explainable with modern technology. Part of my work involves moving heavy objects and the equipment that goes into moving something that is 150 to 200 tons is huge. The thought of people moving these stones that weighed 200 tons and more,10 km with trees and ropes???? I cannot say how or who did it, but I can confidently say it was not done like this.

  93. once and for all.when i read about people saying we have no proof for intelligent life.we are the proof itself.life is not a product of random like scientists believe.alone the theorie of entropie is nonsense itself.it says that everything in the universe wants to be in the lowest level of energy.means everything is lazy.every particle,atom,neutron or whatever wants to be cold and still and alone.we are the proof that that is not the case.no so called theorie of physics can explain why we exist.why do we form out of one cell into what we are if there is no reason and will to do so.life is everywhere it can exist.whenever and whereever life can exist it does in endless forms.
    life is a dimension itself.pure energy becomes physical and goes back to energy at death.its a rule in the universe itself.im probably called selfish if i say life is the reason the universe exists and not the other way around.

  94. to finish up my previous comment i wanted to say that life itself was created with the universe.it can not be evolved in a different stage.it has to come with it.the information that is neccessary to create me is as neccesarry as the information to create a element like hydrogen.therefore life is everywhere it has a chance and the right conditions to take a form.as far as we can see in the universe and i mean not only visibly,more mentally, we are most definitely not the only ones around.
    that would be like hundreds of years ago to say the earth is the centre of the universe.visiting each other is a different thing but i dont need proof for others to believe in sane thinking.even when i was a little child and looked in the stars i did know that in a at least for our dimensions endless universe are also endless forms of life.so every wannabe sane so called scientist with their proof theorie can go home and look in the mirror for a second and then we talk again.

  95. the moment we split from the monkeys is when we discovered tools and teaching.monkeys can not teach learned things from one generation to another.you can learn a monkey to use a screwdriver but it wont teach it to its child.intelligence is not neccessary for a life form.we just survived so far at least because we discovered an advantage in throwing stones at a tiger or even using a wood stick to smash its head instead of getting eaten by it.intelligence is also a burden that we bear.we suffer from it.thats why so many people watch sports and stupid tv shows.so they dont need to use their intelligence for a moment.my wife always tells me she does not want to care about whats going on in the world.its to sad she says.so to create these stone buildings it needs some hefty effort i would say.these civilizations could not have a lot of gladiator fights going on i think.if you get what i mean.on the other hand if i hear about the grusome maya rituals at the pyramids it makes me wonder what fuc..ed up brains they had at the same time.somehow humans are intelligent but at the same time always were and always will be pretty stu..id.

    • "you can learn a monkey to use a screwdriver but it wont teach it to its child"

      Wrong. There are plenty of cases of monkeys and apes passing on learned behaviours to their children. (I presume you mean you can *teach* a monkey to use a screwdriver?)

  96. I tell you, that Rodentman and Stevenlamont are right. The Earth has been through many ages…many civilizations that made it to our present technology or beyond….all was destroyed except for unexplainable things like that. We are descendants of aliens, too.

  97. this is the only comment that is an intelligent response to the above-ranting idiots.

    most of the people on this thread can barely spell or write in correct english – no wonder we're completely stumped as to how capable people did this thousands of years ago.

    watch Ancient Aliens on the History channel – it's amazing!

  98. that percentage refers to the use of actual mass used at any normal time, not to our thought capability. only about 10% of our brain mass is active at any given time, but we have no idea how we get from a ball of meat to sophisticated conscious thought.
    even if we activated more of our brain meat it doesnt necessarily mean we would become telepathic, or maybe it does, either way, puma punku is astounding.
    i also completely agree that a lot is possible if you have a lot of people working very hard and deliberately for many years, not decades but generations…. and the tools and machines and blueprints dont have to be found and put in a museum for us to agree it exists. i think all that stuff was destroyed or hidden or PURPOSEFULLY made mysterious so that thousands of years from then WE WOULD ALL STILL BE TALKING ABOUT IT.
    nothing on the internet is really permanent, nothing that exists in our modern technological world is nuclear- or fire/flood/meteorite-proof, but a giant enigmatic structure made out of near-bulletproof stuff will stand to impress everyone who sees it FOREVER. or for as long as that diorite lasts. and im SURE if they used diamonds that every single remnant of those diamonds would be stolen, buried, transferred into jewelry or other tools, and completely missing.
    we cant figure out how to stop an oil spill, cure a common cold, make a car that really lasts, or even to know if we should carry an umbrella or not. we dont really know anything. im a student of psychology and neuroscience and a lover of all things supernatural, but most of all im trying to be openminded to the possibility of anything – not argue that aliens exist or that it cant possibly be cast granite – we dont know, and thats ok. its what makes life interesting.

