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Bruce Springsteen has reportedly promised to do everything in his power help his home state.

One of Bruce’s signature songs is “Fourth of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”. It’s an ironic twist on this devastating storm. Set on, as the title suggests, Asbury Park, New Jersey, the song is a powerful love ballad, dedicated to one Sandy and describing the depressing atmosphere that threatens to smother the love between the singer and Sandy.

Locals included in the song are: the “stoned-out faces, greasers” who “tramp the streets or get busted for sleeping out on the beach all night.” The singer is tired of “hangin’ in them arcades and “chasin’ the girls.”

The Boss was due to play live in Rochester, New York on October 30, but has put the gig back one day to tonight, Wednesday, Oct 31.

The Boss has promised to do everything he possible can to help his home state.  He is reportedly planning a special album to help his beloved Jersey Shore and is reportedly planning an all-star concert to help raise money for the hurricane victims.

Many in New Jersey love The Boss and he has reportedly said many times that New Jersey is the greatest state in the United States and the greatest place on Earth.

Right on…

In Europe, where Bruce has played a lot in recent years, many concert goers list New Jersey as the one place they would like to go before they die.

Most surprisingly, New Yorkers, who have long mocked New Jersey, now consider it “the” place to live.   It is becoming the “hippest” place in America.