You can have power, wealth, an attractive mate and virtually anything else you ever dreamed of –

by selling your soul to THE DEVIL! But how?

You must know what you’re doing when you make the deal or Satan will cheat you blind. That’s the word from Dr. Rex Touth, expert on satanic rituals and author of How to Negotiate Unholy Contracts.

Dr. Touth cites cases dating all the way back to the 16th century in which humans have agreed to spend eternity in Hell when they die in exchange for earthly pleasures while they’re alive.

“Human history and world literature are teeming with stories like that of Germany’s Dr. Faustus who sold his soul,” says Dr. Touth. “Our own American statesman Daniel Webster once debated The Devil in a landmark soul-selling case in which he renegotiated the contract and had it overturned.

“Thousands have gained riches and fulfilled their fantasies.”

Here are some tips from Dr. Touth on how you can take advantage of the same opportunity:

  1. SET THE DEAL UP PROPERLY. There’s a right and wrong way to make contact with the Devil. The right way is to be alone in your room, close your eyes and say, “Satan, I summon you. I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right.” It may take dozens, even hundreds of tries but at all costs, avoid sounding desperate or needy. He’ll show up eventually.
  2. DEAL FROM A POSITION OF POWER. By far the biggest mistake people make is to underestimate how badly Satan wants their soul. It’s like precious gold to him and he’ll pay anything to get it. When he appears, get him to make the first offer, then up it.
  3. GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Remember, you’re going to burn in Hell forever. So no matter how badly off you are now, demand the best. For instance, even if you feel unlovable and desperate with loneliness, don’t just say, “I want the most gorgeous woman on earth and I want her to be madly in love with me.” Instead, add, “In fact, throw in 100 other women as well so I can pick and choose according to my mood.”
  4. REMEMBER TO DEMAND THE LIFE-EXTENSION CLAUSE. The Devil won’t tell you if you don’t ask but you can get a guarantee of 300 years of youthful life before you go to eternal damnation. Why enjoy a mere 75 or 80 years of reckless living when you can get 300?

Religious groups worldwide are trying to ban Dr. Touth’s book. “This kind of trash is spiritual dynamite,” says a spokesman for the North American Council of Churches and Synagogues. “We can’t, in good conscience, let people read how to destroy their almighty souls.”

But Dr. Touth says we should all be aware of the facts so we can make an informed decision. “It’s your soul,” he says. “Do waht you want with it.”

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1,253 thoughts on “HOW TO SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL”

  1. Hey I been real into the history of the Masons for a while now I need help selling my soul and the real way I'm in fresno callifornia Im 17 turning 18 in September I rapp and break dance I know it's more of an oppurtinity for me kuz I got a talent !!!!

    Call me asap 559 761 2978

  2. i m wants to join illuminati n sale ma soul for wealth fame n name m trying so hard to get connected since last 10 years but no one is helping me out i mate several ppl wat they ask is to pay them sm money so how i ll get connected to illuminati seriously reply me soon wth rite track n path

  3. I hail Satan and am ready to fully serve him Illuminati contact me 8128417829 asap I will be good for the organization and I can get many followers which is Satan's desire already got 1 follower 666more to go lol contact me and after lets celebrate all hail lucifer

  4. please everyone listen! jesus and god are the only way. do not sell ur soul or become a member any satanic cult because you will be tormented by demons and the devil itself you will burn in fire forever after death and once your there there is no way out because you had many oppurtunities on earth to repent and change your ways. sure you will have what you want in this life but this life is only for a short time, and later when your dead u will be tormented not kidding. i can make sure of this if you follow and trust god and jesus christ you will be rewarded in life and in heaven with love and riches from god and u will be in peace not tomented so please think it over dont let your bother be possessed by the devil. dont let the devil own u. the choice is urs i just gave u the truth. seek the lord for he is the one who created the earth and will destroy the devil and anyone in hell.

  5. god created satan as an angel at first but then thta angel betrayed him. he went against god so god the creator cast him out of heaven. its in the bible. believe me u will be tormented by rthe devil and his demons if u follow the devil.

  6. I want to sell my soul for fame,is this all you need to do,please tell me so i can have my earthlly desires met.

    please contact me@ 205-567-4591—->text or call


  7. while every one else wants to sell there soul for power money women revange why dont you ask for immortalty on earth and then ask for tele pathic power this sounds kidish but wonder if it will wor and every christian person burn in hell and stop commeting on what cant be changed

  8. i want to sel my soul, but how, in the dark, en how do i know if he is comming?
    can someone help me with this ??

