A 20 foot crocodile that had eaten up to nine pet dogs has been hauled out of a river in Australia.
The rogue croc was trapped at Daly River community, some 225 kilometres south of Darwin, where it was terrorising residents and animals, the Northern Territory News said.
Community police officer Mark Casey told the newspaper his office had nine reports of dogs being taken by a crocodile, believed to be the animal caught, in a month.
“Crocs are an ever-present danger but you don’t see them,” he said.
“They can sit for days on end on the other side of the river and watch you go fishing off the same log or rock — that’s how they hunt.
“Next thing you know, bang, the dog’s gone.”

As the saltwater crocodile drew ever closer to the settlement of 500 people, also snatching wallabies, a decision was made to catch it.
While the pet-eating beast was caught, Casey said there were two more big crocs and a small one still on the loose in the area.

Saltwater crocodiles, which can grow up to seven metres long and weigh more than a tonne, are a common feature of Australia’s tropical north and kill an average of two people a year.
Caught crocs are usually relocated to wildlife parks.

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  1. Throughout the course of the river, the total volume of water transported downstream will often be a combination of the free water flow together with a substantial contribution flowing through sub-surface rocks and gravels that underlie the river and its floodplain (called the hyporheic zone).


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