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NEW YORK, NY-   Get your Orange Protester Fence sold exclusively sold by Weekly World News!

As seen on TV- this anti-protestor gear is a must have for wrangling those pesky nay-sayers, and gloom-and-doomers who like to attend protests like Occupy Wall Street,

WWN’s Orange Protestor Fencing can accommodate crowds ranging from 150 to 500.

Our exclusive netting is crafted from the highest grade flexible polymer exported out of North Korea, and put together by pygmies in Bwindi.

Never again will you fear the angry mobs headed for your bridges or your stock broker offices!

Special sale prices set the fencing at an affordable $399 for the smaller model, with a larger size available for $500. With protests predicted to break out all over the country, don’t be caught without one, or you might be caught in one!

It’s also handy to use to corral your dog:

Don’t waste time. Order today at!