    • He will appear in any shape or form it could be your closet door opening or it could be animal like a house pet or you can feel a presence of bad energy

    • If I sell my soul I want the power of SATAN HIMSELF to control the streets take answers from no man or woman life so long my childrens children will fear my work riches even God be tempted to induldge

    • Bruh I can’t cap but I was gonna sell my soul today my mom was gonna sent me to adapt where all the bad kids go teachers hated me for the past things I did and then couldn’t forgive me for it im doing hella bad in school my mom doesn’t even show one spect of love to me so I wanted it all to end by selling my soul instead of killing my self why not have a better life then rn then suddenly like I give it time then my mom shows me love shows me that she cares we had are little moment I felt loved and the best feeling a 13 year old can feel but like god said there is a time and place where he has what’s plan for u yea it might be hard but u gotta be ready for the bigger things that come ur way so yea he gives u pain he chokes but he dosent kill u he knows best he’s getting us ready for greater things then now always have hope on are farther

    • If you keep on asking he will show up he did for me and it was a crazy experience I’m telling you every hair in my body was up…

    • Bruh if u sell your soul to SATAN SATAN! Bruh. When u sell your soul or making a deal with him closing your eyes and shit. Let’s say “hey satan I wanna be famous” next think u know he posses and makes u kill somebody and come out the news bam every body knows u noe your famous. And u think that pentagram is gonna keep u save HELL NAW there’s gonna be a time where ur as is hungry and gonna want to go eat and BAM UR ASS IS HIS. 2nd reason yea he gives u every thing u want on that day THEN BAM. U DIE THE NEXT DAY it’s Satan bruh a men who back stabbed the God of creation the God who u breath today the men who gave u life then men why u breath today and Satan is the reason why we struggle of pain and letting us suffer making us killing each other and rape. God made a men and a woman he let them be immortal then BAM Satan back stabs god comes down to earth tells the men to eat a Apple that God said u better not eat that shit or you’ll suffer. And the men listen he was a good n* and the women but Satannn he tells his ASS to eat that shit telling him “god doesn’t want u to better him he dosent want u to to destory him” then of course that shit gets in his mind he eats the apple then bam man kind got destroyed all cause of Satan then men who hates humans its like when u see that one ugly as n* in your class and ur just like “EH THATS ONE UGLYYY MFFFF” yea that’s how he be feeling about all of us so trust me juice wrld sold his soul became rich had hoes all that but for what only for one year yea. Don’t let that mf Satan win by taking your soul and let ing down are father GODD MY N* and the night who cost all this pain the reason why u feel the way u feel when bad shit happens its cause of him trust me I’ve been there u gotta fight this shit there’s gonna be a world where u can give live immortal called heaven rn this world is just a jail why sell your sell in a jail just to enter tain people then die then go straight to he’ll get your ass butt rape and shit. Come on now DONT LET THAT N* SATAN WIN

    • Dude first of all satan doesn’t have authority to kill and take a soul away by just stabbing you to death….its you who gives him the authority and he really likes to play with it so you dont have to worry in getting yourself killed because he just cant do that. So it’s the other way around either you sell your soul to him and enjoy and die, or else you die instantly by a natural death and rise to god no matter what your facing….but just know one thing the devil cant do anything to you until you give him authority. And giving him authority doesn’t mean he kills you instantly the laws of nature arnt like that after all he is not everything…he gets his orders too….

  9. I am not sur if anyone has helped you make up your mind yet, but please, do not sell you soul. Do not hurt yourself like that. You are a special person and a child of God. You deserve so much more than the lonely evil that the devil can give, for the devil can give you nothing. People think he can give you everything but that is a lie. You are so much more than what you think, because you are loved by God more than you could ever know, why would you decide to hurt God and yourself by refusing such love from your ultimate father, it makes no sense to do so. Please dear brother, do not sell your soul, you are worth so muc more than that 🙂

    If you ever need someone to talk to you can e-mail me at

    • I really want to sell my soul not for fame or money well kinda money but
      I want to sell my soul to help my mother she’s struggling and her mother is very sick and she needs to keep sending money to her for the hospital can help her mother and she’s struggling to pay the bill so I had to live in the woods for almost 3 months just for can save money to pay everything she cry’s almost everyday for her mother