  99. Are you totally braindead. It would be next to impossible to cast diorite TODAY much less when these were made. That theory doesn't even make sense. The fact you try to say these block were cast shows you have NO CLUE what they are made of and NO CLUE about minerology what so ever. Casting blocks of diorite like this would be a more impossible and amazing feat than machining them would have been. Read a book and learn some facts for gods sake

  100. Actually the way I see it, ancient astronaut theory is a lot more simple than assuming what you're saying. You're assuming that a small group of people cut off from the rest of the world (small think pool) were able to figure out how to do all of these incredibly advanced procedures (advanced even in today's standards), and somehow all surrounding areas lack this same knowledge. Your assumptions require a lot more hocus pocus than aliens, which are a very simple, and realistic theory. In fact the only reason any logical mind would put aliens at the end of the possibility list, would be a predisposition due to something like religious belief.

    Now I'm not saying your theories are invalid, but they're FAR less likely than the alien theory.

  101. now why do we all think we know the answers, when clearly none of us do………..at the end of the day nobody knows and the fact is that we will probably never know who made this relic/monument……..diamond tipped cutting equipment, plasma cutters, who knows, not me thats for sure and neither does anyone else………a lot of strange things happen from time to time that cannot be explained, science this an science that, well science has no way of working this one out and for me it never will…….maybe just maybe there was once strange powers at work that our time has not seen, some kind of magic/witchcraft or whatever who knows………and why is this not one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world????………VERY STRANGE INDEED!

  102. To modern man, time is money. We invent tools to speed construction, production, process in order to save time, ie make more money. Ancient man had no (or slight) concept of money and his time had no meaning outside of basic human needs. So, when I hear the so-called modern "experts" say that such and such is impossible….what I hear is, "this cannot be done based on a monetary outlay paradigm." That may be true. Who said it was built with that paradigm? 3 convicts escaped Alcatraz by digging through concrete with spoons! Time and determination can do ANYTHING.

    It is POSSIBLE to carve the Empire State Bldg with a pocket knife and a lot of trees. You won't be able to find a carpenter from your local union to take the job, but it IS absolutely possible.

    Precision is misunderstood here, I believe. I am not a stone mason, I am a master carpenter. But I don't always have the exact tool I need to be fast and perfect. So I have to use a less technical tool and work slower.

    Time and determination.

  103. the blocks are granite and dyerite not concrete, it can not be formed there are tool marks and other evidence of machined cut's. this culture didn't even have a form of alphabet or writing.
    Hard to believe they invented a diamond tip machine to build a interlocking structure.

  104. who says the wheel was not invented….they obviously fashioned a circular saw blade from a harder stone, used a rope and then used man power to spin the saw blade…the same for the drilled holes..they must of used plenty of water to lessen friction..the stones were transported by thousands of men and ropes..alien mumbo jumbo…we humans are capable of incredible endeavors.the reason why we forgot how to build this way is because this ancient technology was obscured to us by leaders that wanted us to think that there were boundaries to human ingenuity.the invention of cement by the romans also didnt help..i would beleive in bigfoot before aliens…not saying that there isnt life on some distant planet;there probably is but for them to traverse the universe or even cross a galaxy to me is far fetched….i am a stone mason.

    • A question I would ask a stone mason would be how they made the interior cuts. No relief, no overcuts, and edges so straight and sharp that they will cut your finger if you run against them.

    • there are no trees and no water near the site, let alone the quarry. also, the only non-synthetic resource strong enough to cut these stones is diamonds. also not in the vicinity of the site. i would love to see someone cut this type of granite with manpowered friction hand tools.

