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NEW YORK, NY – The humanity! The horror! Fashion week knows no mercy!

Fashion week is to fashion as the Super Bowl is to football. Few events bring together a bigger collection of designers, models and socialites as does fashion week. It’s the biggest thing in fashion and thousands flock to see the spectacle. What people won’t tell you, however, is that fashion week is heartless. To make room for this year’s event – 56 trees were massacred! Say it ain’t so!

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion week has a new home this year – Lincoln Center. An estimated 100,000 buyers, editors, stylists and celebrities will visit the new location. With the trees in the way, the big white tents could be appropriately situated.

“Fashion designers are truly creative people. It’s not just a business when it comes to these collections,” said Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Lincoln Center’s liaison.

Yea … creative and destructive. What monsters!

Workers chopped down 56 towering, beautiful trees deemed “dead” or “declining in the city park next to Lincoln Center, and tore out 11 more to transplant elsewhere. At least their is a shred of humanity in these people.

Parks Department spokeswoman Vickie Karp described the mass aborcide this way: “56 declining trees were removed, many from planters, and 11 healthy trees were transplanted. These trees would have been removed during redevelopment of Lincoln Center and the park in any event.”

She said 100 new trees have been planted around Lincoln Center and promised 340 more trees in Damrosch Park and surrounding streets in coming months.

Regardless, there is an uproar over the move.

“You don’t destroy them,” a landscape architect said. “You water them.”

Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, who heads the Council’s Parks and Recreation Committee, called cutting down the trees “outrageous.”

“When you talk about all the pomp and circumstance the mayor is giving to planting all these trees and you hear something like this – it doesn’t jibe,” she said.