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Angry Gators protest on Wall Street

In an unprecedented show of organized protest, the well known sewer gators of New York City have marched down Wall Street to express their growing concern with the direction our country’s financial center focuses its efforts.

As America’s government continues to debate how to best balance the national budget and debt through taxation and the cutting of funds, the reptiles ask, “Who is thinking of the creatures that lie beneath the surface?”

It is unclear why the crocodilians have targeted Wall Street specifically. It may be that the creatures aren’t clear on the exact legislative abilities held by these financial powerhouses, or perhaps the downtown area simply has the most easily navigated system of sewer pipes. Either way, they have taken to the streets as the voice of their cause.

While no humans were injured during the march, several were startled to see the creatures wandering out in broad daylight.

Unfortunately, as the gators were protesting without a permit, several arrest warrants were issued. It is unclear whether there are plans for a second protest, though there are rumors that the reptiles are in talks with the Mole people and mutant rat population, and may host a sit-in later this month.