    • this is true yes but all of this would leave traces of human error….not pure perfection…and especially at this time? pre dating recorded history? comon man lets be real

  105. Are not anthropology and archeology disciplines of interpretation rather than sciences? Of course any strong hypothesis in either field, as well as on the nature of Puma Punka, should hold-up under the rigors of the scientific method: the gathering/observing of data and experiments to test the hypothesis to fit that data. However you are at least as unscientific as Von Daniken yourself because you also fail to present any microscopic evidence in the stone bore holes or "soil tests" from the area. Claiming "hard-work," "elbow grease" and "copper bar with sand grain" Egyptian saws is neither data collection nor experimentation.

    Of the "numerous other explanations" you claim, you give one: that the creation of Puma Punka was done without extraterrestrial involvement. But what scientificly supports that hypothesis? What is your data? The development of most technologies and industries can be traced through archeology or elucidated through scientific experiments: tool making; pottery; agriculture; animal husbandry; writing; seafaring; metallurgy; AND masonry/ building construction; etc. etc. I may be going out on the limb of my armchair here but I'm not aware of any cultural/technological precedents or antecedents of the structures around Puma Punka. As an archeo-anthropolgist that's where you'll need to fill us in.

    You have to admit Zirconium, the Puma Punka site and Tiawanaku are amazing and unexplained enough that they kinda stick out like a sore thumb from the textbooks. That's why most people pursuing degrees in those fields stay away from them after undergraduate school. Hopefully you'll be one who doesn't.

  106. Wonderful view on PUMA Punku, I agree on the C. Church seems to me that is where satan hides out, what better place, hidden in plain sight, Thanks for the insight.

  107. Why the hell are we talking about the 'wheel' not even being invented?? Or even how diorite varying in hardness? Clearly, these stones were cut with at LEAST the precision that we can produce today and with similar technology that we have today—even though most engineers and architects would say that to produce the same structures today would be a hurculean task. And who's to say that humankind hasn't been here on earth (or Mars–or any other planet in our solar systym) for many, many millions of years? Why would any advanced civilization build anything of importance (military bases, launch sites. etc.) of any other material but the hardest rocks on earth? IF our advanced civilization of the future were faced with our planet being in some kind of destruction period….wouldn't we LEAVE? And then come back and REBUILD?? We are certainly not at the height of our existence. Far from it. We will destroy ourselves—then our ancestors may decide to inhabit this planet again–or start another experiment with our genome. Mainstream scientists turn a blind eye to Puma punka and Baalbek and other such structures strewn across the earth simpy because the DON'T HAVE ANY PLAUSABLE ANSWERS.

    • Excellent Jamie. No answers we can concieve of in our small animal brains means a dead end. If we cant prove it, toss it out…., and Im a big logic fan too….Jamie, does it take only the most intelligent to see this is way, way more than a smoking gun that we are way more stupid and light years more ignorant than anyone of us ever have ever thought? If we allowed this truth to be told and believed, couldnt' it undermine the social control we are under ?

    • Social control? Consider the lost cities, Many had human sacrifice as a staple yet some do not. Freedom is only good with social control as total freedom is anarchy.

  108. you all need to get some facts. Diorite is a naturally forming igneous rock. It is the hardest form of granite known to man. The only harder rock is the diamond. The nearest diorite quarry to the ruins of puma punku is over 10 miles away.

  109. i read somewhere about browns gas being able to produce a chemical reaction that could melt titanium maybe something similar was used in making ancient concrete out of diorite.

  110. Andesite, diorite, granite———–castings? Ancient and lost form of concrete casting? I read about the aliens—–hmmmm, and then I read about how modern "constructionists" have a handle on how this all came about——hmmmmm. I don't know how this phenomenon came to be and apparently, no one else does either. I have never read any account—-credible, that is—-from any archaeological or engineering source that has a plausible, let alone—believable explanation for the very interesting site of Pumapunku. I wonder why that is.

    • Stone masons of today could not recreate the intricate cuts on stone like this. No society on the planet today could recreate Puma Punku. The machines required to move stoned of this kind would be larger than any machines on earth and the machines themselves would weigh to much to transport up 13000 feet. The ancient societies of the world had far superior technology than we do today.

    • the answer Mark is right before your/our eyes…..look at this god damn place! The mind of man cannot comprehend the uncomprehendable….it needs answers…..drill holes in perfect cut grooves over 18k years ago, in multi ton stones that had no business being there? No history of a before or after rise in learning of such construction ability…..heres a good possiblity to me…lets stop the alien name first….. ok, space travelers obverse people building a crude monument….overnight they step in and just go to town levetating rocks/cutting rocks/ drilling holes, putting together, etc… and the people are ecstatic the next day/week etc..x hundreds of years later, the civilization falls apart, and the people go back to being the ignorant farmers they once were, and they abandon the sight, along with the secret of who made it in the first place..

