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BEIJING – Dolphins are the descendants of aliens that came to Earth in UFOs 100,000 years ago, a leading researcher reports.

I know it sounds crazy but it’s true,” said the fame marine biologist Hsu Sen-sung. “We’ve always known that dolphins were extremely intelligent but now, for the first time, we know why.

“These magnificent creatures are highly-evolved life forms that came to Earth from a distant planet.

“And from what I understand, the civilization they left behind was even more advanced than our own.”

The Beijing-based expert’s report to a gathering of scientists and reporters met with some skepticism but he provided strong evidence to support his claims.

Dramatic new studies suggest that some dolphins score higher on IQ tests than human beings. Hsu himself claims to have been communicating with a pair of the creatures telepathically since last December.

The expert was vague when asked to explain how he managed to crack the communications barrier with dolphins. He did say that the breakthrough came when a male dolphin at a marine research facility “grew close to one of my assistants and established a telepathic link that enabled it to put thoughts into her head.

“Full understanding of their thoughts and feelings came in fits and starts but we now seem to be on a common verbal ground,” said Hsu.

“The dolphins have made it clear that their ancestors came here 100,000 years ago to escape pollution on their home planet.

“But their starships – as well as the technological know-how that allowed them to save themselves – have long since vanished. Ironically, the pollution that drove them here so many years ago is now threatening their existence once again.

“As our own oceans become more and more polluted, dolphins kills are being reported around the world.

“But they no longer have the means to help themselves. They need us to find a solution for them.”

Hsu acknowledged that the Chinese government is considering how it might be able to assist dolphins.

But he would neither confirm nor deny that officials have quietly requested the help of the United States in solving the dolphins’ dilemma.

“These creatures have much to teach us,” he said. “We must do something to save them from extinction while we still have a chance.”