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Animals can be possessed by demons just like humans! But how can you tell?

Friendly family pets – dogs, cats, birds and even horses – have been taken over by evil spirits and changed into fiendish bloodthirsty beasts, say psychic researchers.

“The phenomenon has been known since before the Middle Ages and is well documented historically,” says famed paranormal investigator Ed Warren.

He recalled one case in Connecticut in which a retriever changed from a gentle dog to a fierce beast.

“It frothed at the mouth, its eyes red as coals. It repeatedly attempted to savage its master, biting him severely. And it had incredible strength!

“The vet could find nothing wrong with it. But later the animal came under possession a second time and an exorcist was called in.

“During the service, the dog stiffened, its eyes bulging. It growled and shuddered, then gave a low moan and relaxed. From then on the man had no trouble with it.”

In another case, in Allentown, Pa., a possessed house cat tried to kill its owner, Warren recalled.

A woman bought the cat and took it home, not know that it had been used in black magic rituals. One night she awoke to find the cat on top of her chest, fangs bared, ears laid back, snarling and spitting at her throat.

“A shadow loomed around the cat and the women felt she was suffocating. Gasping for breath, she prayed silently, ‘Oh, God, save me from this evil!’

“With that the cat leaped from her chest and ran out of the house. The evil monstrosity fled with it.”

Famed psychic investigator Shawn Robbins remembered one case involving a horse, the pet of a 9 year old girl in New York state.

“Some of the young people who worked in the stables became involved in a satanic cult and held rituals in the stables,” said Robbins.

“One demonic entity possessed the horse. The next time the little girl was riding, it suddenly bolted, races across a field and tossed the girl over a wall. Then, frothing at the mouth, it tried to attack her. Later the animal went berserk again.

“Two vets were unable to find anything wrong with it. By using an exorcism ritual, I was able to drive the demon out.”

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