  10. Please dear brother, do not feel so harshly towards God. He loves you more than you could ever know. Do not think me ignorant by speaking words you probably find untrue and foolish, but take my words with an open mind and an open heart, for people can suffer in so many ways and to such great degrees too. Sometimes it feels like there is no hope, and that you have been forgotten and abandoned, but I assure you that is not true, God will always love you, and as you speak so cruely of him he cries from the pain you cause him. He wants you to love him and he does not want you to suffer the way you have, but he puts you through the pain you hae lived through for a reason. He is with you through all your hardships and just because life has worked against you does not mean that God has abandoned you 🙂

    If you need anyone to talk to or have any thoughts about selling your soul, please feel free to contact our prayer circle:

    • I have to sell my soul, cause I just had enough with the world. I was bullied since a kid, rejected and hated for being small and weak! Not like I can change that! In order to get revenge and rise against other people and to power I need the help of Satan. And my desires to come true.

  11. Please do not sell your soul, please I beg of you. You are loved by God more than you could ever know. He loves you because you are his child and he wants you to accept his love, but by selling your soul to the devil you will only be hurting God. Why would you want to hurt the only true father who will always love you and help you through your sufferings? Be kind to him so you can keep your heart open to the Holy Spirit and experience the true love of God. Life is hard sometimes but I assure you that with the love if God, you can handle anything that comes your way 🙂
    If you need someone to talk to or are going to sell your soul please contact our prayer circle at

    • Your advice is pretty fine as the bible recommends. But look at me, I have lied, stolen and done so many things because the situations were worse that hope and that there were no any other options to get out of those hardships. All my family members are on me for help, months ending with too much demands from my family members as is I have a Bank loan to pay ASAP, have pending dream careers to achieve but hard to, budget always exceeding the monthly salary, have worked hard throughout the past life but nothing to show for it, developed stomach Ulcer due to hard work without day meals and can’t treat it, suffered so many time struggling to get a job of my professio till I ignored the profession after praying and fasting for time with the hope of getting changes in my life, suffered from my step mother till I ran away and left home to find my level, getting a woman for a wife but nothing to present as brideprice to the woman’s parents but always pressure comes from them, moving on with jobs that can’t give you the image of better life in the next years ahead and many negativities. So sometimes you run to the devil not because you are ignorance about the consequences, many are there to see ur suffering but no one is there to feel it finish it except you alone. My friends, life is not what we think it is…but 80% failure and only 20% success. LIFE IS HARD and if only death is not painful, then many would cry out loud for it to at least take them away from this 80% if suffering.

    • God doesn’t love me. He has proven his indifference time and again. My life has been destroyed by horrible people that god did nothing to defend me from. Even today…

      I was just told by my child that the piece of shit my wife cheated on me and walked out on me with is the one that she wants to be her father, and not me.

      My life was destroyed by this soulless woman and this guy she met on the internet.

      No… I was devout, I loved god and he threw me away. I lost my house, I ended up crippled, unable to work but denied disability 3 times because I’m TOO EDUCATED to qualify. Im living in someones dirty basement and my wife and kid are gone.

      God promises in the bible that all you need to do is ask and he will be there.

      I kept asking… I BEGGED I PLEADED

      either God isn’t real, or he doesn’t give a fuck about me or any other good people.

      If I did sell my soul, Id ask for the ability, the time, the power, the knowledge, the money, the authority, the lifespan, and any and all other possibly necessary gifts, powers, skills and capacity to do for all the suffering people what god refused to do for me.
      I would punish the bad people that victimize the innocent. I would crush institutions that give power to the corrupt, that steal, that use their power to harm defenseless people and destroy nature…

      I would ask him to help me erase all memory of the fake god that does nothing to protect abused children, to stop rapists, molesters, murderers, etc…

      Id dedicate my 300 years (if that’s really all you can get) to actually helping bring light, love, hope, security, learning, peace, and health to the world.

      Lucifer wouldn’t take my deal, because Id create a world where people actually have a living, loving, attentive god.

      And in my 300 years, Id teach followers that Ive genetically programmed their DNA to have empathy and a natural instinct for compassion and caring. The world would know peace and love instead of war and greed.

      God… In his infinity and omnipotence only rewards the greedy and the morally bankrupt.

      Maybe…. Just maybe…

      We have this whole god /devil thing backwards?

