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Kim Kardashian is heading to Kuwait, Jordan and Lebanon in hopes of bringing  peace to the region.

She was enthusiastically greeted upon her arrival in Egypt.

Sources close to Kim tell WWN that Kardashian is going to make appearances at some Millions of Milkshakes shops opening in the Middle East.  There she will give her “peace speech” and hopes that she will bring everyone together in love for her.

Kim also plans on meeting with leaders in the region.

As one source said, “Kim wants to be a beacon of light for the Mideast,  so she can use her celebrity to help those in need and raise awareness about important issues in the area.”

Kim will be under the constant protection of a private security squad  and has her own personal Marine to be with her at all times.

Kanye West wasn’t happy to learn about the Marine accompanying his girlfriend.

Newly elected Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi plans on meeting with Kim privately to discuss the future of Egypt-Israeli relations.

After arriving Kim spent time in the Dead Sea.  She plans on giving pictures of herself to everyone she meets in the Mideast.