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NEW YORK, NY – Due to a great response to the future team-up between Spider-Man and President-Elect Obama, Marvel comics has decided to release a 6 issue limited series of the two fighting evil.

Anonymous sources have leaked that their first villain will be an irradiated Bill O’Reilly.  A fluke accident involving a nuclear powered communications tower and a stray bird will turn O’Reilly into The Parrot.  His powers will include a Super Squawk and the deafening repetition of talking points.

This is not the first time a president has been featured in a comic book.  John F. Kennedy was shown helping Superman protect his secret identity.  Teddy Roosevelt had an ongoing series chronicling his adventures with the Rough Riders.  Bill Clinton was at the center of a love triangle in the romance comic Love and Rockets.  Even Franklin D. Roosevelt fought vampires with the use of a steam powered exo-skeleton in “Adventures of the Executive Branch!”

The limited series is expected to go on sale in spring ’09.