  12. what is wrong with you ? you really wanna sell your soul ?? for what ?? do you really think that any off this bullshit will work ?? you sell your soul but u wont get anything for it i promise you that !

  13. Y'all are all idiots, enjoy the life that God has given you whether you are poor or rich. Your life may be hell right now but its nothing compared to the hell that you may face after death!!

    • Ok then why don’t you come pay my bills then help my family my sick ones help me get off parole your a fucken idiot your a bitch and a fucken lier he’s real he’s good and hail to Satan…fuck you type amen and stay broke in the morning still please man your a joke

    • And what makes you think you will go to that so called heaven by saying people are idiots,, Sometimes you people are the reason why We love to see Satan because you don’t practice what you preach,, hypocrites ass mf

    • XD your stupid, let people be who they are… They are not idiots for what they want to do for they’re self’s… I’m an atheist, what are you gonna judge me!? I’ve been trying to sell my soul since I was little… Just let others do what they tend to and don’t call us all names for what are opinions may be

  14. there is no god nor satan its your imagination if you truely believe you can achieve something you will. If you find comfort in having a split personality telling you, you are doing good or wrong then so be it.

    There is more to this world than the eye can meet, but your believes are based on someone's idea they are not to be taken as truth.

    If there was a god or a satan the world would've looked different.

    If you really believe your son will grow healthy and you make the best of it, you will. If you think the opposite you will get the opposite, the power of will is what you call your god.

    If you want to study to get higher up in the jobladder then you will study, if you believe you can't you will not.

  15. We all have to remember that time left in this earth is very very short. Though I have to admit I have contemplated this selling of the soul many times due to loneliness and poverty, we have to remember that if we are true followers of Christ, this life we live right now is not promised to be full of materialism and wants, but only needs. The Lord your God will provide only what you need. Even if you get 300 years of life now, that's nothing compared to eternity in heaven. Hell is described as a permanent seperation from God where there will be weeping and gnashing of death; regret for eternity that the wants of this lifetime overruled those of the life spent with Christ afterwards. Brethren, it is hard to resist these urges at times believe me. I am I'm one of the loneliest places I've ever been. But we are encouraged to keep up the faith and fight the good fight. Just a little longer and your savior will return. That much I would bet my life on. Though I would love to have a mate and money at the moment I have to say that the way to gain these things is through God. We have to keep being patient and waiting for these things. If you sell your soul for these things you will recieve it all at a time when The Lord doesn't wish it so for your life anyhow. God knows the timing for all things, even though we think we know the timing for all the things we need. Anyhow I don't mean to rant but I would encourage all people to join a good church of SDA and tune into the 3abn message if you really want the truth of God in the last day true remnant church

  16. dear sister….. God loves u even when u may be in the worst condition…. God showed his love through jesus .He leave all the glory of heaven and came down for the human kind to give happines joy love…. and many thing that cannot b counted…
    he set fee the capatives… from sin… disease… etc…

    dear beloved sister ask jesus…. to set free…. fast and pray God is no more blind to ur tears…

    blood of jesus redemes us from all sin…..

    • Idk but I need to figure out how to sell my soul, I will give it a few months and a couple of temps but after that I’ll need somewhere else to look into… AKA someone who’s done it

    • i can give you 1 thousand years of immortality and fame and fortune but like all things it costs

      and you go in with eyes open

  17. Superb blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?
    I'm planning to start my own site soon but I'm a little lost on everything.
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  18. Am I really the only person here who wants to see everyone and I mean EVERYONE to be brought to their knees in front of me? Or to see how this miserable place we call home progresses over time, to see how your kids will turn out. If I do actually do sell my soul, im gonna bring this world either up, or make it crumble. All depending on how I judge this world.

  19. My life right now is not worth living its not worth being apart of and its not worth helping my life is shit my family pushes me away and i have nothing to my name i dont even know if i beleive in any of this shit but you say i can have anything i want? I have a friend that sold his sould to the devil for the powers to play the guitar and that kid can really make you think thats what went down just by listening to the way he plays the guitar! I dont know what i want to do but i can tell you that i do want better than this shit life i have right now…

    • you have better your speeking it mate just need to listen to yourself instead of expecting people to listen to you

  20. If there was a god I hadn't seen him, The abuse & poverty I had live though & watched others who are far worse human being rise above & become successful & live happy while others only live to serve them. I have had enough of my life & I am only 27. If my soul could be sold I would sell it for my wife to become pregnant many times & we could raise a family together & be happy instead of putting our faith in doctors & unanswered prayers. Show me a god who cares? Don't show me quotes from a bible! Tell me why a loving family doesn't get the chance to raise a baby while some 16 old slut on MTV gets a showby?!?

