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WASILLA, AK – A former governor is taking serious measures to ensure her privacy!

Sarah Palin has never been shy of the spotlight. The former Alaska Governor also has never hesitated to speak her mind or do what she feels – sometimes that’s gotten her in trouble. Her recent act was more an act of necessity than anything else. The Palin family built a fence around their Wasilla home to ensure their privacy from a new neighbor.

Joe McGinniss is an author writing a book on Palin and her new next-door neighbor. McGinniss wrote a magazine article critical of Palin, which pushed Palin’s button, and she will not make it easy on the author to get all the details he wants.

On Wednesday, Palin told Glenn Beck that her husband “Todd and his buddies” were going to build a fence to shield her family from their new neighbor. Just a day later, a beautiful 14-foot tall cedar-colored barrier is up, serving its purpose and the latest internet craze.

Speculation was high about the motives behind McGinniss’ relocation and Palin was worried that he would be stalking her and her children.

Joe McGinniss Jr., the author’s son, described his father’s proximity to Palin as “reporting” and said that his father was “professional” and was “simply fulfilling his obligations to his publisher and his readers and himself – to get as close to the subject of his book as possible.”

While her motives may be right and innocent, not everyone agree’s with Palin. Dave Weigel of the Washington Post has accused the former governor of “irresponsible and pathetic bullying” in her quick militance to demonize McGinniss as some sort of sleazy stalker with an eye on the daily activities of her children.

McGinnis swears that he will not be intrusive, and he will remain respectful when obtaining information about Palin’s public life.