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Thousands of Iranian woman are training to be ninjas – and they are ready for battle!

Thousands of Iranian women are taking their fight against the infidels to a new level.  Thousands of them are training to become Ninjas, the ancient Japanese stealth assassins who use swords, martial arts and throwing stars to neutralize their enemies.

The Atlantic is reporting that more than 3500 Iranian women are donning the ninja outfit and taking part in the intensive training. The program is being hailed as a massive attempt at women’s equality.

The Iranian regime’s 33-year quest to make Iranian women weak and helpless, to force them into child-like subservience, has failed. Though we in the West often perceive them this way because the hijab and the chador are all we see on the surface, women in Iran are stronger collectively and more assertive individually than the Islamic Republic would have us believe.

Women in Iran have a 42% unemployment rate, are required to dress modestly by law and are subject to beating and even stonings for adultery. Their fight takes a back seat to what is going on in Iran.During the Green protests for democracy last year in Iran, women were even killed for going out to protest the regime.

Watch a training video of the female Iranian ninjas in action.