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Richard Branson announced that Virgin Galactic is going to fly to sun!


Sir Richard Branson announced that the RedKnight aircraft that will fly to the sun starting in 2015.  The plane will be able to hold 238 passengers.  And the airline will be booking flights starting next month.

The Virgin Galactic team is thrilled to be the first airline to fly to the sun.  Here’s Richard Branson making the announcement:


During the flight passengers will be able to float around the cabin due to weightlessness.  Passengers will all be equipped with a heat protection suit that will keep them at a cool 72 degrees as they approach the sun.

“We would love to land on the Sun, but that isn’t possible… yet,” reportedly said Sir Richard.

Accompanied by his partner, Jackie Lavin, today, Branson said: ‘I wanted to be the first Irishman in space and I’m really looking forward to it and being the first human to get close to the sun.

“I’ve been interested in space ever since I followed comic hero Dan Dare when I was a kid.”

NASA is skeptical about the flight to the sun.  “They’re going to burn up as son as they pass Venus,” said Dr. Keith Bablon of NASA.  “I wouldn’t ever get on that plane.”

“He’s not invited,” said Sir Richard.

SO, of you want to go to the Sun… book now!!