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Aliens Attempted to Abduct a Bigfoot!

Two hunters who witnessed the scene said three little green men with big eyes and bloated foreheads snatched the unsuspecting sasquatch right from the cave he was sleeping in.

“They must have been strong aliens because that Bigfoot must have weighed at least 500 pounds,” said Jeffrey Antis. “But they carried him out without straining the least bit.”
Antis said the Bigfoot remained relatively subdued and did not attempt to fight himself free as the aliens loaded him into their spaceship.
“Not two minutes after they closed the door, however, it opened back up and the Bigfoot came crashing down the ramp,” he said. “I guess the aliens didn’t know exactly how bad these pioneering Bigfoots smelled.
“I wouldn’t have wanted to be in an enclosed area with one either!”

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