Your Weekly Star Guide
By Madame Malisa
Renowned medium & psychic

Mar. 21 – Apr. 19

Who can resist the offer you get this week? A workday friend shyly admits they want to be more than just a good friend. It’ll take you awhile but you’ll see that this is the romance you’ve always been waiting for!

More spice is added to your life when a long shot comes home and you have extra cash to splurge with.

Remember the advice that a loved one who’s passed on left you: enjoy each day as it comes!

Apr.20 – May 20

Things come off without a hitch! Cash problems are settled. You get what your work was worth – and no one ought to complain about that kind of financial return.

You feel good this week and so you sparkle when you’re around others. Now’s the time to persuade someone to see things—like fun and games—your way.

Work on getting a helping hand around the house. You know you need it!

May 21 – Jun. 20

You feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place. A little trouble has never held you back, so use those obstacles as stepping stones to the good life.

When you tell the biggest “obstacle” to buzz off, everything will fall into place just as you want it to.

Collect information you need to solve a cash flow problem. A fast search through some trash cans could put the winning numbers right in your hand!

Jun. 21 – Jul. 22

Roll with the punches! Catch up with all your projects, and smart remarks from the sidelines won’t get your goat. You like being in control—if you’re organized, you’ll stay that way.

Extra cash is coming your way from someone a lot older than you are. You never thought this person would ante up. Act grateful!

A loved one loves the way you look. Let them know you think they’re pretty super, too.

Jul. 23 – Aug. 22

Love—or its second cousin—is in the air! Have a talk with the one you spend the most time with and lay some plans for the future. There are a lot of loving, intimate times out there just waiting for you!

A money problem will solve itself shortly, so don’t waste any more time stewing about bills.

There’s nothing you can do except wait patiently—and keep your cool if anyone bugs you.

Aug. 23 – Sep. 22

Remember your dreams! Dreams will be large-as-life and in full color all this week. Let them rule your nights—and days, too.

All the secrets of a happy life will come to you as soon as you close your eyes and hit the sheets.

Don’t listen to spoilsports who want to put a damper on your desire to make more money.

Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

Nobody tries harder than you do. And it shows. People turn to you to get things done. Just make sure you keep some of what you earn for yourself.

You deserve a treat! Choose whatever makes you happy and then take the time—and spend the money—to do it. Throw this week’s budget to the winds.

That wonderful, funny person you’re so fond of is sending you messages. Make a decision pretty soon.

Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

This is your week to shine! You’ve polished up your act and it shows. Everyone’s impressed with what you’re trying to pull off. Their help is available just for the asking.

Someone around you is glued to the TV day and night. Join them or get them involved in the real world, but stop nagging them.

A valuable piece of jewelry is lying in the street, waiting for you to find it.

Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

You’re in high gear. Be ready to tackle a problem about money. If anybody gives you any lip, just railroad them. You’re right and you know what you’re doing.

Someone’s going to make you an offer you can’t resist. It may be just for a home-cooked meal or it may be for a trip down the aisle.

If thoughts of love make you anxious, just relax. A new sense of happiness is on its way.

Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Keep your sense of humor! You’ve got too much going for you to let others and their silly complaints get to you.

Allow yourself some time to work on something that’s advertised in the paper. There’s money in this for you. It’ll take a little while to get off the ground but the results will be so good that you won’t mind!

Who can resist you this week? No one!

Jan. 20 – Feb. 18

A ho-hum week ends up great. You won’t be able to say your life is lonely. Friends will be beating on your door with great plans by Friday night at the latest.

When you’ve got time on your hands, enter contests. Your luck is looking up. There are prizes—maybe even a vacation of a lifetime—just waiting to be delivered to your door.

A dream has a message of long-lost love for you.

Feb. 19 – Mar. 20

Find someone to talk to! You’re full of ideas this week. To catch the one that’s going to make a wish come true by making you some money, you need some help.

It’s obvious to everyone but you that someone’s infatuated with you. Open your eyes! Enjoy it!

Fight the urge to overindulge until the middle of the week. A loved one’s arranging a treat for you then and you’ll want to attack it with an enormous appetite.

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