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GUATEMALA – One country has felt the wrath of Mother Nature. The results are a little shocking!

Guatemala is definitely raising the white flag to Mother Nature. The small country in Central America is not only dealing with a volcanic eruption, but they are also feeling hurricane season. The first big storm of the season – Agatha – hit the country and has left some devastating results in its wake.

Agatha has been responsible for a reported 115 deaths, flooding and damage nationwide. It is also responsible for a scene straight out of a movie. The Guatemalan government has released a picture of sinkhole that opened up in the middle of one intersection.

The picture has raised questions of whether or not its real and has certainly been cause for a double take. The picture, however, is very much real and Agatha has left a little something to remember it by. The sinkhole is very real, very scary and a very big problem for Guatemala.

The sinkhole is a natural depression caused by the removal of soil by water. The process can happen slowly, but sometimes the land just cracks open. In this case with Guatemala, the sinkhole happened suddenly. It was caused by massive waterfall from Agatha. Sinkholes can go from slow depressions to seemingly never ending holes like the one in Guatemala. Fortunately, there were no victims due to the sinkhole.