  21. money and fame are no good withoiut the inner spirit being free and able to decide your destiny

    serious answers 200
    k will get you my answer i accept paypal

  22. i will show you how to sell but first you must supply me with one million pounds not dollars if you really want to to know the answer s of immortality and a life of fullfillment YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE its a nominal fee 1mil i will accept more if you want more that is evertything comes at a price

    • it is all fake nothing can work if you won’t change your life you need to become a hard worker this is only business for rich peoples nothing more than that

  23. I need help I want to sell my soul!!!! 9712637715 I want to be able to take care of my family and live like I want to!

  24. Hi my name is khaled I'm from algeria and I want to be with you guys. i think that you want a muslim between you

  25. I want to sell my soul to Satan because I can't do this anymore. I want to kill myself every day. I'll never go to Heaven one day, so what's the point of trying.

  26. thanks dear but am not working at the moment but am talented in music,so can i join to become star in the world?

  27. lol how would you even do it an why would he even make a deal an if he does it will be a crappy deal. but how do you do it? seems interesting

  28. true he does not have any for 2 reasons 1he is extremely horny that his computer is full of porno viruses and 2 computers gonna melt in hell or where ever the fudge he lives any one have any permanent address of him besides hell please post it for idiots that wanna go visit for his b-day

  29. Schrödinger's cat. Anyone know about that? Well a man places a cat in a box and outs poison in it . He doesn't know weather is dead or alive there for he deems the cat both died and alive . Since no one of use knows if heaven or hell or god or the devil is real we can deem them existent and nonexistent. Do disrespect to anyone religion but you people worship a man or so call "God' that you've never seen and you believe and have faith in your religion cause of promises eternity in either heaven or hell if you do or don't do what is asked of you. Does anyone ever think when you die you die nothing happen ? Weather I'm right or wrong there's only two outcomes of religion either its what was promised or nothing. Selling your soul to some is wrong on many levels but do you really think you deserve a soul if you have the temptation of selling to a man of which we do not know the limits of his power.

  30. I am entrepreneur from south Africa am in my early 20's. I want to sell my soul to the devil. I studied everything I needed to know and now I am more than ready to give satan my soul in return of wealth. I have been doing intercession in his name for quite some town now. I even do some rituals privately that I think might bring me more closer to him and finally agree to my demands. What more do I have to do? I'm hoping that satan sees this and I'm hoping that he replies and meet my demands

  31. Please help me. Im tired of being dead weight. God not listening to me because he hates me. Whoever is up there hates me. Even the little things for me dont go right. Its bad enough ima Quasimodo, dead weight, person with no money and girls dont even look my way. The only time they look my way is to say eww he ugly. Im just tired of this shit! I want Satan to help me becuase theres no point having hell on earth then going to hell anyway. PLEASE HELP, I WANT THE MONEY AND THE WOMEN.

  32. Greetings from the darkest corner of the Universe. My name is john I am a Satanist priest over 20 yrs in which I have successfully helped many people in selling their for their desires and I can help you too Today could be the beginning of a brand new life in which all your unfulfilled dreams and desires materialize before your very eyes! Prepare to experience the extraordinary power of the black magic voodoo spells that come straight out of Obeah and Palo Mayombe mystery schools. For those of you who do not know, Palo Mayombe is the strongest form of black magic and witchcraft in the world. And I am the only warlock who always cast real voodoo spells with a 100% success rate, especially when these real voodoo spells are the most powerful love spells. So what is my secret that has been passed down to me by my forefathers? My 100% success rate can be attributed to the cabbalistic contract I signed in my own blood with the PRINCE OF DARKNESS and the tormented red souls of purgatory. This cabbalistic contract, which is called Pacto con Diablo, is why I am one of the few psychic mediums in the world who holds the master key that opens the doors to both Heaven and Hell. If you are serious you can contact me satansoul666 at

  33. Your people are crazy fulish and dum.
    Would you have a life whit 10 years of money woman en power.
    Or would you be health have love childeren, and make you one way to the top.
    Crazy to think that you would toke the 10 years af goodlife.
    And forget the forever burning in the hell.

