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FLORISSANT, MO – A man got more than he expected on a routine fishing trip!

When Greg Bernal went out fishing on Tuesday morning, catching a Missouri state record blue catfish probably wasn’t his goal. At the end of his fishing trip on Tuesday, not only did Bernal set a Missouri state record, but he also set a new world record. That is a pretty good day with the rod.

Bernal ended up pulling in a 130-pound monster from the Missouri River.

“That rod just started screaming,” Bernal told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I knew he was big. It raced out. I set the hook and there was no movement at all. I just kept the pressure on him and finally I could feel him thumping.”

The Florissant resident was out fishing with his girlfriend. He caught the blue catfish using a chunk of an Asian carp, which jumped into the boat, for bait. He fought his prized catch for 15 minutes and spend another 30 minutes – with help from his girlfriend, Janet Momphard – pulling it into their johnboat.

“I am still numb,” said Bernal. “That’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen.”

His blue catfish measured 57 inches in length and 45 inches in girth.