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NEW YORK – The ghost of Princess Di appeared on the cover of Newsweek.

Tina Brown appeared on “Morning Joe”  to discuss how the ghost of Princess Diana appeared on the of Newsweek.

Brown and the magazine have been taking fire from all sides for taking a picture of Diana’s Ghost, who has been spotted hundreds of times since her untimely death.

A Newsweek photographer was in the “right time, right place” when the Ghost of Princess Di appeared walking next to Kate Middleton.

Newsweek readers have passionately and relentlessly expressed their discontent on Facebook and in comments sections around the web.

BUT, Tina Brown, told the Morning Joe audience that the photograph was “not a digital manipulation” as many assumed.  “This is a real picture, our photographer captured a picture of Di’s ghost. This is conclusive proof of what many have thought for years – Di is still walking among us, as a ghost.”

Many think it is a hoax, especially because Diana would have just turned 50 years old.  But Brown said that Dian’s ghost has been spotted a lot more recently – and that’s not Newsweek‘s doing.  “Diana seems to be making more ‘appearances’ now that she’s turned 50.  And we were lucky enough to capture one such appearance.”

Kate Middleton has confirmed that she has seen Princess Di’s ghost “many times.”  She said that she even thought she saw Princess Di on her wedding night.  “You would think that would be creepy.  But she was lovely.  She just watched William.  I think she even gave him some tips.  And I think they worked – it was the best night of my life.”

Princess Di’s Ghost has been spotted mainly in England, but in the last few months she has been seen across America – and sometimes she is with Michael Jackson.

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