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Chances are the troubles that torment you aren’t your problems at all, but the miseries of a dead soul who has possessed you sometime during your life!

And you can rid yourself of everything from depression to weight problems just by banishing the unwelcome spirit that has invaded your body, says a top psychologist and author.

“On your own, you can learn ways to tell if you are possessed by the spirit of a dead person and how to rid yourself of this spirit,” said Dr. Edith Fiore, author of The Unquiet Dead.

“Many people are possessed by earthbound spirits. These are people who have lived and died, but did not go into the afterworld at death. Instead, they stayed on Earth and remained just like they were before death, with the fears, pains, weaknesses and other problems that they had while they were alive. They are drawn to unite with the living. In fact, they don’t even know that they have died.”

Dr. Fiore told Weekly World News that most victims of these earthbound spirits become possessed at times of special vulnerability – for instance, when they are sick, emotionally upset or drugged. Symptoms of possession range from mild to severe and can even be life-threatening.

The therapist estimates that about 80 percent of her patients are suffering from the problems brought on by spirits of the dead.

To tell if you are among the possessed, she advises that you look for the following symptoms:

1. Low energy levels

2. Character shifts or mood swings

3. Inner voice or voices speaking to you

4. Impulsive behavior

5. Memory problems

6. Poor concentration

7. Sudden onset of physical problems

8. A sudden onset of anxiety or bouts of depression (especially after hospitalization or any other trauma)

9. Weight gain with no obvious cause

Dr. Fiore, who says she has cured more than 1,000 patients of spirit possession, is convinced that the average person can rid himself of unwanted spirits by following her simple method…

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