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5: You have a tremendous capacity for giving – you often give of your money and affection. You’re the first to fall for a hard luck story. You have an extraordinary sense of humor and are very friendly. Compatible numbers are 5 and 3.

6: There’s more than a hint of jealousy in your nature – but you have a good love life. You’re physically active and a real go-getter in life. Compatible numbers are 2 and 3.

7: You have loads of sympathy for others, but you rarely wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re very neat – “a place for everything in its place” is your motto. Compatible numbers are 4 and 6.

8. You like luxury and love having fun. You prefer your love life to be stable and are loyal to others – but you can be possessive and extremely stubborn when you feel you are right. Compatible numbers are 1 and 6.

9: Imaginative and conscientious, you love color and display. You let your head rule your heart when it comes to love, but you are a sensuous person once you let go. Compatible numbers are 1 and 9.

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