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ATLANTA, GA – A couple in Georgia have been arrested for tattooing their six children at home!

Patty Jo Marsh and Jacob Bartels said their children wanted tattoos like they have. So they decided to tattoo 6 of their 7 children, ages 10 to 17, at home!

After receiving a tattoo machine from a friend, they fixed it up and used guitar strings as a needle. After Thanksgiving, they put small cross tattoos on all but the youngest child.

“They weren’t hurt by them,” said Marsh. “We would never do anything to hurt them.”

Regardless of how the children felt, it is illegal for anyone besides a license professional to tattoo in Georgia. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited outright.

Marsh and Bartels were arrested after two of the children went to visit their biological mother for Christmas and she discovered the crosses. The couple were charged with cruelty to children, reckless conduct and tattooing.

Marsh claims she had no idea what they were doing was illegal. “If we knew that, we wouldn’t have done it,” said Marsh.

Child Services temporarily removed the children, but they are now back at home with their parents, who are on bail.

Marsh feels the media has labeled them as child abusers, which she takes great offense to.

“If I’m such a bad parent, then how come they brought the kids back right after I got out jail?”