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DETROIT –  The City Council today voted to legalize prostitution – as a way to increase city revenue.

Detroit is going to be the Amsterdam of the U.S.  The city council voted unanimously to legalize prostitution

Geoffrey Fieger, a prominent lawyer and the head f the city council said that he believed prostitution will help renew Detroit.

“It would turn our city around in five minutes,” Fieger said.

“We are no longer going to I enforce prostitution laws and it’s going to make us the new Amsterdam.”  Feiger said.  “We would attract young people.  You make Detroit a fun city. A place they want to live and they would flock here.”

Many “johns” across America are already planning summer “trips” to the new red light district of Detroit.  Prostitutes from across the globe are already moving into areas south of 8 Mile.

“It’s already helping the economy,” said longtime resident, Tommy LaJohnson.  “We gots people coming in from all over the world… some fine-looking women, with accents.  That’s really cool.”

Some Detroiters have complained that legalizing prostitution would hurt the “moral center” of Detroit.

“Don’t let any self-appointed, self-righteous person say we couldn’t do it,” Fieger added. “The city of Detroit couldn’t get any worse.”

It’s going to get a lot better… for Detroit, there will be a happy ending.