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Authorities confirmed that loud explosions heard across Nevada and California on Sunday morning were caused by alien ships from Planet Gootan.

The shots fired from Gootan ships rattled homes and prompted a flood of calls to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Sierra Nevada. Thousands of people saw fireballs across the skies.

Astronomers quickly announced that the  fireballs were caused by a meteor that entered Earth’s atmosphere.  But WWN spoke with Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials and she confirmed that the “fireballs” were actually laser missiles fired from alien spaceships from Planet Gootan.

“The Gootans are in the very first stages of their attack on Earth.  These were basically warning shots, telling us that they are here and that we’d better prepare,” Dr. Begley said.  “Luckily, the United Nations has been preparing for the Gootan invasion for the last two decades.”

Numerous reports flooded local 911 operators across both California and Nevada. “The fireballs made the shades in my room shake hard enough to slam into the window a couple times,”  Marsha Colelin said. “I kept looking for earthquake information, but (there was) nothing. I even checked the front of my house to make sure no one ran into the garage.”

“When we found out it was from an alien ship, I grabbed my three kid and wife and we ran down over to the neighbor’s house because they have a bunker in the ground. We stayed there for about 40 hours.  It was scary,” said John Doblin of San Jose.

Erica Jupson of Lawrence, CA, told WWN that the loud booms accompanying the shots  happened around 8 a.m. made her 2-year-old daughter, Elsie, cry.

“Those shots knocked me off my feet and was shaking the house,” she said. “It sounded like they were shooting right at ur.”

No damages or injuries were immediately reported.

Sightings of the Gootan ships and fireballs occurred over roughly a 600-mile line across the two states, including Reno, Elko and North Las Vegas in Nevada, and the San Francisco, Sacramento and Bakersfield areas in California.

“This was by far the brightest fireball I’ve ever seen, especially since it was in full sunlight,” said Leonard Plotkin. “After the flash, I lost sight of the alien ship cause it went behind a mountain.”

Here’s a shot of the Gootan ship taken over the weekend.

In Nevada, the laser shots were seen as far east as Elko, about 300 miles east of Reno, and as far south as the Las Vegas area.

Tracey Montero of North Las Vegas said the lasers “took my breath away.  That was until I found out that they were shots fired by an alien race.”