Animal Rights Activists Immobilize Downtown Los Angeles To Protest Worldwide Itty Bitty Elephant Trade

Is this the end for Itty Bitty Elephants? 

A record-breaking number of animal rights activists have descended on downtown Los Angeles, completely immobilizing activity in the second-largest city in the US. Traffic is at a standstill for a 2-mile radius surrounding the Staples Center.  A march to Dodger Stadium will happen later today. Officials and law enforcement are scrambling to control this unprecedented disorder. Today’s event has attracted far more attendees than anyone, including the organizers, had predicted.

The Itty Bitty Elephant craze took the world by storm three years ago and their popularity is soaring lately with the addition of wings and Bluetooth. Ellen, Oprah, and Cher are among the many celebrities and influencers behind the sudden popularity of the pint-sized pachyderms.  Indeed, nobody seems capable of resisting these creatures. Their demand has far exceeded supply.

The outcry began last month when authorities discovered an Itty Bitty Elephant Mill in Medford, Oregon. This drew worldwide attention and galvanized animal rights groups.  Today’s protest is the latest in a string of events taking place in cities throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe. Today’s protest is the largest gathering of its kind recorded to date. There are over 4 million attendees thronging the streets of Los Angeles.


Itty Bitty Elephants were created in 2003 by Sturla Mingbjorn, a Norweigen geneticist.  Mingbjorn was convicted of violating the International Code of Ethical Genetics in 2011 and died in federal prison in 2016.  Fortunately, his mini mastodons have had a happier fate – they are universally loved, but not immune to human greed and abuse.  

These tiny, gray ambassadors of joy instantly became the family pet of choice for those fortunate to be able to afford one, with price tags in excess of $2000.  The affectionate creatures are clean and gentle with sharp minds and distinct personalities. Their ability to learn tricks, complex demands and coding makes them ideal for a large range of activities and applications. Handlers are discovering new traits and abilities every day.

Publications like My Mini Mammoth. Heffalumpz, and Tiny Trunks have become household staples across America. Hollywood has taken notice as well, with over half a dozen Itty Bitty Elephant storylines in production at the time.

Protestors have a variety of demands ranging from fining breeders for inhumane practices to criminalizing commercial breeding entirely.  Some activists even want to limit Itty Bitty Elephant ownership to licensed exotic pet owners only. It is unknown how long downtown Los Angeles will remain incapacitated but it is clear these animal lovers mean business.

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