You may have been abducted by aliens… and don’t even know it!
Aliens often erase the memories of people they abduct. But you can still determine if you’ve been taken aboard a starship or examined by extraterrestrials with tips from two of the world’s leading experts.
All you have to do is check for the telltale signs of alien abduction, including memory loss, sudden illness, unusual dreams, missing hair, bruises or strange marks on your body.
Those symptoms almost certainly indicate that you’ve been abducted by aliens.
“Many people have been abducted by aliens but can’t remember anything about their abductions,” said Dr. Brad Steiger, author of the bestselling book, The UFO Abductors.
“UFO abductees often find they have blank spots in their memories. In some cases it is simply a tantalizing sensation that there is something they are trying to remember but can’t recall.”
Another expert said: “Abductees frequently have recurring dreams or daytime visions about alien beings, spacecraft or extraterrestrial realms.
“They often discover unexplained wounds or scars. Or they mysteriously begin to suffer from physical problems.”
According to Dr. Steiger, the warning signs of alien abductions are:
1. The mysterious onset of illness, including insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, headaches, a rash or fatigue.
2. The nagging sensation of having “lost” a period of time out of your life.
3. Complete memory loss.
4. The mysterious appearance of scars, bruises, puncture marks, burns or missing hair, suggestive of medical examination by aliens.
5. Recurring dreams. Some common images include extraterrestrial worlds or landscapes, and crystal cities.
6. Recurring daytime images. Common ones are aliens, UFOs or extraterrestrial scenes.
If you have experience two or more of these symptoms, Dr. Steiger advises you to look in your phone book and contact the UFO organization nearest you.
They should be able to put you in touch with someone who can hypnotize and regress you to the time of the abduction so you can remember it completely, the expert said.


  1. I was standing outside my wooden cabin looking at the stars like i do every night, then i felt i was being watched from behind, i turned around and saw a ghostly human image, it was black and i could see throw it, i walked really slowly back into my house, but before i walked in? i saw a bright light flying above the trees over my roof, i ran inside and locked the door, when i thort it was safe i went to bed, when i fell asleep i started to dream about a white room, in it was two people sitting in the corners of the room, one on the right, and one on the left, inbetween them was a large window, viewing a hill with green grass, and a verry large mechine, a round circler object was moveing inside of it, i remember them asking me things, but i dont remember, everything started to go black, then i herd a pulsating noise comeing towards me, then i felt the pull of gravity, i woke up but my eyes couldnt open, my hole body started to vibrate, i couldnt move, cry, or speak, there was a loud noise pressing against my ears, then the noise started to fade away, the i could only open my eyes and move around, i will never foget that night.

  2. past three years ive had holes on my head that wont heal,
    recently have had wild dreams of a gorgeous woman in blue and having intercourse with her,(not recurring)
    had a dream about meteor strikes of flat burning stones,
    rashes on my butt and left foot that seem to heal but reappeared after some nights,
    left ear is always swollen or feels infected and have a knot in my right earlobe,
    ive pretty much stopped going out with friends,
    serious social anxiety,
    woke up the other day so sore it was hard to move,
    have seen shadow figures over me when going to sleep around 4 or 5 at a time,
    have had lots of trouble at time try to sleep, getting days and night turned around,
    no real fear to speak of but find these things odd,
    have had lucid dreams where i was concious during the dream,

  3. I woke up one day around 4 years ago with 5 small holes, (almost like pin pricks) in the middle of my forehead in the shape of a pentagon, I still have the scars to this day, there was nothing in the room that could of caused this, Has anyone ever had the same pentagon shaped pin pricks ? I would love to find out if anyone else has had the same experience, Send me msg if you have .


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