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NEW YORK, NY – Parents are in an uproar after pictures of a supposed pole dancer doll were posted online!

It is unclear who originally took the photos and where the doll was found, but it is very clear what kind of “toy” it is:


The doll begins dancing when the music is turned on, and she goes “up and down” and “round and round”. While the doll itself does not look very provocative, the very concept of the toy is causing great distress amongst concerned parents.

A similar “toy” was yanked from shelves in Tesco, one of Britain’s largest chain stores. The Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit included an 8.5-foot collapsible pole, a “sexy dance garter,” and play money for “tips”. The packaging featured a cartoonish stripper, and the toy was listed under the Toys & Games section of Tesco’s website.


Despite being clearly marked as “adults only”, Tesco agreed to remove it from the section, instead including it in the Fitness category.