“You can release a spirit you have had with you for years,”she said, “or help someone else using these methods. The spirits get the message and follow their loved ones to the hereafter.
“You see very dramatic changes.”
To banish the dead soul that haunts you, Dr. Fiore says, you must speak to the dead person and convince him to leave.
Tell the spirit that he is not the possessed person, but someone else. Tell him his body is dead and that he joined the possessed person after death.
Tell him he is harming himself and the person he is possessing.
To encourage the spirit to leave Earth, Dr. Fiore advises, you must tell him his loved ones are waiting for him. Reassure him that when he’s in the hereafter he will be in a perfect body, not a crippled or aged one.
Tell him there’s no such thing as hell – that he will have a wonderful, peaceful existence in the afterlife with everything he wants. Then tell him to go in peace with your blessing.


  1. I think we have a spirit in our school we have recently witnessed a child laugh with out moving her throat and her mouth closed, also we had a chair move in our classroom and my coworker and i feel as though there is something there in our school there has also been other incidents in other classrooms with other children. I don't know how to get rid of it !

  2. i dont know if ive been possessed i lived in this house tht had a devil worshiping room in the upstairs there were abadon posters which mean the devil and a demon star i took everything down and burned it ive flown across my room my skin turned dark almost a pale transparent kind of color my eyes were rly dark and i saw things theres no other way to explain this my room was haunted i slept in there i just felt like i was being haunted i threw up all the time and i would scream and yell at my parents i would just like to know if i was possessed

    • it's sounds like you've angered an evil spirit.You probably should get a priest to bless your house.even if your renting it.maybe you should pray, or repeat to yourself. "Jesus is my lord,and saviour" whether you beleive in god or not..it might help. Good luck and god be with you.

    • 1. Low energy levels
      2. Character shifts or mood swings
      3. Inner voice or voices speaking to you
      4. Impulsive behavior
      5. Memory problems
      6. Poor concentration
      7. Sudden onset of physical problems
      8. A sudden onset of anxiety or bouts of depression (especially after hospitalization or any other trauma)
      9. Weight gain with no obvious cause(I lost weight instead,but other then that…i have every single one of these..even was hospitalized.I still believe in god and jesus though,if i was possessed shouldent i want to blasphemy it

  3. You are a load of crap, if you do not believe in other things that can and do happen to others, other than the so called god witch does not exest

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