COSTA MESA, CA – Margaret Thatcher’s ghost is causing nothing but trouble for a popular Southern California pub.

The Harp Inn of Costa Mesa has their fair share of characters but nothing prepared them for the unusually disorderly, expired Prime Minister.  Guests and staff alike have encountered the spectral lady and love to trade stories of her antics. 

The Iron Lady first appeared at the bar’s Halloween Party two years ago where she won the costume for best Scary Monster.  Margaret accepted her award with a charming speech and other guests began to buy her drinks. By the end of the evening she had felt up two of the waitresses and decimated the ladies room.  John Lyons, owner of The Harp Inn remembers the evening very clearly. “She was just like any other first timer who got caught up in the fun of The Harp, not the worst we get, but when she vanished into the night we were happy to see her go.”

But Mrs.Thatcher wasn’t gone for long.  Within a month she had become a regular paranormal guest, appearing to guests in various states of inebriation. Lyons has received a multitude of complaints and witnessed an array of bad behavior on the part of the vaporous dame.  Guests call her condescending and arrogant, which only gets worse with gin. She’s ruined more than one comedian’s night with her mercilessly succinct heckling. And she rushed The Fenians onstage last St. Patrick’s Day.


John Lyons is at a loss about the situation.  There is very little he can do personally about the rambunctious spirit who enjoys sneaking up on the owner and startling him.  “It’s important that everyone feels welcome at The Harp,” says Lyons. “But that spook has got to go! She’s entirely out of control. It’s not just the dancing on tables, she got into a fistfight with the doorman, and last week I caught her behind the bar drinking Empress Gin from the bottle!”  He went on to add that Uber and Lyft refuse to pick her up and that she’s never made a payment on her tab. 

But it’s not all bad for the historic barfly. Having an illustrious pest isn’t entirely bad Lyons has to admit.  “The Ghost of Margaret Thatcher does draw in new clientele, from history buffs to ghost hunters, and they’re all thirsty, and that’s good for me!”  “And she really cleans up on Trivia Night!”

“But best of all,” says Mr. Lyons, “is the relationship she has with Paul the bartender.  It’s not too surprising, Paul is such a people person. But it’s touching to see them together.”  Is there a wedding in the future at this charming location? “Who knows, it’s a strange world,” says John.  You said it John, you said it!–

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