Scientists are still baffled by a statue which seems to prove Elvis was reincarnated!
Elvis Presley lived before as the powerful ruler of an ancient Greek kingdom – and archaeologists have a colossal 29-foot bust of The King to prove it.
An extraordinary stone head was discovered near the ruins of Commagene, a 1st-century trading center on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The carved rock marvel is the spitting image of Elvis, right down to his straight, perfect nose and his luscious, full lips.
“The statue is the likeness of Antiochus I of Commagene, an ancient ruler famous for his generosity and kindness,” said Dr. Pietro Abazzia, head of a team of archaeologists from Naples, Italy, in 1992.
“Antiochus was a great lover of music and was widely known for his sweet voice and incredible good looks. It’s an amazing coincidence that he also looks exactly like Elvis.”
But reincarnationists insist that the statue is no coincidence – and that instead it is proof positive that Elvis lived before and was as great in his former life as he was in this century.
They say records showing that the ancient ruler Antiochus had the same musical talent and open-handed warmth that the rock and roll star had indicates that his personality survived from one lifetime to another.
“He was successful in olden times because he was a wise and generous leader and he was successful again in our times for the same reason,” says psychic Andrew Bennett of Brisbane, Australia, a well-known expert on reincarnation.
“His love of music made him famous then and it made him famous in this century.”
Will Elvis return to us to bring wonderful music again?

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