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OSLO – Bat Boy was spotted outside the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway today.

He was seen shortly after the announcement that President Obama would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The dimunitive mutant did not look happy. He carried a cryptic sign that read, “STOP WHITE NOSE SYNDROME”.

Many speculate that Bat Boy felt slighted by the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s choice of Obama for the prize as they overlooked the groundbreaking global work that Bat Boy has done to stem the tide of a viral pandemic that is wiping out bat species around the planet.

Others speculated that Bat Boy’s impromptu protest was a bold attempt to build awareness of his candidacy for a possible nomination for the award in 2010. Bat Boy left the scene without official comment but left open the possibility that he would return on December 10th when the award is officially presented in Oslo by Thorborn Jagland, the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in the presence of the King of Norway.

No mutant has ever claimed the Nobel Peace Prize, though a Vietnamese man named Le Duc Tho did not appear to claim his prize in 1973 because he was busy fighting in the Vietnamese war.