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LONDON – Royal watchers have been shocked to learn that Kate Middleton owns only one pair of shoes.

Buckingham Palace is scrambling to squash rumors that Kate Middleton owns only one pair of shoes.  But they can’t deny the evidence. At the last 21 public events, Kate wore the same pair of shoes and doesn’t seem to have any others in her closet.

Liz Jones of the Daily Mail broke this story, which has sent shock waves throughout Great Britain.

Royal insiders tell WWN that Kate has been wearing the shows because she is pregnant and feels that they will bring her good luck with the new baby.  WWN broke the story about Kate’s pregnancy, which you can read here:


Kate wore the shoes, nicknamed “The Kate” to the Queens Jubilee.  She also wore them to  the Epsom Derby, to Prince Philip’s 90th birthday, to Zara Phillips’s wedding, to Wimbledon, to an Elton John concert, to a trip to Harrah’s, to Hyde Park and to a visit to the doctor with Prince William.

On her tour to Canada and the U.S., Kate was seen in them sixteen times.

The shoes cost $400 and are made by LK Bennett. They are officially called the Sledge Court Shoe and they were  first produced in 2009.  Kate was the first to buy a pair.

Source inside Buckingham Palace say that Prince Harry is worried that his sister-in-law may lose one of her shoes and have to limp around London.

“Momma needs a new pair of shoes,” said Prince Harry, referring to Kate’s pregnancy.

Despite their four-inch heel, the shoes must be comfy, given they have been worn so many times.

Kate has occasionally patronized other shoe brands: Jimmy Choo twice, Pied a Terre once, and an Aquatalia Rumba boot.  And wedge espadrilles, too.  But she threw them all out at the end of 2011.

“She’s a one-pair-of-shoes woman,” said the Royal butler.

And in case you are wondering,  Kate wears a size seven.