  34. Greetings from the darkest corner of the Universe. My name is john I am a Satanist priest over 20 yrs in witch I have successfully helped many people in selling their soul for their desires and I can help you too Today could be the beginning of a brand new life in which all your unfulfilled dreams and desires materialize before your very eyes! Prepare to experience the extraordinary power of the black magic voodoo spells that come straight out of Obeah and Palo Mayombe mystery schools. For those of you who do not know, Palo Mayombe is the strongest form of black magic and witchcraft in the world. And I am the only warlock who always cast real voodoo spells with a 100% success rate, especially when these real voodoo spells are the most powerful love spells. So what is my secret that has been passed down to me by my forefathers? My 100% success rate can be attributed to the cabbalistic contract I signed in my own blood with the PRINCE OF DARKNESS and the tormented red souls of purgatory. This cabbalistic contract, which is called Pacto con Diablo, is why I am one of the few psychic mediums in the world who holds the master key that opens the doors to both Heaven and Hell. If you are serious about selling soul you can contact me satansoul666at

  35. Choose your final destiny: Life or death, heaven or hell, Jesus or the devil. It's clear, either you belong to Jesus or to the devil. Either you do what is right or you do what is wrong. You choose your destiny: eternal life or the lake of fire. Think about it. Decide now. Jesus Christ died on the cross for each one of us, for our sins, and He gave us the opportunity of salvation by His mercy. Accept Jesus Christ as your only Savior

  36. I am sorry that some of you think this is a joke, and some of you are so desperate that you would do this if you could. No doubt the devil exists, but so does God. I hope you do not try this.

  37. the most foolish thing to do is to sell your soul,what will it profit you if you gain the whole world(which no one can still obtain) and loose your soul.

  38. I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS miserable life ….ib hate what life i had now………so if this real why not if is this the way i can taste what i wan to be happend in life today…..poverty,unemployed pushed me to make crazy dealing to demon sell my soul………money….money is for everything…

  39. this is ridiculous. why would anybody want to sell their soul so they can burn in hell forever? forever….. forever. your life on earth is nothing compared to eternity.

  40. hey I will sell my soul to him I would gladly burn in hell when I die if it means I can have or do anything I want but the main thing is I wont to live for 300 years to but I got to be able to do anything I wont and get anything I wont when I need it and when I want to do it, or he aint getting my soul that's a promise <3 oh text me 9036695218 or facebook Bradley lester cuz that's all I use 🙂

  41. plz help me i need ur help my name is desmond richmond noorochukwu ikechi wit long lif i wil giv u my soul
    i need money power wisdom i wil giv u many souls and i wil worship u forever u wil be my god

  42. i want to sell my soul to devil for money power and for my biusines i wil salve u til death pls with long life and for ever u wil be my God

  43. I just want to know full details before i sell my soul, what must i do to be in this retual and m still studing at the collage. Please just give me the brief about joining and i want to rapp or an acter world wilde.RICH,FAIM AND POWER but i dnt want to kill people.

  44. hahaha guys please…!!i saw hundreds of comments here…everybody will ask for the same thing to be the richest man on the earth…i dont really see many of them out there….!!Satan does need to buy your souls only by being so selfish to give the most precious thing that make you different than all the other creations, he can take your souls without even asking….and wtf if you believe in Satan then you should believe in Gos also…is it so hard to be good for some more years? good luck everybody i hope the best for you…

  45. is there an age requirement? are you for real? I want to sell my soul. im 16 and am sick of being push around. ive tried to kill myself 7 times. but now I just want to make a deal for better things.

  46. yeah I do and know tha south way 2do it wit tha black cat boil then creek or stream wit tha bones but Iam tryin sumtin new and that's to bring tha devil 20 souls for 20 years can you help?

  47. hi Shannon can you help me ? send me an email please I want lady gaga and I want her forever I love her I want her by this weekend. id sell my soul for love

  48. He paid me in chocolate coins and then dumped me off on a tropical island where all my cash melted. I now live in a chocolate swamp. In fairness he did leave me a long spoon to eat it with, but on the whole this guy is pesky. Don't trust him.

  49. I'd love to sell my soul with a very high powerd price of love for power,wealth, fascination,excellence in everything and success in everything with a high price in return of my vow.


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