  111. My thoughts exactly,just try to keep the work force alone in drinking water.one-thousand people mulitplied by one gallon of water per day multiplied by seven lbs. per gallon equals seven thousand pounds of just water per day.How many people would that require?

  112. Look, there's at least this fact.. It was built, someone built it. One person didn't do it, a whole lot of people did, collectively..

    People can come up with ideas better when there are more of them. But, if the fact is that there is no way this could've been built by humans,then, what else is there? Would this granite crack if it was heated and then rapidly cooled with water? Maybe the holes that are drilled are a big clue..

    I do have another idea about the alien theory though. How do we know that our universe wasn't so compact all them thousands of years ago that it was easier for Aliens to travel amongst the stars and a huge event expanded our universe and galaxy to where we are as of a few hundred thousand years? Maybe something other than a meteor killed off life and maybe that's how the Ice covered the poles so quick due to movement of the whole universe, not just the planet? In the end, we are just not intelligent enough to know, and that's a fact..

  113. Alright lets just lay down a few facts
    Stones are made of diorite
    On the mohs scale diorite has hardness of 7 or greater
    Carbon steel has a mohs scale hardness of 6
    At the time most advanced human tools were either bronze or iron. Both are far lower than steel
    Use of a diorite fashioned tool would leave chips from human error as seen in several Greco-Roman structures.
    Use of acids would cause an uneven burn and a non linear grove due to the delusion of PH with the stone.
    Just facts no theories with all this data one cannot say that humans of the time created these structures with the tools available.

    • How about the interior cuts. Absolutely amazing. There is no relief to get the stone out. One thing to cut off an edge but to go inside and cut a perfect square with no over cut and have edges that are sharp enough to cut your finger if you run it along the edge….. Makes you wonder for sure.

    • Thank you for the post…part of the problem with the alien theory, the biggest problem, is our inability to truly concieve in reality aliens existing. Our small minds must denounce all concepts once they get a certain distance from the small world we know. Now to go on to your factual post, this place is the most obvious example of a higher intelligence helping out in some fashion what we know, and you have proven, could not be done. THE VERY FACT Michael that people as a whole are not freaking out daily at this obvious impossibility by man to have done this 18k years ago, and to ask harder questions about what we don't know, PROVES TO ME what I mentioned above about the small mind of man. If someone has the answer to a question that the masses cannot comprehend , the masses will still win, and the someone will be labeled a freak.

  114. Is it possible that they flooded the quarry(from lake Titicaca) to 'ferry' the stones? made some sort of flotation device for the stones? less gravity in water innit? I'm just a girl with a curious brain and this subject fascinates me. I think the person that said said when you dont have a monetary system in place the "impossible" is more probable.

  115. Just a speculation, maby there was an earlier human culture that evolved on this planet through the natural processes. And maby for one reason or another they were destroyed, " by there own hands". or possably by nature and this along with other world sites is the remnants of there previous society. No aliens just former humans. Than again do the Mayans and Dec;12,2012 take on any more credence for anyone?

    • I would tend to agree. I find it more likely that an ancient human civilization could actually have had a very advanced maching processes. I would not credit to aliens what could easily be acredited to human ingenuity.

  116. Where are the tools? If mankind had the tools they too would have been discovered one would think. We have found the tools used for the pyramids we have arrow heads we have bronze swords exc. exc.. Where are the tools that were used here?

    • A good craftsman NEVER leaves his tolls un-attended. He packs them away and leaves the job WITH them

  117. Wake up guys…The plains of Nazca were originally carved by variable strength lasers, such that we don't have an inkling of their power. From a stationary craft above the plains the original lines were drawn. Thereafter, the locals walked the lines as a sort of religous ceremony celebrating the unknown.. When the Gods wished to, they intensified their laser beams to vaporize the earth and create what looks like runways. That's why their is no debris.. That is also why the artwork is a constant single line which never comes off the surface; kind of like drawing with a finger in the sand.

