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NEW YORK – The NFL is investigating a New York Jets coach who purposely tripped a Miami Dolphins player.

The NFL is investigating an incident that occurred during the Miami Dolphins-New York Jets game yesterday. One of the Jets coaching staff  tripped a Dolphins return man as he was running along the sideline.

Miami’s Nolan Carroll was running out-of-bounds during a special teams play in the third quarter when Jets coach, Sal Alosi, stuck his knee out causing Carroll to do a face plant. Carroll proceeded to act like a world cup soccer player and roll around on the ground until he received some attention.

The trip was played on national television several times and a CBS sports commentator said, “This is just uncalled for in the NFL … that has no place in any athletic event. I mean can’t he just walk it off without all of the dramatics?”

Rumors that the coach was also holding a billy club are false – though they may be true.

The league and the Jets told WWN that they are conducting a comprehensive investigation that could take several months to complete.

Alosi admits that he was responsible for the trip after the game and apologized personally to Carroll. Sources say that Carroll simply held up his hand and exclaimed, “Talk to the hand ‘cause the ears ain’t listin’”, snapped his fingers in a “Z” motion, turned around and walked away.

“He was out-of-bounds so I figured he was fair game,” Alosi said. “I just get so mad sometimes that those guys make so much money for running around a field in tight pants. “ he continued, “I guess it just got the best of me this time.”

If the investigation shows that Alosi was overtly negligent he will be required to do 5,000 push ups and 2,000  laps around the field OR receive a fine of up to $1,00,000.

Story filed by ace WWN reporter, Boy Mack.