Your Weekly Star Guide
By Madame Malisa
Renowned medium & psychic

Mar. 21 – Apr. 19
Jump the gun! Beat all those contest-winning sharpies to the punch. Get your entry in first – even if you have to camp out at the post office.
You’re a winner and by Friday you’ll have all the proof you need. Have a wild and crazy time with your winnings!
Fantasy turns delicious when the sweetie you’ve been dreaming of says you’re dreamed of, too.

Apr.20 – May 20
You’re in a spin! A romantic chance of a lifetime is coming. Be prepared to pounce!
You’re going to meet a star! It’s up to you to decide whether to settle for an autograph – or go a little further!
Your catchy way with words can bring you a slew of prizes. Just enter that contest in your favorite magazine.

May 21 – Jun. 20
You’re on the right track! Letting it all hang out with a sweetie is the way to go – if you want the good times that come with lovin’.
All that working your fingers to the bone pays off. You get a day of putting your feet up, your pop-top flipped open and your popcorn popped!
Have a blast making others run around for you! It’s only for the day!

Jun. 21 – Jul. 22
Stick around! Something heartwarming is going to happen on the home front. You’ll miss out if you’re gallivanting all over town.
On Wednesday you take a quick break and find a week’s worth of cash lying right by your shoe. Take a hint, spend some of it on new shoes, the ones you’ve been sighing over.
Give a friend a second chance!

Jul. 23 – Aug. 22
Strut your stuff! It’s driving a loved one crazy, but it works for you – so keep on looking good and showing off.
Play your cards right on Friday night. You have a good chance of taking home enough groceries for a steak-filled weekend.
Who’s trying to cuddle up to you? If it’s got fur and four feet, you won’t regret adding it to the family circle. You can’t have too much love.

Aug. 23 – Sep. 22
Count your pennies! The cookie jar holds enough savings for you to reward yourself with a tasty treat.
Once you realize dropping in your daily change really works, you’re on your way to having money to burn one day down the road.
When your main flirt asks what’s on your mind, don’t be wishy-washy. Speak up and say, “Be mine or else!”

Sep. 23 – Oct. 22
The sky’s the limit! Your shining smile charms everyone, especially the meanies who usually say “no” to you. Ask for something outrageous and you’ll get it – even a TV as big as a movie screen!
Run – don’t walk – away from a problem at home. Things will settle down nicely if you don’t pay attention to a whiner.
A nifty “surprise” e-mails.

Oct. 23 – Nov. 21
Act natural! Putting on the dog isn’t your style this week and you know it.
A certain someone is willing you a nice dividend just because you’re so ready to help others in a jam.
Let yourself go when it comes to having fun one evening. Take a chance and include a lonely stranger in your group.

Nov. 22 – Dec. 21
Don’t waste your time! Someone’s done you dirty and you’re just dying for revenge. Time will take care of this toad – so get back in the swing of things and don’t fret.
A street corner incident brings you a lucky charm that you’ll carry for the rest of your days.
Don’t overdo it, but you can rub it whenever you need a small amount of quick cash.

Dec. 22 – Jan. 19
Turn life upside down! Do everything different for just this week – from how you comb your hair to where you sleep.
Stunned loved ones think you’re off your rocker, but you’re feeling sassy and loving your wacky freedom.
You can get away with begging, borrowing or stealing when you need cash – providing all you hit is a kid’s piggybank!

Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
Go whole hog! Woo that special someone with everything from a chocolate chip cookie as big as a card table to a ring.
Your house and home feel a whole lot more comfy now that you’ve kissed and made up.
Money matters start to rock ‘n roll when you say “yes” to a plan that makes both you and the neighbors partners for the weekend.

Feb. 19 – Mar. 20
Say the right thing! A quick decision jolts you right out of a financial rut. You’ve suddenly got enough to pay the light bill and a bit more!
Share this bonanza with your on-the-ball friends if you ever want a hot tip again.
A gift with no card comes in the mail. Remember that stranger you helped out a few weeks agao? This is their way of saying “thanks.”

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