  118. Wake up guys…The aforementioned comment about the plains of Nazca is only to give you some type of reference to the power available to the Gods. Picture yourself sitting in an aircraft at a drafting (gunning) table hovering above the ground at serious height. You're bored and decide to do some weapons calibration (that's what it's called by the military today) tests. So you draw some pictures of earthly animals and whatnot then instruct your weapon to follow the lines. Unknowingly or carelessly you've just created the great plains of Nazca mystery…

  119. Wake up guys…Get a ladder and stand up as high as you can on it. Then crumple some paper on the floor around the room. Now shine yoour flashlight on the paper and direct the beam across the floor. The first thing you'll notice is that light from the beam changes shape from a circle direcdtly beneath you to an oblong as it moves in different directions. The actual shape will illuminate different parts of the uneven surfaces as the beam moves. Now look at the so-called Nazca runways. Notice any similarities? Once you can wrap your mind around that kind of power, places all over the earth like Puma Punka, become conceivable. The idea of some mysterious religous diety becomes less of a mystery also…..

  120. What's funny or sad is your closed mindedness. You make it sound like others thinking differently than you are goofy. It appears that the Antikythera Mechanism can calculate sophisticated Math…but doubtful that the Roman crane can lift 200-450 ton stones or transport them 13000ft. up a mountain.

  121. Hi to all,

    I think about all theories that can be pass to this location, community tribe, and versatility of tools.
    I have most possible maybe the close to the truth:

    1. with some mechanical or ultrasound tools, we making lines and borring the holes, for the next operation – broken blocks. Ultrasound technology, provide of course, every little flying animal – bat(chiropterous). One think, that we dont well know, is to amplifying the wave ultrasound, for cutting stone, from the little flying bat.

    2. if these stones are harder to cut with diamonds, then must be easily be broken, like a piece of glass. Cutting glass its easy. We make 1% of glass thickness pre-broken line. After that, we broke table or block of glass or other stone material, into parts.

    All is truth about it. No fiction.

    • …and our next contestant is Bing O'Hall who will be answering questions on the mating habits of the six-legged Patagonian lesser-spotted humpback roller-blading giraffes…

  122. I think, that, if wind cannot we see, why is not bunk ?
    Aliens maybe is close to our planet, then we think about this. Maybe in human skin.
    We dont know, but we must accept it, like a wind.


  124. In a thousand years all the metal buildings and monuments we have made in our time will be long gone without a hint that it was ever there. But the pyramids and all these other Stone structures will be waiting to be found again.

  125. This place is amazing enough without the hyperbole of the Alienists. 131 metric tons is a serious slab of stone. Why lie and say 450? The site has been carbondated to about 700 AD. Some have said it's17.000 years old which is insane. It's been said that the metal brackets are of an alloy requiring 4000 centigrade when this hard bronze is formed at 1050 degrees which is less then the required curing temperature for waterproof pottery. The remarkably cut stones are sandstone. A bronze chisel will suffice. If the choice is between "They used the wheel" or "ALIENS!" i know where my money is….

    • Get it straight.. These stones are Diorite not "Sandstone" and one would need atleast Carborundum atleast, if not Diamond to cut through it . 450 tons is conservative on the sites part – 800 tons some of these stones weigh in at! "The site has been carbondated to about 700 AD" lol where the hell did you read that? If the choice is between the facts and your imagination – I know exactly where my money is lol!

    • First off, carbon dating is useless for measuring the age of rock. Second, these rocks were not sandstone, so good luck cutting those with bronze chisles…

    • You are an actual idiot not an actual thinker. There are so many ancient structrues around the world that can not have been built by man at that time period. This is clearly one. They are not made of sandstone if you can be an actual reader too. Yeah sure this was just easy to build. Get your head aout of your butt and come to realize we aren't alone on this earth. Sceptics always piss me off cuz there's always a logical explaniation with them at least in their minds. Why dont you try to expand your mind. This is clear cut proof that mankind could not have done this in that time period. Go drink your chocolate milk and masterbate you dumb ass

  126. I'm sorry, but there's been excavations there. Yes, the precision is very high, but not perfect. Yes, the place is interesting. It is however not impossible to reproduce. It is not miraculous. There are no questionmarks. Plausible answers? To what questions? "Can you cut sandstone with bronze tools?" "Is it possible to move really heavy stones with nothing but a boatload of people and llamas?" This site is an outstanding monument to 1500 year old ingenuity. There are no major mysteries there.
    Unless, of course, you choose to ignore actual knowledge to mindless faith in imaginary facts. Just keep in mind that there are answers. You just choose not to see them.

