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One of the world’s leading paranormal researchers says anyone can capture a ghost – with just a candle, a Tootsie Roll and a glass jar!

All you have to do is put the candle and candy in the jar and place it wherever haunting occurs, preferably around midnight.

“I’m not sure why, but a ghost cannot resist Tootsie Roll candy and will enter the jar,” Dr. Katalin Kovacs, the Hungarian ghostbuster, told newsmen in Budapest.

“Once inside, the energy from the burning candle will trap it. At that point you put the lid back on the jar and screw it down or clamp it tight so your ghost can’t escape.

“It sounds farfetched, but catching a spirit really is that simple. Just be sure to take the wrapper at least partially off the Tootsie Roll before you place it in the jar.

“Otherwise, a ghost won’t go near it.”

Dr. Kovacs said she discovered her bizarre ghost-catching method by accident.

While trying to capture a ghost that was haunting a grocery store, she noted that the spirit gravitated to the candy counter – and a Tootsie roll with a torn wrapper.

“It is an established fact that burning candles will trap ghosts so I just put two and two together,” said the expert.

“I placed a Tootsie Roll and a candle inside a jar, lit the candle and waited. The ghost in the store immediately appeared and entered the jar. The entire procedure took less than five minutes.

“I have since used the technique to capture dozens of ghosts. That proves it is an effective method. And it’s so easy, anyone can do it!

“I recommend dripping a little melted wax in the bottom of the jar, so the candle will stand up by itself,” Dr. Kovacs said. “Then carefully light the candle. Because of the potential fire hazard, this technique should definitely not be attempted by children.”

Dr. Kovacs’ unique ghostbusting technique has been endorsed by paranormal researchers around the world.

Josef Johannes, the Australian expert, said it will change the way researchers “stalk and trap ghosts from now on.”

Said Dr. Kovacs: “I certainly don’t want to encourage laymen to go out in search of ghosts to capture. This technique should only be used to stop spirit infestations and hauntings where they already exist.

“Once a ghost is captured, it will remain trapped until the jar breaks or somebody lets the spirit out.”