Ancient texts reveal that Noah’s ark was built with the help of aliens – and that it was actually a submarine especially made to help him survive the great flood.
Author and biblical scholar Zecharia Sitchin analyzed the original Hebrew version of the Old Testament and other ancient writings. According to those texts, “Noah was advised to construct a boat ‘roofed over and below’ and ‘hermetically sealed with pitch,'” said Sitchin.
“There were to be no decks, no openings, so that ‘the sun shall not see inside.’ The boat was to be a vessel that could turn and tumble.”
The only kind of boat that fits that description, Sitchin said, is a submarine.
And what’s more, he added, the biblical term for “ark” in ancient Hebrew stems from the word “sunken.”
Only a submarine could have withstood the 40 days and nights of such a raging flood, added Sitchin.
“No ordinary surface vessel could have survived the tumultuous waves without being sunk.”
Sitchin also studied ancient texts from Sumer, which is part of Iraq today. In a passage from one of the texts, he said, Noah explains that he survived the flood thanks to the help of superior beings from another planet who helped him build the ark.
Like a modern submarine, the ark had ballast tanks that allowed it to submerge and to surface, Sitchin said. Before the deluge, it took in an oxygen supply and later it surfaced to get more air.
Brad Steiger, renowned UFO investigator, agreed that Noah’s ark was indeed a submarine and that man at that time did not have the expertise to build such a boat, and needed aliens to help.
“One must have advised Noah to construct a water-borne vessel to prevent his death,” said Steiger.
“But Noah would not have known the principles of building such a craft. Being a mere mortal, Noah would not have the ability to construct a submarine. He would have needed extraterrestrial assistance to build his craft.”

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  1. The Submarine and the Transatlantic Liner
    – The flood described by the Sumerian plates is DIFFERENT than the one described in the Bible, the main characters and the life boats being totally different.
    – THE FLOOD ACCORDING TO THE SUMERIANS… The hero of the Mesopotamian stories about the Flood is Ziusudra ( in Sumerian ), Utnapishtim ( in Akkadian ).
    Enki / Ea, with the help of Utnapishtim and contrary to the Gods' decision, saved some of the monkey – people who built a ship… Z. Sitchin: "The Akkadian text quotes Enki as calling for a boat 'roofed over and bellow' hermetically sealed with 'tough pitch'. There were to be no decks, no openings, 'so that the sun shall not see inside'. It was to be a boat 'like an Apsu boat' a sulili; it is the very term used nowadays in Hebrew ( soleleth ) to denote a submarine"…
    – THE FLOOD ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE: "Noah walked with God (Elohim / Divinity = the plural which also includes Yahweh / Anu, Enlil / Jesus and other Elohim that came to Earth to fix Enki's mistakes – A/N) … Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight, and the earth was filled with violence …And God said to Noah…Make yourself an ark of gopher wood (cypress). Make rooms in the ark … the length of the ark 300 cubits (1 cubit = 0.60 m, so 180 m – A/N) its breadth 50 cubits (30 m – A/N) and its height 30 cubits (18 m – A/N). Make a roof for the ark, and finish it to a cubit above, and set the door of the ark in its side. Make it with lower, second and third decks… And the Lord shut him in" (Genesis 6 : 9 – 16; 7 : 16). Full story:
    – The Genesis of the Monkey-People and the Genesis of the Anunnaki People:

    • According to the Original Biblical Manuscripts, Noah did not walk with God. Noah talked to God, and God gave him the knowledge to make the Ark. Enoch walked and talked to God, only Adam before him seen God (King for almost a thousand years on Earth).

  2. There are paintings from the 15th century with UFOs in the sky, and there are stories about UFOs being present at the Crucifixion, so this story just might be true.

  3. I'm supressed! I mean it makes sense to use experts in building the world's first submarine, and, to assist in this endeavor, aliens make the perfect choice, since they are so well known as submarine builders across the four corners of the galaxy. Makes sense to me!!

  4. It is my belief that star beings were involved in the building of Noah’s submarine craft just like the building of the pyramids. Star beings do exist and have been with and among us all along.


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