    • Acutally in truth many Architects, archeologists and general scientists all agree it would be an impossible act to re-create Puma Punku.

    • The Puma Punku one reads about is indeed impossible to recreate. Hell, it's impossible to create! The Puma Punku that is actually there, the one you can visit is remarkable, but very much built by man. A Man that is no dumber than us, with great ingenuity and great command of the resources available. I've also read about scientists saying those things. However, the labs that guy said he worked at actually tests cosmetics. Another one was not, as stated, and architect but a sci-fi author with a pseudonym. Old Occam wins this one. I question all sources.
      I was convinced that Puma Punku was a strange and mysterious place, a possible proof of the alien intervention i so desperately want to believe in. I actually spent the money to go there and check the place out myself. An advanced tool called the tape measure told me all about the "miraculous precision" i needed to know. It's just not there.

  127. I am a sculptor. I have spent a couple hundred dollars cutting a football size piece of Red Jasper, which is about the hardness of the stones at Puma-Punka. I use diamond impregnated cutting tools and the best power tools I can find. The diamond will barely cut the stone. They wear out after a few hours and must be replaced. Steel power chisels will just bounce off the stone. It is not possible to even chip the stone with a hand tool and a heavy steel hammer. I have no idea how the Puma-Punka stone could have been mined or taken from the ground, The stone I have cannot be chipped or flaked off. It can only be ground off, similar to sanding wood, but you must use something harder than the stone that will be abrasive enough to make any progress. For a humbling experience get your self a piece of Granite and hit it with a hammer and chisel.

    • I think you can cut granite with rope and wet sand, and last but not in the least a whole lot of time. Rope they had, sand they had and a whole lotta time. It can be done. I have seen a demonstration of the technique.

    • I dont know if aliens did or did not have anything to do with Puma Punku ,but I do beleive we are very far off on the history of places like this and need to open our eyes and minds and realize primative man did not build structures like this with stone chissels and hammers ! Aliens , maybe? Or maybe another advanced civilization before us! But I for one have ruled out primitive man building these without any help . Historians please quit teaching this Crap! Wally pgogel@gmail.com

  128. Why everybody say that PUMA PUNKU has been made with alien help??
    I am not able to undestand it…Why don't we believe that people , human cyvilisation had adanced technologies? The homo sapiens was more stupid then now is??? It's made by people who lost their civilisation – maybe cause of big cataclism. That's all. We shouldn't to mix the achivements of people with aliens technology.I do not believe that aliens made puma punku.

  129. I beleive these ruins are alot older than 2000 years. From a geological standpoint, the uplifting of this area to two miles above sea level (There are fossilzed sea flora all over the place) could have only occured between 100,000 to 20,000 years ago. I am an anthropology student and tool making is one of the main ways to identify or classify evolutionary changes in our species. Has anyone found any human or otherwise remains in this area?

  130. Put the hash pipe down and get on with your lives a.ssholes… no wait, read my brilliant theory.
    Aliens did it, people. Fuc.king aliens did it and they're out there and they're gonna get you and they're gonna fuc.king eat you and then maybe snack on your pets and reprogram your daughter to be a dirty wh.ore for big black coc.ks. That's right, stoners, and they weren't illegal aliens like the ones that took your job and your girlfriend, they're fuc.king space aliens with motherships and lasers that'll melt your fuc.king brains!!! Run stoners, ruuuunnnnnnn!!!

    • You need to get your care home's physician to either up the strength of the medication you are on or try a long walk across the Atlantic…

    • u r a simple fool who has know idea how hard this would be to do .So instead of coming up a explaintion you call thinking people names. You are the def of a fool.MABY JESUS DID IT HA HA fool

  131. O.K., so let us presume the tools used to cut these stones were made from diorite, a meterial harder than the stones, sounds plausable. Now explain what tools were used to make the diorite tools, which would have had to been harder than the diorite itself?!

    • Has anyone ever thought that man made these structures. From what i understand there has been a highly advanced civilization on this planet before us. This place was more then likely nuked. We are just now getting back to that technology. Our govenments hide alot of things from us. Eventually the truth will be known. Now i am not saying there hasnt been alien entervention in the past or the present . I myself have seen certain things that i can only explain as 1 of 2 things either we are more technologicaly advanced than our governments admit or what i saw was not from this world.

