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LOS ANGELES. CA – If anyone is coming out a winner from the Tiger Woods fiasco, it is certainly Rachel Uchitel!

Uchitel, one of Woods’ numerous mistresses, has cashed in her 15 minutes of fame with a correspondent gig on “Extra.” The offer comes after a candid interview with Mario Lopez, An interview in which she discussed growing up, her fiance that died in 9/11, and her plans for the future.

It doesn’t come as much surprise that Uchitel will be reporting on nightlife, a specialty of hers. According to an “Extra” source, “She won’t talk about Tiger, but she talks about how she wants to find a husband and have kids.”

A friend of Uchitel’s says, “She would love to get more TV gigs and do this sort of thing. She has a great TV presence and would love to land her own talk show in the future – a la Tyra Banks.”