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Google Earth map has been updated and you can now see a gridlike pattern proving the underwater city of Atlantis had been found. 

The exciting discovery was originally made in 2009 when eagle-eyed internet users spotted a large grid on the seafloor that looked strikingly like the fabled city. Google, at the time, explained, that the misrepresentation was caused by overlapping datasets, and Atlantis had not been found, but the map remained.

This week, mapping experts from around the world announced that the Google view of Earth’s subterranean landscape has proved conclusively the location of Atlantis.

“That’s Atlantis.  We’re a hundred percent positive,” said Dr. Wallace Toomer of Cambridge University in the U.K.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US Navy, NGA and GEBCO also concurred.  Google has the “most accurate view of the seafloor”  ever made.  They are all “excited” to go the location and explore Atlantis.


The newest version of Google Earth includes more accurate imagery in several key areas of ocean using data collected by research cruises over the past three years.

The Google map now matches the map used in the research community, which makes the Google Earth program much more useful as a tool for planning cruises to uncharted areas,” Sandwell added.

For centuries the story of Atlantis has captured the imagination  –  a fabled city of great beauty, culture and wealth that was suddenly swallowed up by the ocean.

Some had claimed its ruins lie beneath the waves off the coast of Cornwall. Others say they’ve been found in the Black Sea.

The real location of Atlantis:  an area of the Atlantic.  Go to Google Earth yourself to look at… find it.