WASILLA, AK – Rumors of Sarah Palin’s divorce have surfaced.  Sources claim she is leaving Todd for a Bigfoot.
Sarah Palin, who recently abdicated as Governor of Alaska, refuses to abdicate the spotlight.  This week rumors began to surface that she may be getting a divorce from her husband Todd.  Sources claim it would be for the love of a Bigfoot.
Palin has been a scourge of the Sasquatch community for some time now.  Since quitting her job as Governor she has spent most of her time relaxing by hunting the noble and incredibly rare Bigfoot community.  The owner or a rural Alaska hotel outside Palmer on Route 1, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she and one of the beasts have fallen in love.
The hotel owner says that Palin often stayed in her small establishment, trying to remain incognito but still answering most questions with her trademark “You betcha!” and wink.  According to the source while on the hunt one day Palin looked into the animals eyes, which she always does before killing something, and found a connection she had long lost with her husband Todd. She found a shared passion with one of the animals, a passion fueled by frustration and mutual dislike, a passion they could not control.
With increasing frequency Palin would stay at the small motel, although spending less time in the woods and more time in her room with a Do Not Disturb sign up.  The noises they made confused the owner and scared her chickens.
Palin’s representatives said that she has spent much of her time recently on the Alaskan Trail, a mountain trail running from Anchorage to Seattle.  According to their reports Palin has been alone on the trail thinking, and plotting her next political move.
The source, who insists on remaining anonymous, says that depending on how Palin reacts to the truth being told she may seek to publish the romance novel she has written about the affair “Mighty Huntress, Naked Man-Beast.”  There is no evidence supporting this sources claims, however the first few pages of her novel were surprisingly good.

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  1. Do you know how really insane all of you sound? Leave her and her family alone. Is there not something else the likes of you can discuss and wrap your little brains around? Like the country being taken over by the scariest president and his czars (phantom government not answerable to anybody but Obama and not elected or vetted by anyone) we have ever seen? Or maybe the looming monsterous tax hike that our country has ever had? Or the deficit? Or the pay for job ($500,000) for government positions that Germany refuses to recognize? Or try this – how much do you trust Obama and his socialist government to run your life and make all of your decisions when they can't run anything else, i.e. the post office and the Cash for Clunkers program, among many others, the list goes on and on. On the health care front – the situation might improve if, by law, the lawmakers in Washington are required to use the same insurance and standards that they are forcing on us! Rise up America and see the light! We are being hoodwinked. Do something, don't wait for someone else to move first! Figh this with everything you havet!!!!

  2. And now you're panting with jealousy.
    Reginald also wants to "f_ck" the Bigfoot.
    Your fetish for a bigfoot is alarming.

  3. I got this from Pajamas Media, and it says it all!!!
    stuart williamson:
    The Alinsky/Ayers/Axelrod hype machine is facing a threat it never envisioned: a genuine phenomena, a teflon political opponent, a woman, of greater charisma and authentic achievement than their Pinochio, just as his fatal flaws are becoming apparent even to the sheep, his paint peeling off and his strings increasingly tangled. As her star rises, his red star sinks. They are facing wipe out in 2010. And, unfortunately for them, they have already overdone the filthy fabrications and dirty defamation to the point where it is has become counter-productive.
    Wait till she wades into them. The cesspool of Big City politics will be one of her major points of attack, resonating with middle Americans who rate party politicians lower then even lawyers and journalists. And unlike the gutless, rudderless RNC, she will actually use the words doctrinaire Socialists

  4. And to think, this story is possibly more true than the actual "rumor" that it was based upon.
    Thank you, WWN, for making those two alaska Blogger-types into IDIOTS! 😀

  5. The 'Cuda and the Sasquatch sounds like a made for TV Lifetime movie of the week. Poor hunky Todd left in the dust for such a hairy beast. Well, good news for Todd…Helen Thomas is single and still alive.

  6. I think this guy believes this is supposed to be a true story. With the insanity going on in the minds of conservatives its going to become increasingly difficult to find something so far fetched that they won't believe it.

  7. Okay, just to clear up the obvious misinformation here: the so-called "big Yeti" is not a Yeti at all. He is a big Swede named Urg Urgessen, And he is not Sarah's lover, He is her new political advisor. He is helping her plot out her triumphant return to the lower 48. For now, the plan is under wraps, and even close associates know the plan only as "Tundra X". That's all I care to reveal for now.

  8. I am glad Palin found someone with whom she shares a common interest so they can have meaningful dialouge. Now if they could devise a clever romeo and juliet style double suicide, that would be awesome!

  9. As a Republican for 40 years, I realized the Republicans were digging a deeper and deeper hole for us U.S. citizens and I voted for the better candidate for President who is working his butt off trying to make America a better place for all of us who live here. Keep in mind that it takes more than six months to clean up the problems the Republicans left behind…deep debts from the Iraq War and needed bailouts needed of businesses who failed because of poor management and overpayment of bonuses and no regulations to rein them in… …no solution on health care for ALL Americans…poor relations with other countries around the world and good relations with VERY FEW. Obama has reached out to much of the world and the United States is far more respected than when under some of our previous Republican leaders. As for Palin, she is a disgrace who is all about herself. She may rise, but she will fall hard and fast.

  10. They should bring the elves in-store next year. Instead of getting your photo with Santa, come in and get your photo with the elves.


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