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NEW YORK, NY – The anniversary of the death of the King of Pop is here and his absence is still felt!

Michael Jackson’s death was felt all around the globe. He left a mark as an entertainer that can never be duplicated and he became an inspiration for countless present and future artists. Although gone, the King of Pop still maintains a foothold in the hearts of many and still has a presence in today’s society.

A memorial to Michael Jackson will be unveiled at London’s Lyric Theatre on the eve of the first anniversary of his death. According to BBC News, the theatre which is currently to Jackson’s tribute show Thriller! Live will present a plaque commemorating the late Billie Jean singer at a special memorial ceremony on the 24th of June.

Jackson’s children also carry on his spirit. His three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket will attend school for the first time in September. According to reports, the move is in an effort for the children to make friends.

“They don’t have any friends,” said Jackson’s mother, Katherine. “They don’t go to school, they have private lessons at home – but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private college.”

“To them, it’s normal, it’s the life they have known. They have a certain time to go to bed, then they get up and get dressed for lessons. They practice karate and swim, which they love,” she added.

Weekly World News still holds out hope that Michael Jackson faked his death and is alive and well.

In a 1994 issue of Weekly World News, it was predicted that superstar Michael Jackson was so heartsick with the nightmare his troubled life had become, he would fake his own death – just like Elvis!

“Michael Jackson, like Elvis, is sick and tired of being larger than life and wants to get a life,” said world-renowned psychic and metaphysician Dr. Andy Reiss at the time.

“The superstar trip has trapped Michael in Neverland. Also there’s a very good chance he could end up in prison if he’s convicted of child sex abuse.

“The only way out of this mess he’s in is to fake his death, cut his hair and go underground,” says Dr. Reiss, who specializes in celebrity predictions.

Dr. Reiss believes The Gloved One will try to escape his hellish existence by “dying” in Neverland, his remote amusement park retreat.

“The cover story will be that Michael Jackson suffered a fatal heart attack while riding his Ferris wheel. Jackson’s ‘remains’ will be cremated and his ‘ashes’ will be scattered on the grounds of his estate,” he explains.

“The only way for Michael to start a fresh new life is to end the grotesque  life he has now. He learned the trick from Elvis.”


While Jackson did not end his days at his beloved Neverland, he did indeed “die” of a heart attack this afternoon.

Did Jackson’s plans come to fruition? Is he still alive somewhere?