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If your favorite piece of jewelry is a bracelet, you probably love life and have a great deal of determination, so says a psychiatrist.

Dr. Emery Wilson adds, “Earrings, bracelets and rings are all vital ways of self-expression, so the jewelry you wear reveals your personality.

“But to really find out what personality type you are, you should examine your most frequently worn iems. Your favorite piece of jewelry is a dead giveaway.”

Dr. Wilson named some other pieces of jewelry and explained what they mean about the person who wears them:

Bracelet – You are a vivacious, sparkling, dynamic individual who goes after what you want.

Earrings – If your favorite jewelry is a pair of earrings, you’re probably a proud, secretly bold person who doesn’t want to get lost in the crowd.

Religious symbols – If you wear a cross or a Star of David more than other items of jewelry, you’re likely idealistic, sincere, extremely loyal and very dependable.

Rings – Choosing a ring over other jewelry shows that you’re probably a level-headed, down-to-earth person. But deeper than that, the type of ring you choose also reveals something about your personality.

A wedding band shows you care about your family and traditional values.

A dazzling diamond ring usually reveals a person who wants the world to know that she is someone to be reckoned with.

Dr. Betty Schwartz, a psychiatrist, agreed that your favorite piece of jewelry reveals a lot about you. Here’s what the following pieces of jewelry reveal about people:

Ethnic symbols – If your favorite piece of jewelry is a pin or pendant that tells the world about your ancestry, you’re probably a thoughtful, orderly person. You likely are a trustworthy friend.

Assorted jewelry – If you have a favorite piece of jewelry for every outfit, you’re likely to be sensitive, artistic and sometimes shy. You are an orderly and well-groomed person who is not given to emotional outbursts.

No jewelry – If you prefer not to wear jewelry, you’re probably a self-confident, down-to-earth person. You may be blunt at times but people appreciate it.