Ashley Faye Russell

Weekly World News is excited to reboot a popular feature of our old print edition – PAGE 5 HONEY.

When Weekly World News was founded in 1979 the “Page 5 Girl”, the “Girl Next Door” and “Page 5 Honey” became a favorite of our over 1.2 million subscribers. When Weekly World News went online in 2007, the feature was dropped. But we are returning to our roots and also preparing to come back into print in the near future. So —

Here we are with our first Page 5 Honey! We are excited to have chosen Ashley Faye Russell from Colorado for our relaunch. In the new iteration of this feature, we are seeking strong, confident, beautiful and… badass women, men or any other person with the right Weekly World News vibe.

Ashley Faye Russell is a professional woman, a working model and someone who knows what she wants and is going to get it. She is currently working toward her MBA, holds a full-time marketing position and owns an online clothing shop for alternative gals. She’s a writer who also loves horror movies, black licorice, tattoos and oddities of all kinds. She is creating her own life and living it to the fullest.

You can follow her on Instagram @ashleyfayerussell. Do it!

If you want to be a Page 5 Honey, please send us a photo to submissions@weeklyworldnews.com. Please include “Page 5 Honey” in the subject line.

Here are some more photos of Ashley. (photography by @tuluxphotography).

Ashley Faye Russell – Page 5 Honey!

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6 thoughts on “PAGE 5 HONEY”

  1. Nothing cooler than a bad ass woman.
    She definitely knows what she wants to work towards, and that is refreshing. So is this page! I don’t remember the page 5 of yesteryear but I look forward to them from now on.


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