  132. i get the feeling that that was not the place of important but more of storage, im not familiar with the island or the land layout but look for a natural resource like a spring or waterfall or volcano vent something where they would have gotten their power and we will find the real construction site.

  133. Why is it that whenever the origons of a structure are regarded as unknown ( i.e. These structures)or out of the ordinary or unexplainable, do kooks, ideologues , and nitwits, immediately assume the least likely cause or reason?There are a million more likely possibilities to consider before attributing the unexplained with things we don t even know exist.
    Just because something is perfectly crafted doesn t mean little green men did it.
    Just because it can t be explained , doesn t mean ET did it.
    How can you have an expert (UFO) in a field that has zero scientific validity or living proof that we can refer to in order to actually identify what an alien is or looks like or would do or……?
    Think people . Don t be stupid!! I'm not saying aliens don t exist . I'm saying evidence linking aliens to structures like these doesn t exist. Its just filling blanks in with fantasies of alien visitation.

  134. That is a very reasonable theory however, where are the tools? Why were the tools destroyed in the "cataclism" and not the stones? Why are there not even remnants of the supposedly "advanced" tools that were used? If they were so advanced where is their written language?

  135. Cannot believe your small mindedness. If you were around 300 years ago you would have said that the world was most definitely FLAT! PS Its impossible to carbon date rock, all scientists do is find either plant and/or animal remains near the item/site and use these to try and place a timeline on it. No one knows how this was done and I believe that even more mysteries await discovery below our oceans. I hypothesize that we are not the first advanced civilization to walk this planet and we probably will not be the last.

  136. Pseudo Archaeology only remains "Pseudo" until/or if it becomes fact. Without speculation, scientific advances do not happen. Who knows how this was built? I am skeptical that ancient man with copper chisels and rolling logs could have produced this. It could have been alien in origin or perhaps a long dead advanced race of man created it. To anyone who does not believe in the possible existence of alien life, go count the number of grains of sand on every beach on the planet and even then you are not near the amount of galaxies that may harbor intelligent life. Do not merely treat others inquisitiveness or curiosity with your innate superior condescending attitude. Do not forget that as a student of history, a lot of what you believe as fact was only hypothesized in the last 200 years or so. A number of years in college do not make you the better of others my friend! What discoveries will we, as a race make in the future?

  137. Can some one explain me where did they get the design plans for the interlocking of stones? Where is the pen and paper, and the ruler, and the maths to plan the precision holes, shaped that way? How or where did they get the idea? It took 20 years or plus for designers to create standard computer cases with intelligent hardware interlocking. Some are still living in the age of screws.

  138. It depends on what you consider "aliens". In the book of Genesis it details how the "sons of god" came from the heavens and would mate with human females creating a hybrid race reffered to as the nephilim. What many consider to be neanderthal remains are in my opinion actually remains of this human/alien or human/angelic cross breeding. It was this mixed society of humans, nephilim, and angels/aliens that created most if not all of the megalithic structures around the world. The book of genesis also describes the flood that wiped out this society leaving only Noahs family of humans surviving to the post flood world.

  139. I fully believe that humans in earlier societies were capable of doing miraculous things; simply because they weren't told they couldn't. I too believe puma punku was destroyed by mother nature. I have watched the show and read about the area. I just am not convinced it is here because of aliens. I do believe the aliens were actually the angels from Heaven that helped us in earlier societies. We as humans abused it, didn't appreciate it, or became arrogant. The people and their knowledge were destroyed by mother nature from the direction of God; sort of like the tower of babble. I feel this way regarding any geological find that has been labeled "due to" or "for" alien purposes. The things that we as humans build always have a purpose that we understand at the time. We weren't there at the time so much guessing and debate goes into solving these mysteries. When the most simple answer is, God's creation, allows help to us, we abuse it or don't appreciate it, God removes the help and the technology and we have to start all over again.

  140. Amen! The people who do not want to entertain the fact that ET's may be out there, and that they may have visited our planet before, will find any argument they can, and twist it any way they have to to try and support their position. The FACT of the matter is that WE DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE WHEN the site was built or HOW the site was built.


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